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Post your ES drops here


  • DarickNguyenDarickNguyen
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    SirRFI wrote: »
    Some Season 2 Normal Battle also have a smaller chance to drop all of these ESs too
    Btw, Hero Mode Season 2 give the same loot as Normal Mode.
    Maybe that's because hero grants an extra core?

    Extra core = Hero's Supply Box, which only gives Paradise Stone, Elixir or a Ticket? i thought they're craps, but let wait for the lv95 content , so i think they will give more fun and some change to S2 Hero mode, maybe.
  • RiceMonsterRiceMonster
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    Hero Parthenon
    • Well-balanced

    Hero Iset
    • Challenging
    • Decisive

    Hero Ulchas
    • Adamant

    Hero Crotch

    Hero Lakoria
    • Grinding
    • Decisive
  • XaldinZXaldinZ
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    Yo OP Do you mind Compiling all those Info into the Opening post? i could do it for ya (for now at least) if ya cant

    Edit :Thanks for updating it
  • ChunmanderChunmander
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    Got a valor from Normal Juggernaut
  • MrGattoMrGatto
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    I was wondering.
    Where does scrolls like Subdued and The Dead drops now?Since no more treasure chests.
    From what I know they are still in the game.
  • XaldinZXaldinZ
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    MrGatto wrote: »
    I was wondering.
    Where does scrolls like Subdued and The Dead drops now?Since no more treasure chests.
    From what I know they are still in the game.

    From what ive see in megaphones people dropped em in S3 Maps. They didnt specify raid or normal map tho soz on that
  • freeloaderfreeloader
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    I ran 24 (2 characters 12 each) normal runs of each s2 raid so far, and ES drops are as follows~

    Iset: Force, Maelstrom, Tricky, Significant, Decisive, Fleet, Warlord, Armadillo, Challenging

    Kraken: Tricky , Decisive, Significant, Grinding, Fleet, Fast

    Grim Reaper: Warlord, Armadillo, Fleet, Challenging, Force, Tricky, Grinding, Fast, Maelstrom

    Lakoria: Resistant, Enthusiastic, Tricky, Grinding

    Havan: Decisive, Force, Fleet

    Ulchas: none

    Lavasat: Divine Punishment, Sentinel

    Druid: Passion, Master

    Cromm: Well-balanced, Enhanced

    Bark: none

    Juggernaut: Divine Punishment, Valor, Sparkling
  • RizzleRizzle
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    What i'm seeing here is that all r7, and eventually r6, are gonna be in s3.
  • ThyHippoThyHippo
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    Fleet drops from Lako is anyone is interested
  • JevrosimaJevrosima
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    Hero Ahglan = Maelstrom
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    The market is absolutely saturated with sellers and thirsty for buyers. They trivialize the difficulty while at the same time opening up the RNG floodgates. Why does the DoL not understand balance?
  • PhoebeHalliwelPhoebeHalliwel
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    Leopard's es? Did not see any since rise came up. Is it gone?
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    Here is another list, I will leave it to OP to cross reference what they have already +shy thanks OP +best
    All on Normal mode

    Memory Of The Past
    ***Masterpeice bracelet box

    Deaths Shadow

    Desert Princess
    ***Masterpeice bracelet box

    Underground City

    Into the Abyss

    Burning Temple

    God Of Death
    -Adament (valor prefix basically)
    ***Masterpeice bracelet box

    A Ruler's Refuge
    ***Masterpeice bracelet box

    Devil In The Water

    The Vanishing Magician
    ***Masterpeice bracelet box
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Well-Balanced drops in Hero Ulchas
  • PuppymanPuppyman
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    So does the Dead drop from s3 raids or normal missions?
  • AxteriaAxteria
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    Where does subdued, the dead, cm drop now
  • FlufffyParrotFlufffyParrot
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    God of death drops fast too
  • RavelationsRavelations
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    Strong ES dropped from Gate keeper Jirkal (Fruitful) on normal. There are other drops but i didn't pay attention till i remembered this post.

    Day 1
    2x Kobold
    2x Resilient
    1x Striking
    1x Chaos
    1x Dominance
    1x Tutelary
    1x Deadly

    All dropped from the formorian base
    From Information Chief Kanjel Normal (Herb Lands/The Investigation)
    Poison Maker Venom Normal (Gremlin Lair)
    Explosive Expert Pompush Normal (Another Storeroom)
    Spear Instructor Jargush Normal (Reinforcements)
    1x Decisive ES dropped from Chiulin (What the dead leave behind)
    The sewers seem to drop Monark Leaf rings and Ruler Brooches more than scrolls
    Day 2
    1x Healthy,
    3x Maelstorm,
    3x Grinding,
    3x Challenging
    1x Fleet
    Ingkells Normal (The Central Garden, Ortel Castle)
    Silbern Normal (Silent Blade, Ortel Castle)
    Cloyan Normal (Inverse Blade, Ortel Castle)
    Ahlgan the Golem Normal (Ortel Castle)
  • LleonhardoLleonhardo
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    Healthy,Force- Ahglan N
  • JCodyCJCodyC
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