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Rise - Where did the fun go?


  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    edited July 9, 2017
    I think we all can relate with Saitama Dream here. (Vindi player dreaming of pre-rise and waking up to Post rise)

  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    This update's an absolute joke.

    hero S1 taken out except for what used to be raids.

    Season of Macha oath taken out.

    +13-15 users can literally carry +11/12 now.

    90 pieces still boom attempting beyond 8, But "YoU cAn JuSt BuY tHe RuNeS"... Some of us don't have disposable income where we can enhance without fear of having our stuff blown up and get nothing in return.

    Events are a joke now.

    Royal raids are STILL an unplayable mess 95% of the time.

    How can people Rise only to Fall? The update speaks for itself.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Royal Army is worse than ever in some cases, which is insane because there are fewer people than ever running them. The whole update is a hot mess.
  • Sw33tSSw33tS
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    I haven't played the game (west-server) in like 5-6 months and just got back today. Rise update increased my stats a bit, I'm quite happy with what I can do now but what I can do now isn't what I haven't been doing the past few years though. lol
    Just can't seem to improve my character unless I YOLO but that's the thing that makes people quit.
    I also don't have an idea as to what to farm these days. I can't just solo s2 raids anymore for seal of braveries. The quick battle option is interesting but it doesn't help too much, people still have to megaphone. So honestly, I just don't know what to do in the game anymore to improve my character. I can talk to people in-game... but this is supposed to be an action grindy mmorpg where you do raid-trains til you drop and hope to find a rank 7 es. They should've just increased the drop rates at the time lol now look at the state of the game.
  • 7thRonin7thRonin
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    edited July 11, 2017
    Bored AF with this game. Nothing worth running except s3 and it's still boring af with full party and considering even soloing raids you only get 1 life erg and 1 blessed magic powder for drops it's not even worth running that. #3 Sylas on West is quitting the game going into semi-retirement. Will check back every now and then hoping maybe things have changed, but I have no faith in DevCat. Thanks for ruining what was once a pioneer in the MMORPG gameline and a great skill based game.
  • BattleVBattleV
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    There hasn't been an even worth doing since the Gold Gnoll Chieftain event almost 8 months ago. No real incentive to put the hours into this game. anymore.
  • FlameSama1FlameSama1
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    You can one-shot pretty much every raid boss under S3, and then the game makes you wait two minutes because you killed them too quickly, and THEN they have events going that are based on you getting drops from bosses. So I'm AFK in a Colru run right now because my guildie throws out one attack and then we have to wait two or three minutes to do it again for another heart or whatever.

    Wow, they pretty thoroughly ruined this game. Most drops aren't worth anything anymore (where before I was selling magic powders for a good 50k or so on East), there's zero challenge outside of Neam and Ein Lacher, and all seemingly to pander to 'new player' who don't exist lmao.

    My guildie has been playing since closed beta and she's about done with this game because they just couldn't leave well enough alone.
  • FeelingGoodFeelingGood
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    I've worked so hard and Devcat is taking everything that I worked for. That's why I don't like this easy stuff bull**** update.
  • LazutLazut
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    this is what happened to Gunbound, Ragnarok, and probably another 20 games, they were awesome and unnecesary/unbalance/cash/casual updates slowly killed their own games

    now we have to wait for Vindictus private servers just like the other games in maybe 5 years(?) lol