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Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?


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    edited March 27, 2019
    Yagamin wrote: »

    My aim was to see how many people also find it annoying, that's why I added a poll instead of leaving it as only a discussion. It was not to convince them to stop.

    Except your poll is basically a leading question intended to make people feel bad for doing it

    Also don't forget about these posts

    Yagamin wrote: »

    If you are put with 2 trash players, autorun into a corner and watch youtube / do something else, but keep an eye out to see that you are still moving with autorun. Don't waste your time, you won't need to rage. Try get a fast 0-200 for a quick 10-15 points.

    You don't need a high win rate for the title thanks to the buff from 4 points to 10+ points for a loss
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    damn if i had your stats, i wouldn't even play with people LMAO