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Combat pet variety

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Maybe I am the only one, but I found it strange that the buy-able pet selection consist of two ferocious creatures, and two small creatures. When I originally scrolled down the list, I expected to see a lion, tiger, reptile, panther, maybe a bird. However, the list stopped at 4 species....

I understand resources go into new material. An mmo must weight the pros (Demand), and cons (Time and resources that could be expended elsewhere) before making choices. It is not a deal breaker or anything, but I wonder if the combat pet selection will increase a some point. Do you use Combat pets? Even wanted something new instead of a bear, wolf, gremlin, and chieftain? Maybe it is just me, being a pet class guy
  1. Do you want to see more combat pets?3 votes
    1. No, want rescources to go into classes, fashion, etc
       67% (2 votes)
    2. Yes
       33% (1 vote)


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    this is good idea to be honest never been thinking this too much
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    Always thought it was weird how there were only 4 critters. This game is far from tame. Thought there would be a few more creatures to choose from, that are less cute and cuddly. I don't get how they went from thinking wolf and bear to cute small creatures. Would like to see badder creatures.

    There is a bad @$$ pitbull looking dog outside the guild storage chest, why not him?