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Pre Gold waste before Dullahan ?

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Sup Vindic Comm

Im sitting on lvl 95 now for a while and did also farm the S3 raids quite a bit last days. My Goal is to have a full Dullahan Orange set even when i have the purple one already i see no point in upgrading it yet duo to the +XX lose when changing to Orange.
So i still using my free lvl 90 set but cant decide if i should sink and waste money actually in a lvl 90 orange set before i get to farm orange dullahan set pieces, since i cant make Quickbattle its pretty hard to find some willing people to help out on a normal boat. Over Quickbattle it would be probably better but theres the thing with the tech and Power requirment tho. Would be nice if someone could clear that a bit up since i feel lost in this, and yes i know about the lvl 90 and lvl 95 set mix and lvl 90 set is cheaper etc.... But i just going straight on Dullahan as my Goal and buying the Essence from market is just more money waste as everything other :^).

So anyone has advice or maybe some lvl 90 set with all information what i need to get to the QB Dullahan limit before i going now and waste my money on another strategy :/.

best Regards


  • Ryr7eRyr7e
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    I use the free set since its +10. Add a few enchants to it, use a scrolled +12 wep and youre all set.
    From there, gear up as you desire.
  • TamagoTamago
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    You should be able to meet the power and tech requirements by throwing some enchants on your free armor.
    You could try out Well-Balanced, Resistant, Sentinel, Deadly, Enthusiastic, etc. on armor.
    On accessories, you can throw on Significant, Warlord, Healthy, Petite, Sparkling, etc.
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    I'm still working on finishing it. I swear! Too many vindy side projects. :D

    TLDR: Don't bother with OJ lv90 gear. Save your money for dullahan wep/high enhanced OJ 90 wep.
  • SilentineSilentine
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    My advice is:
    Farm the chunks in normal battles, people don't care much about stats, I know I don't cause S3 Donegal normal battles are easy.The orange dullahan essences are not that expensive, (except the weapon essence ofc). So just farm the chunks, they drop sometimes when doing daily battle (manus drops often), do S3 raids except dulla for some gold to buy the dulla armor essences and in couple of days you will have the set.
    The price of the armor chunks (orange) is dropping.