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How do you guys grind now?

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Hi all,

haven't played vindi in a while so decided to come back and tryout lethor and eventually wannabe keaghan as well as catching the 10th anniversary rewards. Anyways, when I returned I've noticed a fatigue system has been introduced into the game. How do you guys grind nowadays with this limitation? If you wanna spam a raid do you have to consume departure licenses as well as fatigue potions?

If somebody can point me to something like a "guide on how to juggle fatigue system" that would be great because i kinda wanna be able to have more than 30 minutes of fun ya kno.

Thanks all!


  • RenkotsuRenkotsu
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    simple make more character and jump on them when your main character run out of fatigue , or just use vip capsule , with fatigue potion , guild bed can restore 30% fatigue per day ,and there is also object that return fatigue once per day i think it is 30% aswell.

    when dungeon start costing 28% per run this is when it become a problem unless you are stacked with fatigue potion
  • Sw33tSSw33tS
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    It's going to be very difficult to grind by yourself hosting raids in QB and hoping for randoms to join. For a game like this, I think you might want to try to join a real guild and basically learn from the experienced players who have been playing for a while. Ask for any shortcuts & plan out what your daily grind will look like for you to attain higher status.
  • IngkellsIngkells
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    also royal raids consume 0 fatigue. i spam those on alts, and save end game raids for my main.
  • Raiden25Raiden25
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    Just whale lmao ez