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My ideas for kai update/Revamp

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I guess I will spilt this up into 2 main parts (Bow/Crossgun). Just to inform everyone I will continue adding onto this post for about 3 days, want this to be well thought threw.

Survivability:Bows survivability is not the best beacuse of his low invul iframes (0.33 seconds). My personal opinion I would like to see it bumped up to 0.40 seconds to make it more of a solid dodge.
Beestinger:it does not use mags awakening so in turn it costs alot of sp I would like to see it use whatever awakening stone you have on mag shot.
:Skill updates
Eagle eye: Should be updated like similar to Arrow Storm mostly for on smaller Bosses I would like to see on rank 6 you can lock up to 9 points on (atm it is 7) and you get sp back per hit of it I would say 20sp per hit so 180sp back from eagle eye (my peraonal opinion).
Shortbow Arrowstorm:
500 sp for one hit of the same damage as non enhance bolt hollow shot isn't really that good I think, since you will be only using it for mobs, I think sp cost should be 300sp with a 30% damage increase, am not 2 sure about the cooldown of shortbow Arrow Storm i was thinking maybe 20 seconds.
Ricoshot:my self am happy with the skill for the most part but I would like to see sp reduction awakening on it
Longbow chainlink:I think chainlink should have something more, like maybe if you use it with longbow it slows raid bosses down by 50% and there attspeed/movment speed for maybe 10-15seconds?
Survivability:About Crossguns dodge for the most part it is not as bad as bows dodge but I believe he should be a bit faster maybe 15%?
Skill updates:
Attspeed should be able to affect Bolt Storm/spin smash
For enhance bolt perforate the first hit should be able to headshot and also for normal bolts.
Nuke: I think should have a 100% crit chance with
Damage awakening.
Handbomb: it would be cool if hand bombs did a bit more damage and if they went off automatically or you could use the E key to set them off, after you thow them.


  • xXSlayerXx1xXSlayerXx1
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    Bring xguns old dodge back and we Gucci like the shirts with the snakes on it
  • MartinDanteMartinDante
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    Slayer, the quick dodge is there, it requires you to press dodge+normal attack at the same time (I don't know how it was before).
    In my case, I re-mapped dodge to right mouse button so I can dodge efficiently.
    If you don't believe me and you're in NA, meet me in-game, I'm ArturoMagno there, so you can see the quick dodge working.
    (My SPD is 39, so it won't be as fast as with 71 SPD.)

    Back on topic (For XGun -I don't play with the bow much-):

    Sniper Rifle:
    - Tier 3 of Bolt Revolver
    - Requires 750-1000 SP
    - Unlocks at level 50+
    - Rank increase only affects damage and its maximum is Rank 6
    - Awakenings: Efficient SP / Greatly Reduce Cooldown / Damage Increase
    - Base cooldown of 60-300 seconds
    - It is affected by Headshot skill bonus
    - It is not affected by Enhanced Bolt
    - The base damage of the projectile is low
    - If you don't hit the enemy/boss's head, your cooldown increases in 15-60 seconds
    - As soon as SR is used, you spend the SP and you get this buff (3-5 seconds), which is applied ONLY if you hit the enemy/boss's head with the projectile:
    ---> If the timer for the buff runs out, you are unable to use the buff
    ---> It recovers 50% of the spent SP on hit
    ---> The enemy/boss is instantly knocked down (Unless the enemy/boss has no head -Dullahan- ot ir can't be knocked down because reasons -Neamhain-)
    ---> Its base damage is multiplied by 10-20
    ---> It always crits
    ---> It reduces cooldown in 15-60 seconds
    - Failing 10 headshots will give you the Butter Arms title
    - Head-shooting 100 times will give you the Ice in my Veins title (Or something which alludes to success under heavy pressure)
    - (Joke) Head-shooting 100 times will give you the HEADSHOT! title (Totally not alluding to Unreal Tournament, I swear lol)
    - (Joke) Every time you head-shoot an enemy, you'll hear the word HEADSHOT! and Kai will say a catchy one-liner

    - Tier 2 of Bolt Revolver
    - Requires 250-500 SP
    - Unlocks at level 65
    - Rank increase only affects duration and its maximum is Rank 3 (30 seconds). Rank F starts with 15 seconds
    - Awakenings: Efficient SP / Greatly Reduce Cooldown
    - Cooldown of 60-120 seconds
    - It is not affected by Headshot skill bonus
    - It is not affected by Enhanced Bolt
    - It makes no damage
    - It gives all party members +100 Additional Damage and all attacks of all party members which damage enemies/bosses will always crit
    - The buff lasts 15-30 seconds
    - Using Power-Up up to 100 times will give you the Engine of Destruction title

    C4 Placement / C4 Detonator:
    - Requires 250 SP to place C4 packets on the enemy/boss, and 0 SP to detonate all placed packets
    - Unlocks at level 60
    - Rank increase only affects damage and its maximum is Rank 6
    - Awakenings: Damage Increase
    - The C4 Placement has a cooldown of 30 seconds and the C4 Detonator has none
    - It is not affected by Headshot skill bonus
    - It is not affected by Enhanced Bolt
    - You have to approach the enemy and press the corresponding button, where the active is, to place a C4 packet to an enemy
    - Place up to 10 C4 packets to a single enemy/boss with the [Active: C4 Placement]
    - Detonate all placed C4 packets with the [Active: C4 Detonator]
    - There is no time limit to detonate the C4 packets
    - It has good knockdown rate and it increases with every C4 packet that is detonated at the same time on detonation
    - The explosion makes extra damage (Added to the combined damage of the C4 packets) the more explosives are placed
    - Detonating 10 C4 packets at the same time will instantaneously knock down the enemy/boss (Unless it can't be knocked down because reasons -Neamhain-)
    - Detonating 10 C4 packets at the same time, 10 times, will give you the Demolition Expert title

    That's it for now.