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Increasing your Power & Tech.

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Power & Tech. -- A reference guide

What is Power & Tech.?
After the "Rise update" new stats were added called "Power" and "Tech." (Technique). Power is the combined value of your ATT/MATT + DEF stats. Tech represents the combined value of your CRIT and BAL stats.

Why does Power & Tech. matter?
Runs have Power & Tech requirements. These requirements are inline with provided story equipment until you reach the endgame. The latest raid -- Dullahan -- has Power and Tech requirements higher than the free in-game gear.


This guide covers what?
It covers the best ways to increase your character's Power and Tech requirements. Technical charts are below. A full example character is provided in the next post.

Note: As of this writing spell books and focuses either do not have enchants or the enchants are not meaningful to power and tech stats.
Special thanks to: @SirRFI for scroll chart templates


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    Increasing Power & Tech. Example Character
    A cost conscious approach to get the base stats required for Dullahan (The Missing Soul): P 37000 \ T 195

    Character Baseline
    • Character is level 95 (This char is STR. Make the appropriate gear substitutions for INT chars.)
    • Equipped the Lv90 Character Growth Rewards box with 2* +10 Lv90 Purple Gear
    • Equipped Lv85 Character Growth Reward bracelets. Opened Aislinns's gem box and socketed the 4 character growth gems (Bracelet Diamond, Bracelet Emerald, Bracelet Ruby, Bracelet Sapphire).
    • Equipped Peridot Belt, Pirate Earrings, 2 Crescent Moon Announcements, Ruler's Brooch accessories (2 star quality).
    • Equipped a standard outfitter.
    • No artifact, necklace, or other avatars.
    • No buffs, Ein Lacher titles, or Redeemers (Neamhain) clears.

    Current Status: Short by 7091 Battle Power and 17 Tech.

    To do list
    1. First decide whether to stick with your current weapon or upgrade to a lv95 wep. Unless you have a high enhanced (>+10) lv90 OJ weapon it's best to move to lv95 for both power and tech. A clean lv95 bests the enhanced/enchanted free lv90 weapon. We stick with the free armor because of the prohibitive costs of re-enchanting and enhancing back to +10.

    2. Apply enchants to accessories. Use Healthy ES to suffix all accessories. Use Sparkling for the ring prefixes, Petite for the belt prefix, and warlord's for the remaining accessory prefixes. Don't waste elixirs for Healthy or Warlord's -- it's cheaper to YOLO.

    3. Apply enchants to the missing spots in your armor. The character growth armor is missing: suffix on the helm and prefix on the pants/gloves. Use Tutelary for the prefixes and Sentinel for the suffix.

    4. Replace Enduring on the chest with Well-balanced. Replace Resistant on the boots with Sentinel.

      Current Status: Short by 3307 Battle Power and 2 Tech.

    5. Figuring how to close the final gap will require a careful examination of your character. I went with soap buff + kitty potion + VIP capsule + bracelet gem upgrades (fine emerald and diamond) + increase DEF and WIL skill ranks.

    Additional Ways to increase Power and Tech. All effects stack.
    • Premium Soap Buff [+2000 Power]
    • Kitty's Encouragement Potion -- Warm Welcome box [+500 Power]
    • Crimson Blade Epaulet [+1000 Power]
    • AP Shop Renewal Necklace (7 days) [+600 Power]
    • Level up skills "Strength Mastery" and "Defense Mastery". These skills will increase your Power.
    • Level up skill "Willpower Mastery". Every 133 points of WIL (up to 2000) increases your Tech by 1.
    • VIP capsule can be bought in Colhen from Ernmass's AP shop [+190 Power and potentially +1 tech because of +100 WIL bonus]
    • Look to get the easy (2-5 clear) boss or equipment titles with good stats. Bosses like Spider Queen, Keaghan, or any Malina boss. Cheap equipment titles like "Beastly" (purchase story equipment quests from Aislinn).
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    You forgot to account for the outfitter 5 piece bonus when calculating power for these:

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    Mainichi wrote: »
    You forgot to account for the outfitter 5 piece bonus when calculating power for these:


    Ah damn, it's right for the standard and wrong for the limited. Should be 500 ATT. I'll get that fixed in the next update.
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    With the Ultimate Objective event bringing renewed interest in running Dullahan I finally finished the increasing power-tech guide. Enjoy.