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Server Merge Social


  • BountyBounty
    Vindictus Rep: 1,140
    Posts: 50

    Facts about myself.

    -played since CB.
    -I kept Royal Raids alive for a long time
    -over 16 level 95s and I'm decent with all characters
    -I host everything
  • HerpadorHerpador
    Vindictus Rep: 945
    Posts: 30
    IGN: Herpador
    -I have no main really
    -AU is only ever active shortly after a large update
    -There is like 6 or 7 people still raiding
    -I'm perpetually broke
  • GambIeGambIe
    Vindictus Rep: 2,820
    Posts: 113
    - West IGN: Deuce (GS Main Hurk), BIeue (Primary Alt Swords Lann)
    - Played for about 3 years
    - Current motivations: titles, gear ranking
    - Goal (for main): 5k+ AD, 90+ Speed

    Uhm. I have a good number of haters on West server. It's most likely because I used to have this... arrogant obssession for my Hurk, thinking I am the best and no one else lol. Until.... I met few guys like Atherion, Dave, Wrelsh, M3lancholy. Very friendly people and skilled Hurks. Took me a long time to understand that there are, in fact, lots of lowkey solo players who are extremely skilled. Too bad the lack of better hosting system will continue to leave them in the shadow. Now, I'm just another Hurk dude that's always... spending whatever gold I have on booming stuff, trying to claim that #1 gear ranking crown. That's me -_-v

    I'm looking forward to meeting and raiding with East players. Get ready because WEST BE OP AF.
  • SaphreeSaphree
    Vindictus Rep: 2,280
    Posts: 273
    From west originally
    - ign: Saphree (Sylas), Aniol (Arisha)
    - a small boi main (sylas)
    - gonna drop Sylas for Miri
    - hella gey
    - somehow always ends up with good stuff despite putting in no work
    - buy me coffee <3
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
    Vindictus Rep: 4,960
    Posts: 792
    IGN: Rokkenjima (GS Hurk Main)
    -6+ Yrs of playing Vindi
    -Caffeine Fiend (Dirty Chai Latte FTW)
    -Looking forward to Miri
  • JinyieJinyie
    Vindictus Rep: 1,830
    Posts: 219
    IGN: Jinyie (TS Vella Main)

    - Filthy Casual
    - Average

    Can't wait to meet you Easties :>
  • Arrow95Arrow95
    Vindictus Rep: 2,515
    Posts: 491
    Ign Arrow95(Bow Kai Main)

    -Trying to keep a low profile, since it seams drama follows me
    -Playing since Kai release
    -makes Kai solo videos to keep me busy(and so I don't quit).

    looking forward to the merge, it is a good thing.
  • XxLeBlancxXXxLeBlancxX
    Vindictus Rep: 430
    Posts: 15
    IGN XxLeBlancxX (Scythe Evie)

    -Been playing for about 5 years (Yet I still suck ass)
    -Once accidentally sent a scroll and 14mil gold instead of a scroll with a 14mil COD
    -I am a home of sexual
    -Waiting for umbrella
    -I like bagels a lot
  • KelemaKelema
    Vindictus Rep: 510
    Posts: 12
    ~IGN is same as forum name
    ~Somewhat decent healer
    ~if Flutterkai is around they'll ask you to join Peace repeatedly
    FlutterKai has been gone for 3 months as of now.

  • iMiniiMini
    Vindictus Rep: 2,065
    Posts: 90
    edited November 7, 2017
    West server
    • IGN: iAdelle
    • Guild master of Luminosity
    • Played since Open Beta
    • One of a thriving race of big hat-wearing witch Evies
    • Most of my gold goes to outfits and dyes
    • Usually has white hair with armor dyed in black, pink, and sometimes white
    • Near all my characters share the same color palette
    • No, I'm not partnered with Apple
    • No, I'm not a singer
    • Yes, I reference FF's Adelle and Shining's Melty
    • No, my Hagie is not 9S
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    Posts: 290
    edited November 8, 2017
    - From West
    - From bad to mediocore at every char I play
    - Play multiple char evenly, so I consider them all "main"
    - Spend more money on vanity than on gearing up, although none of my char are top tier geared.
    - My character's names are not real names.
    - Really like to be complimented on my fashion.
    - But mostly got called "Leprechaun" "gaudy" "watermelon" and stuff like that
    - If you see a character with some shade of green, fat chance it's one of my chars.
    - Can't stop playing Vindi and have been online nearly daily in 4 years+.
    - Have to play a lot less than I would like to, cuz work.
    - Weirdly obsessed with character I created, so can't delete any of them.
    - Wished to be a billionaire, just like my uncle.
  • fergiefergfergieferg
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    Posts: 15
    No nice things allowed.
  • XieXie
    Vindictus Rep: 2,115
    Posts: 155
    edited November 8, 2017
    Might as well post ... cannot sleep anyway...

    [General Population]
    - Full of interesting personalities.
    - Night owls, I log in at 3 AM and the guys are still awake.
    - I think right now, we're mostly bored so we're hardly logging on as much.
    - Stuff are cheaper on west.

    [About Me]
    - Coffee Addict.
    - 50 Shades of Sleep Deprived (I know, and I've just posted coffee addict above this too.)
    - Only logs on for Neamhain even though I already have 100 clears.
    - My main char is almost constantly half-naked.
    - I'm quiet and always lost in thought.
    - I have two different nicknames which sometimes gets confusing.
    - I say hi by *headbutting* people.
    - I'm weaker than you think, friends give me too much credit.
  • AphoticaiAphoticai
    Vindictus Rep: 1,185
    Posts: 51
    Arrow95 wrote: »
    Ign Arrow95(Bow Kai Main)

    -Trying to keep people from talking **** about bow kai

    -whistles innocently

  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
    Vindictus Rep: 7,525
    Posts: 601
    Also, if y'all see a guy named Devoid running around, avoid him at all costs.
  • LaxusDragSlayerLaxusDragSlayer
    Vindictus Rep: 950
    Posts: 79
    edited November 8, 2017
    hello guys <3 about to go for (EDITED)"just finished jogging" so i decided to post a thing or two :)

    (just a few things <3)
    - i've got a million characters so i'll just stick with Laxus17(Lann) <3
    - GuildMaster of StarKiss <3
    - likes to carry people threw raids <3
    - rarely plays lately because there is no events <3
    - i LOVE Alfredo noodles <3
    - im mainly afk but we'll see after merge <3
    - i dont like the insane prices so... i wish they all go down like AUS server <3
    - i've got a few enemys because of wierd reasons <3
    - it's getting late so i've gotta go now <3 :P
    - i'll see everyone after merge!!!
    - "you're friendly East player Laxus" <3
  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    Posts: 491
    Aphoticai wrote: »
    Arrow95 wrote: »
    Ign Arrow95(Bow Kai Main)

    -Trying to keep people from talking **** about bow kai

    -whistles innocently

  • FuzetsuFuzetsu
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    Posts: 52
    Everyone need to bow down to puppetesper, the god of west server!
  • ChequitaChequita
    Vindictus Rep: 510
    Posts: 7
    East coast Beast coast
    -Buy me things
    -I'll wear them in channel 1
    -I'm a mediocre Arisha when I actually play the game
  • iEatEverythingiEatEverything
    Vindictus Rep: 1,220
    Posts: 64
    i am Nomerz , i eat the food . I consume anything you feed me and i regurgitate it out 2 folds more than you fed me. I eat fish, whales and fruits. ill be in ch 1, 69 or 99, so feel free to come find me and feed me some goodies.