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New raid is bugged

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in General Discussion
The daily limit didn't reset so this is just a heads up for all


  • TachiTachi
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    pls fix
  • LaxusDragSlayerLaxusDragSlayer
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    please fix it i cant do my runs only with my departure coupons :(
  • AnnazAnnaz
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    Fix this before I get off work please! Bump~
  • SatsueSatsue
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    I sent a ticket last night, and they said this morning around 6am PT that they were looking into it and will let me know what they find out, however, if you haven't, please also send tickets if you see the same thing so they know it's not just a couple people and it's actually a more widespread issue.
  • ZollenZollen
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    Bumping this, i want this fixed pls UwU!