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Bring back 8 man raids


  • JoJoBlueJoJoBlue
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    I prefer having the 8-man raids back and unnerfing the bosses, with the only change being the removal of player requirements to start the raid (such as Colru). Most of the raids, you could have chosen to do without a full party. Many of the best players were already soloing them. So it's not like everyyone was forced to wait for 8 people (other than Colru). And at least on the US East server, it was really easy for me to fill parties even when I hosted a few days before the Rise update. We could choose if we wanted a big or small of a party, and we could choose to make the raids easier or harder. A lot of people still had fun with it.

    Now you're forced to go easy mode. They nerfed the already heavily nerfed enemies, took out the options of Hard/Hero modes until you're max level, took out oaths (especially Season of Macha, the rest you can kind of do on your own if you really want). I can start a new character and progress through most of the game naked, and I could still facetank pretty much everything. There's no incentive to party because everything's so easy that it's just faster to solo rather than wait for people to join the party. They might as well just take out all the content before level 90. The people who were bored of the content before will still be bored of it. The people that weren't bored of the content before will be bored of it now. So why waste time and energy going through something so tedious and pointless?
  • vgfan100vgfan100
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    What I have to say basically reflects what JoJo said before me. I wouldn't mind the raids turning into 4-person battles if the battles themselves were still challenging. I played Colru last night, and not only did the 1st phase get taken out (why?), they also nerfed him so much that one person with end-game gear can kill him in 5 seconds! I mean... What The Heck?!

    My Reaction to Colru Post-RISE Update (Apologies for the hot mic. I didn't check my levels before streaming)

    May I suggest placing a difficultly slider from minimum level (level 60, for example) to max level and allowing us to choose whether or not we want to fight solo or with 8 players. The boss stats reflecting the party's overall Strength and Influence points would be a really cool way to provide a challenge for the players and can reward players with better drops for playing on higher difficulties. This is how replay value is created.

    Not only are these bosses nerfed to ludicrously easy status but we're forced to run these battles on Normal; yes, one difficulty, and it's the easiest one! Now, granted... I did try fighting Cromm on Hero Mode, and I did fail (which is good), but being forced to play Normal for Season 1 battles makes me not want to run those battles again. Plus, those battles needed replay-ability anyways before the RISE update, and now this update basically kicked the bucket for the use-to-be raid battles in Season 1 and the regular battles that were somewhat difficult on Hero Mode. If we want to solo on level 90 difficulty status, give us that option and reflect the drops with the difficulty. This was the part about the RISE update that I found shockingly awful, and I pray that this gets revamped quickly before players start leaving out of sheer frustration and boredom.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Madcobra wrote: »
    You guys stop crying about changes . Vindictus changed and we need to get use to new reality . Those posts about how bad it is now and that game will die soon wont help vindictus for sure. Its like crying withbring back xe version instead of premiere and jump instead of slow walking . We need just new raids now to make it more fun maybe but whats gone its gone so no point write about it anymore .

    If people don't complain then nothing will change. I remember when they bound a hideous inner armor to the bloody night outfitter. The community complained or wouldn't "stop crying" as you put it. Devcat made the change. Some of these updates are catastrophically terrible. They won't correct their ways unless the community shows their outrage. So people please continue to "cry" loudly and make your voices heard.
    I see it how they change it yes . Same as they took off block for blocked regions by 4 or 5 months already . They nerfed game to kill it slowly so or we will accept it how it is now or we will have butthurt i rather the first option , because raids 8 man wont come back for sure . They cant even fix the damn lag now or multi .... but yes ppl can complain because they are not saticficed , question only who cares? Devcat? I doubt
  • XieXie
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    I don't really mind 4-man though running it just feels really lonely lately, I wished there was an 6-man option. It's better if we had the option for 6 or even 8-man, but also keep an option available for us who likes to solo, to keep everyone happy. Maybe, put the 6-8 man raid option on Hero mode and scale the HP accordingly for those of us who have the hardware that can host and would like to play with others. While those of us who have bad hardware, like me, can host 4-man whenever we want but also maintain a certain level of difficulty.

    Next, the issue of raids ...

    4-man = I hit the S3 boss with my face a couple times, it dies in 2-3 minutes
    1-man = I hit the S3 boss with my face a couple times, it dies in 5 minutes

    The main issue with battles being too easy lies with Additional Damage. It's making everything ridiculously easy killing everything in just a few hits. Honestly, I think the old additional damage formula was fine, the Devs shouldn't have touched it. But if they rolled back the new AD, the difficulty for raids may return, which is good.

    I remembered back when Sylas's release or around that time, the Director tried to change the Additional Damage formula, none of us approved. Now, with Rise, he tried to change the Additional Damage formula again. We still don't approve. I really think he should give up trying to redo Additional Damage all together and focus more on making content. =/

    I also feel bad for those who wanted higher level enhance. Originally, people wanted higher level enhance was for the attack speed. Playing our characters on high speed is really fun. But with Additional Damage being overpowered, at the cost of having high speed to have fun to play with, the boss would also die exponentially faster. With the bosses are severely nerfed, what is left to enjoy from playing at high attack speed when the boss dies in just a few minutes from AD?

    Also, I just wanted to add and emphasize and mainly directed at DevCat and Nexon, the reason why most of my friends left Vindictus for BDO and other games. Playing Vindictus feels lonely. It was not because the game was too hard. It's the same reason why a lot of players quit the game at low levels, the difficulty was moderate, but the main reason was because there's no one to play with. Vindictus is supposed to be an MMO, but now it just feels like a single player RPG with occasional multiplayer unless if you would like to advertise the game as a Single Player instead of an MMO, then maybe then you'll finally attract the right crowd.
  • KlardKlard
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    I miss the old 8 man raids because you know we actually chat lol, now i feel lonely (except when i run 4 man with friends )
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    ErinieI wrote: »
    It is so mind numbingly boring doing these battles that's been nerfed to the ground.

    Just go solo then?

    This is an MMORPG, not an RPG. If we wanted to solo we wouldn't play vindictus or any MMO for that matter. There's certain criteria that an MMO has to meet to a playerbase to even be considered that.