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No more S2 easy mode?

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Under Additional Changes, I noticed this one: Removed the Easy difficulty tab from the Season 2 Departure list

So, no more S2 easy mode for those people who can't host and can't find boats for their story?

I'm hoping that this was a typo or mistake.


  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    Story missions normally have their own quests except for the anwynn raids, and no I don't believe it was a typo. My guildies even suggested a hero mode of s2 gets added (90-95? When our level cap gets increased that is)
  • boddoleboddole
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    edited November 23, 2016
    *According to Ehgess this is just a minor UI change more than anything, very good news to hear.

    This also concerns me, especially for the 'legitimately new players' that don't have money to throw at lots of server megas and getting endlessly stuck on Kraken/Bark/Cromm/etc raids. Not to mention if they play at low population times as Shaw mentioned...Hopefully story quests will be exempt.

    Also I guess this means the end of 'ap farming raids' in S2...Of all the changes for the upcoming patch, this is the only one that stands out to me as being a big step backwards...hope this works out...
  • CeroKayCeroKay
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    and here i was debating about ap farming n finishing s2, got lv 90 but now i regret not finishing *sigh*
  • EhgessEhgess
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    Easy mode is still there, it just doesn't have it's own difficulty tab in the missions listing.