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Next Step to Gear Up?

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So, I am a returning player. I played way back during 85 cap. I been playing for 3 days and been having a lot of fun (very nostalgic).

Currently, I'm using:

+13 adamant bloodlust regina scythe
+10 free level 90 regina armor
significant passion accessories (it was back in 85 cap)

I looked on the vindictus forums and vindictus reddit, but I'm still somewhat lost on how to proceed next. What should I do next? I believe I should upgrade to level 90 OJ Regina armor? Or should I aim for the 95 set? If I should get the 95 set, should I aim for OJ level 95 armor or just purple level 95 armor? Thanks!

Here are my stats if you need it.



  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    This is so poor . I would suggest to start from changing accesories for max lvls first maybe , and then armor . It may be 90 or 95 basicly everything is based now on additional damage . Descent +13 armor even 90 lvl can make giant difference and you can made it by using enchant stones for seal of bravery from seal shop
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    90 gear is easier in the long run and can be attained by farming ein lacher and abyss arena along with any other battle that gives seals of bravery.

    95 gear is slightly harder to attain, but provides better offensive and defensive capability for non-restricted battles.

    inno cry/tear essence drops in eochaid.

    grim belt essence drops in abom.

    Dead enchant scroll can drop in either of the two bosses.

    what you can do: farm up money from selling mats or doing raids and buy enchant scraps. while slow, you can bypass the RNG entirely. 100% Righteous would cost you around 40 ish million gold, so that's a good place to start to attain +8 speed, +2 bal, and +2 crit and a larger att boost compared to adamant. Alternatively, you can buy an unstable rune and try it yourself, but this would be even longer due to the cost of bravery seals and assuming it fails.

    S2 raids is good for fast, well-balanced, enthusiastic, valor, bloodlust and passion enchant scrolls. These provide decent income and stats depending on the build.

    Essentially you can solo S3 up to berbhe (except for lograch) if you don't make one too many "careless" mistakes and lochlann plains is a good spot to farm composite materials like god ores.

    If you have difficulty with a certain boss, I can perhaps help out if you so desire.

  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Might be worth looking here: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/11737/increasing-your-power-tech
    SirRFI wrote: »
    I think any newcomer goal is (in order):
    • Reach 90 lv +
    • Get free full +10 purple scrolled set + weapons (for reaching 90 ↑)
    • Get season2 accessories scrolled (STR/INT):
      • x2 Ring (Crescent Moon Announcement / Ocean Depths Monster): Sparkling Passion
      • Belt (Peridot / Amethyst): Petite Passion
      • Earrings (Pirate / Black Pearl): Significant Berserker
      • Some emblem Significant Passion
      • Off-hand item scrolled (for Fionas and Arishas higher priority due to better scrolls)
    • Copper Bracelet (M)ATK + DEF with Fine Gems
    • +12 or +13 full-orange 90lv weapon, using goodies from Seals of Bravery Shop
    • Dullahan armor set:
      • At least orange main, purple subs
      • At least +10
      • Enchant and upgrade it over time...