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What is Counterforce?

Counterforce is a new stat introduced in Season 3 Chapter 3 Episode 2 (Astera). Your Counterforce stat (in conjunction with a boss's "Counterforce Resistance" stat) has a direct impact on your damage output. The mechanic applies to bosses Claire, Eternal Elchulus, Macha, Agares, and future raids.


Is having Counterforce essential?

Yes -- if you intend to play the new content. First if you participate using Quick Battle (QB) you will not be able to join if you do not meet the minimum Counterforce stat requirements. Even if you join a boat from the board without meeting minimum Counterforce requirements you will do negligible damage regardless of your gear/stats.

(boss Counterforce Resistance + 100) - your Counterforce = Damage Dealt. Floor is 10% and caps at 100%.

Where can I see the Counterforce details of a boss?


What are the Counterforce requirements?


How do I increase my Counterforce stat?

    * Complete the story "Looming Conflict" to obtain free Counterforce gear (+15 Lv85 Earring, +15 Lv85 Belt) given in the "Primed Accessory Package". "Looming Conflict" story is available after completing the Dullahan story.
    * Enhancing the following accessories: belts, earrings, and rings. They must be level 85 or higher to be eligible for enhancement.
    * Using a Kitty Potion from the Warm Welcome Box grants +30 Counterforce for 1 run.

Help! Where do I start with enhancement? How can I afford this?

Read on in the next post where I discuss tips for Counterforce enhancement and gearing suggestions.

Credits to Shippuu, All Might, and Ellie


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    Counterforce Enhancement Chart

    Click chart to enlarge
    Enhancement Fail Stack numbers in italics are estimated

    Accessory Enhancement Basics

      * Look for events with a "Max +20 Accessory Enhancement Swap Coupon Box". This grants a trade ticket to upgrade one accessory to +12 or higher.
      * Prior to enhancing accessories make sure your guild has the guild skill: Enhancement Discount 10%!
      * Higher level accessories grant more Counterforce (+20 Lv 85 = 30 \ Lv90 = 40 \ Lv 100 = 50).
      * Up to +10 -- Lv85 items have half the Counterforce of equivalent Lv90/100 items.
      * Up to +10 -- Lv90 and Lv100 items have the same Counterforce.
      * Items bind beginning at +9 enhancement (Bind Level 5) up to +20 enhancement (Bind Level 10).
      * Four Lv85 +20 accessories = 120 Counterforce.
      * Four Lv90 +20 accessories = 160 Counterforce.
      * Four Lv100 +20 accessories = 200 Counterforce.

    Total Cost Breakdown by Accessory

    Total costs = Price of accessory + Price of Counterforce enhancement + Price of enchants + Price of infusions

    Prices based on NA server. Prices gathered on 3/30 and will fluctuate.

    Counterforce Tiers & Equipment Suggestions

    Click chart to enlarge
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    Nice guide Lolo.
    About the costs. One LVL95-100 items cost around 75m gold to create. 4 = 300m gold
    Untill +15 it depends on luck. I think you will burn around 150m gold with the costs of attempts and materials on 4 items.

    Minimum requirement in my oppionn 2 +15 LVL 90 and 2 +15 LVL 95 gear. that gives you 100 CF.
    Be future proff its required to have +20s of these or have 2 +15 lvl 100 and 2 +15 lvl 95. Currently the best available stuff.

    If you do not already have the necessary equipment 450-600m gold is required to enter Astera anytime. And then comes the price of potential infusion and scrolls.

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    4/2 update to reflect new "Primary Accessory Package" gear and added total cost by accessory and counterforce gear suggestion charts.