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When are best inner armor sales?

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Hiiiii everyone!

For about 5 years I've mostly played my Lann, but I recently got around to playing more with my side characters. Buying multiple cosmetic items for multiple characters at full price is not a good idea when you're a poor college student. So i was wondering....

When is the best time of the year to cash in on inner armors or cosmetics. I was thinking maybe I can buy during black friday deals? If i recall, valentines usually has discounts? So yes, I need help remembering other yearly specials please.

It's tough to Vindifashion with the default inner +haha. Eww


  • GhengisJohnGhengisJohn
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    Has some mentions of what will be for sale. There is some talk of an "amazing price" on a package that contains inner armor and hair, but if it's more then a dazzle em dead package I kinda wouldn't see it as a huge value.

    That said here's hoping that inners will be available cheap, I bought one on my delia I wasn't nuts about because I was tired of the default and it would be nice to get another inner coupon cheap to use down the road when more inners (hopefully) become available for her. I know they usually have a sale for national underwear day but that's in August.
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    Semi unrelated, but I remember back when they offered the first perma inner armor, I think it was an Xmas package? Or it could've been valentines. Either way, it was good to not have a recurring charge for opting out of granny panties. This thread just brought me back...nostalgia/10.