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Tier List (Opinion)

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(Yes, My opinion and the reason is down below. )

What's the point of making this? I wanna know everyone's opinion on how a tier list would actually look like, by the end of this I just wanna know how good some characters are in comparassion to others... "good" as in pure damage output, as I already said I didn't took survivability into consideration too much, I wanna know if the idea I have is completely wrong or it's actually close to accurate... I've never had a general idea of what the best characters are so, maybe now's the chance :D

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  • AnnerAnner
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    Looks pretty good apart from a few things, in my opinion.

    If I were to tweak this tier list I'd say:

    Grimden too high, Longsword too low, Delia a bit too high, Hammer too low by quite a bit, Staff too low. I dunno exactly where I'd put everything but your opinions match mine for the most part.
  • Bring_Back_CMAeselliBring_Back_CMAeselli
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    Don't listen to this idiot, just look at his terrible Cars tier list. Chick Hicks is a top contender for the Piston Cup and would absolutely destroy the B tier cars, let alone Mater who is a literal junker tow truck. Jackson Storm is not below Lightning McQueen, that loser crashed when he tried to match Storm's speed. Cruz Ramirez is also higher than Lightning McObsolete. If he wasn't, then Lightning would have beaten Storm himself instead of sending in Cruz, the superior racecar. Also, Doc is old and probably on the verge of breaking down; he would lose to everybody on this list other than Sally and Mater. Honestly TheDazzling is probably borderline retarded and I would never take his tier-lists seriously.

  • _Kale_Kale
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    I don't know about Miul but I think this is pretty accurate for party redeemers in NA. I would agree with Anner's tweaks. I'd say cestus is also too low. For solo redeemers or non-redeemers I think it'd look a lot different.

    One problem with tier lists for NA/EU is that our populations are too small and several classes are underrepresented.
    For example, here's a relatively low stat cestus Karok Balor solo from KR: https://imgur.com/1UcLkFm
    With 6k AD, 3350 ALR, and capped crit, that'd easily be under 30 min, which is faster than at least half of the classes at those stats. People on NA will say Karok is weak in redeemers, but it's more just that both Karok weapons are more challenging in redeemers.
    Similarly KR and TW have 23-min sword Vella Balor solos on youtube, but NA and EU aren't quite there, even if we extrapolated the dps from our low stat clears.
    Same for several other classes, and not just for Balor solos.
    Not saying NA and EU don't have good Karoks/Vellas/etc, but we don't see many players pushing their classes to their limits like KR/TW, and that's especially true with the less popular classes.
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    I like tier lists in all games, this thread is gonna get a lot of hates but I want to give my grain of salt as a sword Lann main (6k add , crit and att cap)

    The tier list is kinda accurate. I would place hurk one tier high because I struggle a lot to outdps them. Idk about bow kai, didn't saw enought of them after revamp. Lynn blute is very strong but I would not place her at S tier. Spear lann is barely the same as sword lann, they should be both mid tier. Agree with spellsword arisha. Twin sword vella should be 1 tier high. Delia dps isn't that good, 1 tier less. Fiona is a delicated subject, she does more dps while solo, probably S tier when solo.
    Can outdps all the B and B+ tier with ease except xgun kai which they do same dps as me or a bit more, so that one should probably raise 1 tier. Ofc I'm only considering people with same stats as me.

    The biggest issue of a tier list in vindi is the fact that being solo or being able to tank makes a lot of difference for some chars.
  • AnnazAnnaz
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    Miul > Sword Arisha are the top two in KR
  • ikeviikevi
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    Redeemers, OS, S3 raids? Solo/party? RAR dragon, snake, fish, spiders? In every run I have a different answer. Toss in stims or play around with different party members, it changes again. (IE put in an OP good hurk with a fifi and see who's dps tanks. Or put a kai in zec with the rest being slower moving character ;-) Heck throw in 3 evies that all do holds in Agares, then see what class shines.

    And truly it all tends to come down to gear + how much the person wants to go all out (which you are assuming is 100% for each).