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post-rise goals?


  • PuppymanPuppyman
    Vindictus Rep: 3,055
    Posts: 467
    Use easy enchant mode season to gear my evie and me lynn enough to run Dullahan comfortably even if other party members are lacking.
  • BoatGodBoatGod
    Vindictus Rep: 2,575
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    edited June 26, 2017
    I finished my goal of getting 20k def on fiona, so now I'm just enjoying my time in vindy.

    I did make a new character to level to 90 and experience the new changes to the early game content and story. I personally like the changes they made to the early game.
  • KaraKara
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    To fully enchant my gear, and max out my weapon shard stats
  • KlardKlard
    Vindictus Rep: 750
    Posts: 15
    My goals is clashing every boss that i could clash
  • hornywatermelonhornywatermelon
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    Gear up Fiona as my 2nd fap-- I mean waifu material.
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    edited June 27, 2017
    Despite all this garbage, disheartened sh*t.. I guess I will boringly level all chars to 90 when I'm free, gear them like I always wanted to and by that is giving them specific armors I always loved on specific chars.
    Then will be pretty much done, endgame is definitely ruined now unless I play solo.

    Even lvling is kinda disgusting, I mean, I really got it through my throat seeing how Ingkells, with a fully fresh lv60 char, literally takes 30sec to kill him, I easily lost the epicness the Ingkells episode actually gave times ago.. oh well :l