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For the people who have gotten a +15 weapon..


  • CessaCessa
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    All these people saying it only took them 1-2 tries to get their oh so magical +15.
    Only one other person I see in this topic making any kind of statistical sense when it comes to actually getting a high enhance weapon.

    Statistically, it's next to practically impossible to +15 from a +10.

    Yet why are we seeing a disparity in the representation here?
    Because everyone, the tens of thousands of players who failed going to +15, are no longer playing the game.
    And that is the main reason why Vindictus is dying as a game.
  • OkatsuOkatsu
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    I double boomed +-35 braha twin swords before I got one to +15 (tradeable). Started attempting a bit after S3 ep 2's release and took about a year and a half to get. Before that I had made a +15 dream walker TS in the midst of S2, maybe in early 2014 after mass enhancing a batch of like 6 or 7 level 60 swords. And this was after booming about 10 level 80 swords which cost like 800m to make at that time.

    I double boomed +-70 various level 80 scythes before I got an armageddon to +15 (permabound). Started attempting on S3's release which introduced the glorious seal shop with hella reduced costs, and got it about a year later. Also managed to get the first 70 scythe I made on twilight desert's release to +15 during this time.

    Currently sitting at a bound +14 level 90 dagger after double booming 8 of those. (Pre- new 90 seal shop)
    Lynn had a +13 but permaboomed it in a blind rage, now sitting at 7 double boomed glaives and counting.

    out of all the 90 weapons destroyed (~100) I have yet to get the primary piece back once.
  • ZupseroZupsero
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    can you stop these depressing posts already. im pretty new and i want to like this game!!! +fight
  • PalaWar95PalaWar95
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    First of all Hi from EU . Since we talk about +15 here i will share my story also . Not much to it tho it was once the Road to 85 event was on . Got a nice 80 arma scythe and since there i got it straight to +15 with one break at +13 and not to much money spent . It all depends on the luck and i can say i was darn lucky about it
  • pewsnexpewsnex
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    I made 4 +15 90s in the past 6 months after failing for about 2.5 years.

    Scythe - bought a OJ main from MP for 50m, went straight to +14, stopped, went to +15 after anxiously fretting about it (sold this one a week or two ago).

    BS - After I made the scythe, decided I couldn't play two characters. I had a +12 already, got it to +10 before boom, revived and went to +14, enchanted, YOLO to +15

    Glaive - on an alt account because Lynn if filthy ;). Got +9 coupon from the previous attendance event. Went straight to +14, boomed, revived, YOLO cuz why not, it's just lynn (lol).

    LS - was bored, boomed at +10. went to 11, told myself I don't like Fiona that much, YOLO to +12. Told myself I would stop at +13, it went to +13. Told myself I already have 3 +15s, don't have time for Fiona, YOLO to +14. Why stop now? hope it booms. YOLO to +15.


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    Most people I know with +15s got them while trying to quit or trying to purposely boom stuff for mats.

    This game literally never gives you what you want.