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Gearing cestus karok.

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in Karok
Decided to start maining cestus since i got bored of playing Hurk, looking for tips on how I should gear him. How should I get him to get the most DPS out? If any cestus karoks could give some advice and let me know what gear they're using aswell I'd appreciate it a lot!

Thanks +best


  • AimAndKillAimAndKill
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    I'd say build for speed, it's definitely the most helpful stat with Cestus.
  • BlissKnightBlissKnight
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    Focus on Attack Speed and Balance with gear.

    And manage your Destroyer buff so you always crit.
  • V0lterixV0lterix
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    Speed, balance, crit. Yes, we have Destroyer for 4 crits. It's unrealistic to say you'll keep crit buff up 100% of a battle. Your Pivot Strike can do 5500 damage or 11000 crit damage(before clean hit). Counting 3 smashes/blasts and then charging or absorbing is only going to kill your stamina. Obviously, try to refresh crit buff if you can but don't prioritize it. Instead, make up for it by having higher critical.
  • MilitosMilitos
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    edited April 10, 2017
    With high speed (over 90) it gets kind of tricky to actually always keep in mind how many blasts/smashes you've done with Destroyer, not counting the times your blast registers a hit but doesn't really do any damage due to distance(?) and deducts one 100% crit from the buff, so getting a decent crit value is not a bad idea at all although I've never quite gotten over 120+ all this time and can't say I reaaally needed it.

    I am aiming for over 130 crit while also maintaining exactly 90 Ats and decent Balance, though.