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Vindictus Full Story, Season 1, 2, and 3.

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Hiya, I'm new around here. I've always wanted to have a full guide/summary to the Vindictus Storyline, but even though there are some guides here and there, none of them is complete. The best one I've seen around is the one by BoatGod (http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/1904/vindictus-main-story-summary) but regardless, there is some information missing imo.

To make this guide I did a lot of research but mostly based myself on the game quests on the Vindictus Wikia, and on BoatGod's Summary, in fact the Season 1 portion of my guide and Season 3 was taken from BoatGod's thread but I re-wrote it, and added information that I thought was missing and figured it was important or interesting to have there, Season 2 was all written by myself. Throughout the guide/summary I give some input, especially during the Explanation between the time f*ckery between Season 1 and Season 2 and the Preface where I list and explain some events that happened before the start of the game, like for example, the sealing of Elchulus.

So, I would like to thank BoatGod and Soyul who originally wrote the thread BoatGod created, as their guide has been very helpful, and to those who provided the images and videos used in the guide/summary.

So without further ado, here is the guide in .PDF
Spoilers Ahead
It still has some grammar mistakes that I will take care of later.

EDIT: Added the story to the thread. Updated the Storyline by adding a few spoilers from the yet to be released S3 Ep6, and by adding a few more videos to previous parts of S3 as these may help understand the Storyline better.


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    It's better if you post it here, because its easier for people to read. Plus the constant fear of downloading a virus is still a thing.
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    Alright, my reason for not posting here was the character limit which is annoying, but I'll be posting it here, though for now I'll keep the images out, the .PDF version will still be avaliable anyways, and that one already has all the pretty images, I'll add them eventually here too, starting with:

    (Optional but includes past events and helps understand the status quo and some motivations.)
    A long time ago, the Goddess Morrighan and the God Cichol, fought alongside The Last Hero,
    Lugh Lamhfada, and the Guardian of the Goddess, the Avatar of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann,
    in a battle to seal the Dragon that ruled time and was one of the Fomorian Gods. Morrighan
    was the black winged goddess of the Humans, and Cichol was the white winged god of the
    Before the battle to seal the Dragon, Elchulus, Fomorians and Humans coexisted peacefully,
    but back then, only the Fomors had a god, Elchulus, and this god used his terrible strength to
    bring pain and suffering to the Humans.
    As Morrighan and Cichol sealed Elchulus, they too were sealed, as was Erinn, the paradise
    where time doesn't flow, no one gets sick or feels hunger. At this time a prophecy was made
    for the humans, "Wipe the Fomors, when the last drop of Fomorian blood runs cold, the
    Goddess will return and guide humanity to paradise, Erinn." And for centuries the Humans
    attempted to wipe the Fomors.
    In a far away land a princess by the name of Iset and her Kingdom in the vast desert got
    devestated, but the godless slave race, the Lizardmen, surivived, and some moved to Malina to
    live in peace, while others ploted in the darkness.
    Further ahead in time the Pontiff's court did a witch hunt on the royal family to kill Allysse, a
    bastard girl who was born with strange powers, and the Pontiff's court did not like that
    someone with powers that did not belong to Morrighan. Allysse and her younger brother were
    saved by a young magician and brought to live in exile in Malina. This attack on Allysse and her
    family was directly instigated by the Pontiff who secretly wishes to become king.
    Years passed by and a young magician by the name of Brynn attempted to perform a ritual to
    summon the Goddess in the catacombs of Ainle, instead he summoned Glas Ghaibhleann, he
    was gravely injured and only survived because of his master, Riley, who bound the beast in
    chains to rot, and saved Brynn, however, Brynn would forever be bound to his laboratory to
    keep living.
    Afterwards the Pontiff's court attempted the same summoning of the Goddess, but it instead
    the village of Ainle was ravaged by vampires and the village was sealed to everyone.
    Shortly before current events, the bishop Gilliam and the Lizardman Verafim conspire to keep
    the status quo of the Pontiff's court, to keep their power, Gilliam wants to stop Erinn's arrival
    so the court still holds power over the people, for if the humans won, there would be no more
    use for the Pontiff's court. On the other hand Verafim seemingly wants vengeance on the
    Fomors for not letting his race join the Fomors, and so to reach both their ends, Gilliam and
    Verafim start working on a spell to control Fomors, Fomorian Domination.

    Season 1 Pt.1
    On the present day, the Rookie, a new Mercenary of the Crimson Blades faces their first test as,
    Wenshardt, the Guardian Spider of the town's Oracle, Tieve, began rampaging through the
    town of Colhen and ended up on the old bell tower. The mercenaries ready to fire the ballistae
    upon the giant spider, but Tieve gets in between them begging to talk to Wenshardt, the
    mercenaries agree reluctantly to bring Tieve to her giant guardian.
    Upon entering the tower, Marrec and Aodhan are shot with arrows by Gnols leaving the
    Rookie along to fight to the top of the tower to bring Tieve to Wenshardt. Reaching the top of
    the tower, Tieve briefly talks to the giant spider who tells her someone did something to him,
    however the spider begins attack right afterwards. The Rookie fights the spider which is then
    killed by the Mercenaries on the ground floor with their ballistae, from the shadows, someone
    is watching.
    Episode 1: The Crimson Blades
    In Colhen, the Mercenaries argue with the Soldier Gwynn and Cadet Ellis, two members of the
    Royal Army about their orders, and eventually Aodhan, the mercenary captain decides all
    disputes between Marrec and Gwynn saying that the Crimson Blades were contracted by the
    Royal Army and must accept their orders, so both Mercenaries and Soldiers begin investigating
    an Emblem found on the Bell Tower, a Fomor Emblem.
    The investigation brings them to the Perilous Ruins where Gnolls were living, seeing as the
    Gnolls were previously Fomors, the attack on the Bell Tower pointed to their return to the
    Fomorian armies, and since the Gnolls were amassing troops in the Ruins, the Mercenaries
    were dispatched to deal with them, ending with the Rookie defeating the Gnoll Chieftain.
    Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor.
    After celebrating from their victory at the ruins, the Rookie and the Mercenaries are sent to
    investigate the Kobolds at Hoarfrost Hollow, the icy caves up in the north, where it was
    reported activity by the Kobolds, yet another race belonging to the Fomorian Armies. After
    going through the caves, the Rookie finds an order to the Sturdy Emuloch from the Fomorian
    Commander, Shakarr to gather troops on Hoarfrost.
    The Rookie dismantles these plans by defeating all the enemy troops, which earns them praise
    by Gwynn telling them she will write a recommendation letter for them to join the Royal Army.
    Meanwhile the Rookie finds out the name of the Mysterious Man who dwells in the Magic Lab
    with Brynn, from Gallagher, who tells you, his name is Nyle.
    Episode 3: Piercing the Crescent Moon
    As the Mercenary Outpost is filled with celebrations over the victory against the Kobold forces,
    Fennella, a refugee from Ainle enters and demands to know why no one is attempting to save
    her hometown which was branded by the Pontiff's court, as Fomorian territory after "The
    To calm Fennella down, the Rookie secretly goes to Ainle, after he comes back, Ellis reports to
    the Pontiff's Court, the strange Goblins he saw there who were acting weirdly as if they were
    As a result Ellis becomes a "Special Investigator" to further gain information on the disaster of
    Ainle, when we speak to Riley about this he tells us to go after Ellis for he is in grave danger.
    We find Ellish in the Ainle cemetary where he dies brutally by the hand of Information Chief
    Gwynn becomes devastated and has us further investigating Ainle secretly, and at this point
    Nyle begins to take an interest in you asking you to defeat the vampires that come from
    another dimension, brought on by a failed summoning ritual, as this goes on you find out
    about the secret order of the Silent Brotherhood and that Gallagher is affiliated with them and
    that Nyle is a member of the order.
    Nyle asks you to prove yourself worthy of his trust through a few tasks, and one day Gallagher
    comes running in the lab saying that the dimensions were distorting again, but this time
    without a summoning ritual, so Nyle sends the Rookie to deal with The Blood Prince, one of
    the highest ranking vampires, after you defeat it, Nyle asks the Rookie to step down and
    thanks them for their help.
    Episode 4: King of the Gnolls
    Because Tieve keeps falling asleep, the Rookie goes (against orders) to the Fobellow Prairie
    Entrance to bring a mushroom for a soup, the Rookie finds Gnolls at the Prairie and is scolded
    by Gwynn since the area was off-limits, but grants the Rookie a chance to redeem themselves
    if they bring proof of Gnolls existing in the Prairie.
    As the Rookie finds the evidence in the Prairie it turns out to be a document from the King of
    the Gnolls, after deciphering the document the Rookie finds out that the Chieftain they
    defeated in Episode 1 was the leader of a peaceful non-Fomorian faction of the Gnolls who
    were taking arms against the Fomorian faction of the Gnolls led by Black Scar, so the Rookie
    fights Rampage, Black Scar's second in command, and fights Black Scar as well in the Ruins of
    Sanctity where the Gnollish forces were gathering, Black Scar is defeated and runs to the
    Prairie, where the Rookie kills him.
    Pact Story: Paladin and Dark Knight
    A set of quests that the Rookie goes through in order to join the Silent Brotherhood and
    become a Dark Knight or Paladin, all to find a stop to Tieve's mysterious sleepiness that
    seemingly has no cure.
    Episode 5: The Lost Artifact
    As life goes on, the Rookie is called to the Outpost by Gwynns orders, a priest named Torrin
    was traveling through the Depths of Hoarfrost Hollow but hadn't arrived yet, the priest was
    carrying a Holy Artifact, the Rookie is sent to investigate, but instead of finding the priest, they
    find a Yeti instead, which are supposed to be extinct. After reporting to Aodhan, the Rookie is
    sent to find proof, which they do.
    The priest arrives safely but the Artifact was lost to the Kobolds, the Rookie then fights both
    the resurrected Yetis (which had awakened due to the Artifact's energy) and the Fomorian
    Kobolds to retrieve the Artifact. It is also here that we meet Riordin, a high ranking member of
    the Royal Army.
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    Season 1 Pt.2
    Extra Episode: Aodhan
    In this episode Gwynn writes the recommendation letter for the Rookie to join the Royal Army,
    so the Rookie goes through a few tests set by Riordin to become a cadet. The Rookie also
    meets and helps the Lord of Ortel Castle, Ingkells, deal with trolls in the forests near Ortel
    Ingkeels is an old friend of Captain Aodhan from the time Aodhan was in the Royal Army. Here
    we discover Aodhan's past and how he lost his family to the Fomors.
    Episode 6: Colhen in Flames
    The Rookie gets used to life in Rocheste as a Cadet of the Royal Army, they go through a few
    missions in Fobelow Prairie and fall for a trap of the Fomors where the main Fomorian forces
    attack Colhen. The Rookie saves Colhen but a friend of Tieve's was kidnapped as a mistake, as
    the Fomors wanted to kidnap the Oracle instead. The Rookie fights Black Hammer, the
    Fomorian number 2, while Keaghan, Tieve's boyfriend and Commander of the Royal Guard
    fights Shakarr, the Fomorian leader.
    Episode 7: The Second Oracle
    A meeting of all the Oracles is called by the Pontiff in Rocheste, Tieve arrives in Rocheste,
    however the Pontiff's carriage is late, so the Rookie goes to patrol to see what went wrong and
    finds the carriage being attacked by Lizardmen. The Rookie saves the Pontiff and is raised to
    personal bodyguard of the Pontiff.
    Then after a report from the Beggar in town, the Rookie and the Army discover that Lizardmen
    are living in the Sewers just beneath Rocheste, the Rookie goes through the Sewers and in its
    deep ends finds an Ancient Stone that seemed to be used in a ritual, and an unconscious
    oracle at the feet of two Lizardmen, Ingkara and Verafim. Verafim leaves the room, and the
    Rookie defeats Ingkara rescuing the kidnapped Oracle.
    The new Oracle is called Seanna has had her memory jumbled and remembers little, however,
    the Pontiff declares her the "Oracle of the Prophecy" who will guide humanity to Erinn. The
    rookie is made Captain of the Royal Guard.
    Episode 8: Not Even if you Kill us All
    Keaghan brings news to the Royal Army base that the Lord of Ortel Castle has betrayed the
    Pontiff's court and started a rebellion. The Rookie is ordered to quall the rebellion and goes
    through Ortel Castle finally coming face to face with Ingkells, who like the other inhabitants of
    the Castle drank a potion of Night Shade to become Fomors.
    The Rookie defeats Ingkells and in his dying breath remembers the Rookie who helped him
    before, and asks them to discover why they had rebelled saying that "The goddess...will not
    come...not even if you kill us all." and hands you a piece of the Catacombs with the emblem of
    the Pontiff's court.
    So the Rookie and Keaghan, who couldn't stop thinking why would Ingkells rebell, and Gwynn
    investigate the piece of the Catacombs, which lead them to the Catacombs of Ainle where they
    fight the Glas Ghaibhleann in its decrepit form.
    As they return from the battle, atop the Catacombs, Riordin is wating with some soldiers
    saying that Keaghan has been stripped of his rank and branded a heretic along with the others
    that accompanied him. Riordin declares fire on Keaghan but Gwynn takes the arrows for him
    and dies. As the soldiers prepare to strike again, Nyle uses his Dark Knight powers to save the
    Rookie and Keaghan.
    Episode 9: The Song of Doom
    The Rookie and Keaghan awaken in Colhen where Nyle explains why they had become heretics,
    saying that they had gotten too close to the truth, Keaghan is still very confused as to what
    truth this is, and Naveen, a prophet who works for the Silent Brotherhood tells him that truth
    is that the Prophecy of the Pontiff's court is wrong, after all, there is no mention of a
    summoning ritual in the Prophecy but the Pontiff's court attempted to summon the goddess in
    Ainle anyway.
    The she tells the Rookie and Keaghan about a second prophecy, and that to know of this
    prophecy they must ask the leader of the Fomors. So the Rookie and Keaghan fight and defeat
    Shakarr who tells them the Fomorian prophecy, "Erradicate the humans, then the god of the
    Fomors shall return.", he also tells them that he doesn't know which prophecy is true, if any of
    them is correct at all, but he knows that if Erinn is brought forward, their god, Cichol, will
    return. The duo is still confused and return to Colhen, Shakarr is then betrayed and killed by
    his second in command Black Hammer.
    In the Magic Laboratory in Colhen, Keaghan asks Naveen about the Fomorian Prophecy and
    discovers that the Pontiff's court knew about it, not only that, but the Pontiff's court seeks to
    maintain this fight forever, discover the True Oracle and eliminate her so that Erinn never
    arrives and they maintain their power as messengers of the goddess. This is why the Silent
    Brotherhood exists, to protect the Oracle to those who would do her harm.
    Even with all of Naveen's warnings that the "ones with no god" are moving and must be
    stopped, Keaghan doesn't want to fight and goes to see Tieve in the temple, where he sees her
    fade away, worried he comes back to the Laboratory.
    At this point, Naveen tells you that "they met and are in discussion" and that you must stop
    them before they master the magic of Fomorian Domination, so she sends you to Albey, the
    place where time stands still, and the entrance to Albey is just after the chamber where
    Verafim had Seanna kidnapped in the Sewers. Before going we see a meeting between Black
    Hammer and Verafim where we discover that Gilliam is affiliated with Verafim. Verafim
    betrays Black Hammer and puts him under his control with Fomorian Domination.
    The Rookie goes to Albey and defeats the controlled Black Hammer, then returns and shows
    the Fomorian emblem to Naveen who confirms that the attack of Wenshardt on the tower was
    only a test for the Domination spell, and that now they have mastered the spell. We see yet
    another vision of the meeting between Verafim and Gilliam, where we see that Gilliam hoped
    to use the Fomorian Domination to stop the Humans from bringing Errin, but Verafim betrays
    him, he lets Gilliam go however, saying that his goal is to erradicate the Fomors for not letting
    the Lizardmen join them.
    Naveen then sends you to fight The Evil One, Lionotus, summoned by Verafim, and as you walk
    out the Laboratory, Keaghan walks in, and demands to know if the Brootherhood knew that
    Tieve was the Oracle from the Prophecy, they confirm and explain that Tieve's body and soul
    have begun to move to Erinn, this leads Keaghan to try to defy fate and bring Erinn here
    instead. The Rookie returns after defeating Lionotus and Naveen tells the Rookie that those
    who shouldn't have met, have now met, Verafim escaped with the Seal of God.
    We see Keaghan meeting with Verafim in Albey, there Verafim has a vision of what will happen,
    and tells Keaghan that to bring Erinn to this world he needs to call upon the Ruler of Time, and
    for that he needs the Ancient Seal Stone. Verafim also explains the origins of the Lizardmen,
    saying that they were abandoned even by the Fomors because they have no god, and now
    Verafim wants to wipe the Fomors and steal their god, Verafim further says that he realized
    something after meeting Keaghan and that he will relish their next meeting.
    Episode 10: Descent of the Goddess
    The final episode of Season 1 starts with a picnic between Tieve, Keghan and the Rookie,
    during the picnic Tieve falls asleep again and Keaghan asks for your help to bring forth Erinn.
    The Rookie and Keaghan go to the Laboratory and ask Brynn for the book "History of Paradise"
    which is said to have the stories of those who lived in Erinn (Keaghan was told of this book by
    Verafim probably), here we discover that Brynn knew from a young age that Tieve was the
    Prophesized Oracle and that he too tried to bring Erinn here with the Summoning Ritual that
    would result in the summoning of Glas Ghaibhleann. Brynn hands the book to Keaghan as he
    also wants to save Tieve.
    Reading the book the Rookie discovers that he needs the Ancient Seal Stone that was found in
    the sewers, so they take the Stone to Tieve and as she touches it, the Stone disapears
    confirming that she is the Oracle of the Prophecy.
    The Rookie and Keaghan decide to reach the Ruler of Time, and to do so they must fight the
    two Dragons placed as Seals, Siglint and Beokros. The duo defeats Siglint, and reach Beokros
    and the following dialogue takes place:

    Keaghan: Where are you, seal of the Fomor god? The one who will break the seal has come.
    Show yourself.

    Beo: What is it that you want mortal?

    Keaghan: I will summon Erinn. I will break the seal by killing you.

    Beo: If you kill me, the guardian of time will awaken. This will resume the fate that had been
    put on hold. Is that what you want?

    Keaghan: I will kill you and change Tieve’s fate.

    Beo: What a foolish human. Killing me will not change destiny. The moment I die, the seal will
    break and fate will smother you instead!

    Keaghan: Quiet! I will shatter such fate!

    After the Duo kills Beokros, the surroundings change, so the Rookie and Keaghan return to
    Brynn who tells them that it's probably Heide, the place prophesized to be where the Goddess
    will descend. To get there and summon Erinn, Brynn and Keaghan theorize that they must
    bring Tieve along.
    They go to the Inn, and depart with Tieve to Heide, upon arriving the followign dialogue takes

    Elchulus: I, the immortal god of Fomors ask you, what is it that you want mortal?

    Keaghan: I will summon Erinn. Teach me how.

    Elchulus: Erinn is already summoned. My arrival to this place, this is Erinn.

    Keaghan: What?

    Elchulus: Erinn is the place where time does not pass. If time does not pass, there is no more
    pain, suffering, hunger. This is what you call a true paradise, Erinn. And as for Morrighan, who
    was my seal: the moment my seal is broken would also mean her freedom.

    Keaghan: Tieve! No!

    Elchulus: Oracle of Prophecy, the embodiment of Morrighan. The day Morrighan’s seal is
    broken, she will descend on the oracle and her body will disappear, then only Morrighan will

    Keaghan: What? If Tieve was fated to go to Erinn, I wanted to keep her by my side by bringing
    Erinn to this place. But, bringing Erinn meant freeing Morrighan? Have I freed Morrighan with
    my own hands just to have Tieve become Morrighan? Then instead of saving Tieve, have I
    actually accelerated the process?

    Elchulus: This is the result of human greed, the price you pay for Erinn’s descent.

    Keaghan: This can’t be. This can’t be! If that’s the case, I will destroy you and prevent time
    from stopping. If Erinn is a lie, I will destroy such thing!

    Elchulus is defeated but gets back up, to defeat him, Verafim sacrifices himself by having
    Keaghan rip the Seal of God from within him and eat it to gain the powers to defeat Elchulus.

    Keaghan: How…

    Elchulus: It’s no use, human.

    Keaghan: Nonsense! If you rise again I will take you down again no matter how many times it

    Elchulus: This is futile, mortal. My power is that of a god’s, you cannot stop me as a mere

    Keaghan: Dammit. Dammit! This can’t be. This can’t be!

    Verafim: The time has come.

    Keaghan: You!

    Verafim: Do you wish to save your woman?

    Keaghan: What?

    Verafim: Kill me. Kill me and consume the dark power residing in me. It is the seal of god, the
    key to god’s resurrection.

    Tieve: No, please!

    Verafim: Come tear my heart apart, human. With this power, save your woman!

    Keaghan: If killing you can prevent time from stopping, I would even trade away my soul!

    Tieve: No. Someone please…

    Keaghan: I will not part with Tieve like this!

    Keaghan: I will not part with Tieve like this!

    Tieve: Keaghan, please…

    Tieve: No please. Someone please save him!

    Verafim: Fool. To shed the human form is to break the seal of god.

    Cichol: Wait for me. I will destroy this frozen, false paradise. I will become the seal myself and
    put Elchulus back to sleep. Until I completely seal him away, just until then, please wait for me.

    Tieve: Such a pitiful, unfortunate man, you are…

    With this, Tieve becomes Morrighan, and Keaghan becomes Cichol, the Rookie is sent back to
    Colhen where Tieve is missing and no one seems to remember her or Keaghan, people still
    remember the Rookie but have no memory of the events that happened, Brynn and Nyle don't
    remember you (Brynn still has a picture of Tieve on his desk, even if he doesn't remember her.)
    And finally Seanna becomes the Oracle of Colhen (with the memory change it was as though
    Colhen never had an Oracle until Seanna.)
    End of Season 1
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    Season 2

    I advise you read this, I feel as though this explains what happened between Season 1 and 2 in terms of time f*ckery, although, some of it is my speculation.
    Season 2 appears to start roughly after the Rookie defeats the Gnoll
    Chieftain, the Season 1 and Season 2 appear to happen as parallel timelines, both are cannon
    and seem to converge by the time of Season 3, meaning that essentially during the time of
    Season 1 and 2, there were 2 copies of the Rookie in running around. What I'm trying to
    explain here is that, during Season 2, the events of Season 1 still happen without the Rookie
    and vice-versa in parallel timelines, and by the start of Season 3, both events of Season 1 and 2
    that happened with the Rookie converge into one. Also as a side note, Season 1 and 2 contrast
    each other regarding the point of view of the characters towards faith and destiny, Season 1
    ends with Keaghan who had faith and believed in destiny but by the end lost faith and
    attempted to overthrow fate, and Season 2 ends with Allysse who had no faith but ended up resigning to her destiny.

    Episode 1: Coffer Chaser
    Shortly after the Rookie defeats the Gnoll Chieftain, they are informed by Shayla, of the
    Treasure Hunter Guild "Coffer Chasers" in Malina and Shayla convinces the Rookie to join them.
    The Rookie arrives in Malina where they meet the members of the Guild and Milo under his
    diguise of "Miller", who is searching for the Destiny Stone, they also meet the last Druid Enzo,
    who works with the Lizardman Lazkum and finally they meet the Innkeeper and Milo's sister,
    During the Rookie's stay in Malina as they went on their treasure hunting sessions, the Rookie
    ends up helping the Jungle Trolls and the Sirens defeat their God and Devil respectively.
    (Lakiora and Kraken)
    It is also during this time that we find out about a royal ship that sunk containing something of
    great importance to the Pontiff's court from Kean, a Royal Army Soldier, who makes the
    commission to find the gold and the important something from the ship. The Rookie finds the
    gold, but the mysterious something is still missing.
    Episode 2: Twilight Desert
    Because the commission placed by Kean was not completed, the Coffer Chasers have yet to
    find the mysterious object that creates miracles according to Kean. The object must have
    drifted away from the sinking ship, and the Rookie comes up with the idea of using a Buoy with
    a tracking spell to find where the object ended up, which is the lost ruined kingdom at the
    Twilight Desert. At the Twilight Desert the Rookie and Milo find a Grim Reaper and Solair, even
    though they cannot communicate with the Grim Reaper, but the Reaper gives you and Milo a
    Relic Box with a Mask inside. It’s also here that Allysse begins to show her powers as a “witch”
    as she “smells” the death after the Rookie and Milo come back from the Desert.
    It turns out the Mask was a Death Mask used in rituals as it was found out by Tristan. The
    Rookie and Milo decide to talk with the Reaper that they met before and journey back to the
    Desert where they find a mysterious woman called Iset, who has Solair pursuing her. After a
    couple of spells from Enzo, the Rookie and Milo can now hear the Grim Reapers and should no
    longer smell of death, which was getting worse with their continued visits to the Desert.
    -During all this, Ellis dies, again, at the hand of Interrogation Chief Kalis, in the parallel
    Season 1 timeline without the Rookie.-
    As it turns out, according to the Reaper Milo and the Rookie spoke to, Iset was a Princess and
    an Oracle of the lost Kingdom, but she fell in love with a servant, Hassan, the last person the
    Death Mask was used on. Hassan was killed and the princess poisoned herself, but because of
    the mysterious object that ended up on the beach of the Twilight Desert, the princess was
    brought back to life and seeks to restore her Kingdom with Hassan by her side, and punish the
    ones that killed her lover, for that she needs the Death Mask where Hassan’s soul resides. It is
    also during this time we learn that the Lizardmen were freed during the time the Kingdom of
    Iset fell. Solair was also looking into the Mask, and that’s why she had been pursuing Iset all
    this time.
    Milo learns of Iset’s plans and because he has a crush on her, he delivers the Mask to Iset, the
    Rookie and Solair go to Seanna to know where to find Iset and Milo, who knows where to find
    them mysteriously.
    So the Rookie and Solair go and fight Iset and Hassan, defeating them, then the Rookie goes
    one last time to the Desert where Iset gives him/her a Blue Crystal that looks and feels like an
    Erg, but it’s much more powerful, that makes one seem like a god.
    Kean tells us to ask Seanna about why they are in Malina as he begun trusting in us, Seanna
    then reveals that she was appointed the official Oracle of the castle when she felt her power,
    but it’s not the Goddess’ power she feels, she also tells us that the Blue Crystal’s power is not
    the Goddess’ power, but instead the power of a rival God, a Heretic God. She then says that
    this must be kept a secret lest there be another witch hunt like the one of 10 years ago.
    Meanwhile Allysse confronts Enzo about Milo who has begun falling asleep and feeling
    ever so tired in the presence of the Blue Crystal, so Enzo offers to teach Allysse folklore of the
    time when the Gods dwelled among men.
    Episode 3: Missing Each Other
    At the beginning of this episode, Allysse sends Kean and Seanna, who were staying at her inn,
    to live with Errol and Old Med, a elderly couple of Malina. When they arrive, Old Meb says that
    Seanna is fated to change one’s fate, Errol says that Old Meb’s words come from her dreams,
    and they become true whether you believe them or not.
    Kean receives orders to investigate a nearby mine and asks the Rookie to accompany him, he
    expresses suspicions towards his superiors and once they get to the mine, they find no one
    there, with the exception of flying Gremlins (fomors) and Woodmen that moved in ways they
    should, as Woodmen are usually only used for combat training, the mine itself is also wrong as
    it seems that instead of Iron Ore, it filled with Crystals.
    After visiting the Mines again, the Rookie finds a Wood Man Guide book, Kean reads it, and we
    get flashbacks of Kean and his brother about making a Wood Man do their chores.
    Old Meb sends us back to the mines to find a crystal, and then sends us to Enzo so he can turn
    the crystal into medicine, however we arrive and hear Enzo and Allysse talking about Allysse
    using powers and the Goddess, they stop once they notice the Rookie. Enzo turns the crystal
    into medicine and once we leave, Enzo says that he had an ideia with Allysse saying to Enzo
    not to hurt us.
    Once Meb uses the medicine on Kean, who was hurt since he had last been on the mine, we
    discover that the mine is in fact an Erg Mine. We then get another flashback of Kean and his
    brother about what is an Erg Crystal, however Kean did not listen to his brother, Cethe.
    Then he dismisses the existence of an Erg mine, but he is interested in the Woodmen who
    appear to be powered by Erg crystals and that the moon may influence them.
    Meanwhile the Pontif intercepts and receives the news about the Blue Crystal the Rookie
    found in the Desert, and then Pontif Laurys sends a letter to Gilliam in Rocheste and
    announces that he is leaving for Rocheste as well.
    After finding out about the effects of the moon on the Woodmen, Kean turns his attention to
    the flying Gremlins.
    In Rocheste, Gilliam meets with Verafim and tells him about the Oracle Seanna who will be
    arriving in Rocheste soon and that they must find out about why Pontif Laurys is planning.
    Kean and the Rookie talk to a flying Gremlin who is indeed speaking fomorian, however
    neither one can understand what he is saying, so Kean decides to investigate the fomor base.
    Back in town, Seanna received a letter saying that all Oracles are to gather in Rocheste, Kean
    and the Rookie go with her. Upon arriving in Rocheste the Soldier at the door seperates
    Seanna from the group.
    Kean and the Rookie both investigate the fomor base at Fobellow Prairie take the Ergs they
    found to Brynn who tells them that these Ergs have Divine Presence in them, more than
    regular Ergs. When we tell Brynn that we found the Ergs at a mine he becomes ecstatic and
    says that until now it was thought that Ergs were crystallized mana that came from the moon,
    but finding a mine full of Ergs explains who the Pontif’s court managed to do so many
    summoning rituals. Then we talk about the Blue Crystal, which he says it’s a very dense Erg
    crystal that shines like a deity. Then he tells us to talk with Cethe, Cethe being THE authority in
    Erg crystals.
    Once Kean and the Rookie get back to Rocheste they find that Seanna is nowhere to be found,
    they go to the Cathedral, and find Tieve, but Seanna is not there, talking to Priest Torrin he
    goes through the list and does not find Seanna’s name on it, then Gilliam arrives and chases
    the Rookie and Kean out. This prompts Kean and the Rookie to ask the Beggar of Rocheste for
    information, and he says that he saw scaly beings drag Seanna to the sewers.
    the Rookie goes through the Sewers and in its deep ends finds an unconscious Seanna at the
    feet of two Lizardmen, Ingkara and Verafim. Verafim leaves the room, and the Rookie defeats
    Ingkara rescuing the kidnapped Oracle. After the battle, Seanna doesn’t remember anything,
    including Kean, the Rookie, or the Blue Crystal. Meanwhile, Verafim swallows the Blue Crystal
    and declares the seal complete.
    Once Seanna is back at the Royal Army base, the Pontif dashes in and declares Seanna the
    Oracle of the Prophecy, Kean becomes very worried and declares that they must return to
    Meanwhile Laurys talks to Seanna about her lost memories and her possessions, no doubt
    talking about the Crystal.
    At the same time somewhere else Verafim discusses with Gilliam about Seanna and that she
    was nothing special and that Verafim erased her memories.
    Once the Rookie and Kean get back to Malina, they decide to visit Lazkum, but both Lazkum
    and Enzo are in the Mine, once they get back, Kean demands answers. Enzo explains that
    Seanna is an Oracle for another god instead of Morrighan, and that the Blue Crystal is both an
    Erg and not an Erg. Then he begins talking about the Witch Hunt of 10 years ago, and reveals
    that he is the last Druid. Then Lazkum tells Kean that the Lizardmen are still looking for their
    God, and that’s all he knows. Kean decides they must find Cethe.
    Kean and the Rookie find the flying Gremlin who spoke to them before, but still could not
    understand them, Milo is finally awakened and finds the Rookie, he notes Kean is bothered by
    something and reveals that he can speak Fomorian, and he translates what the Gremlin was
    saying “Help him!”
    Kean, Milo and the Rookie find the Gremlin who tells them to find Cethe at his laboratory,
    Cethe had made a deal with the Gremlins to resurrect a God that is not Morrighan or Cichol as
    those Gods are not dead, he also tells them that the mine is the tomb of God, and once again
    hurries them to find Kean at his lab. The Rookie recovers the lab key and Kean, the Rookie, and
    Milo all head there, and find the Juggernaut, which is speculated to be Cethe after one of his
    experiences to resurrect God into him as a vessel failed. Nonetheless, they defeat the
    Juggernaut and find a voice recorder.
    The voice recorder is Cethe explaining himself, he talks about the witch hunt of 10 years ago
    and how it was all for the Pontif’s court to obtain power, then Cethe joined the Pontif’s
    magicians to work undercover and was eventually sent to the Misty Summit and began
    working on proving that the Mine was the tomb of God, and that if he could resurrect a God
    that wasn’t Morrighan the Pontif would be finished, he also explains that he saw the young
    prince being resurrected by the princess during the witch hunt of 10 years ago. (Milo and
    Idal (an old member of the Coffer Chasers) overhears the voice recorder and writes down a
    letter for the Pontiff, but is on the fence about sending it, Solair then enters and reads the
    letter and stabs Idal, turns out she had been working for the Pontif all along.
    Kean goes to Allysse and tells her that she and Milo must leave town, she says that Malina was
    their last haven, Kean begins preperations to leave for Rocheste.
    Episode 4: Paradise of the Nonbelievers ~ The
    Dawn Bringer
    Allysse brings Kean and the Rookie aside and they begin talking about how she used to be a
    princess and that she was born a witch, she then talks about the witch hunt and that Cethe
    had helped them. Kean then asks them if they changed their mind about leaving, but Allysse
    maintains that this is the only safe place for her and her brother. Kean then mentions that they
    need to get to Rocheste to make sure Allysse and Milo are safe, but as the roads to Rocheste
    are guarded and blocked, Kean and the Rookie follow Lazkum through the sewers, and there
    they meet Verafim but he doesn’t linger, and lets the Rookie and Kean go through. Then we
    see Verafim performing the Fomorian Domination spell on Naveen, who is half-fomor.
    Upon arriving at the Cathedral, Seanna hides the Rookie and Kean, and then tells them how
    Keaghan was being pursued and how Gwynn was punished for heresy. Then as they talk,
    Keaghan enters the room and talks with the Pontif who was apparently supportive of Keaghan,
    so Seanna assumes Gilliam and Laurys are both corrupt but want different things. Laurys
    summons a soldier who tells him that the Inquisitor Ulchas has been dispatched to Malina,
    then when he is alone, the Pontif declares his desire to be King.
    Kean and the Rookie leave for Malina and defeat the Inquisitor, however Milo was struck down,
    Allysse is in tears, but Enzo reminds her that she can resurrect Milo again, she then says that
    she thinks she is stealing her powers from the Druid God of Death, Crom Cruach. Then Kean
    reveals to Allysse that it was his brother that helped her escape the witch hunt, and Enzo tells
    Allysse to go to Old Meb and ask her about Destiny.
    Enzo treats Meb by Prophet and asks when is he getting his revenge, she gives him a dodgy
    answer and tells Kean what he needs is in his bag, he then takes out his brother Jornal that is
    filled with hypothesis about Gods having souls and his experiments about infusing Woodmen
    and animals with God’s soul, then he moves on to try with human subjects, himself. He speaks
    about the Gate to Anwynn.
    Then Kean, Enzo, Allysse and the Rookie go through the gate of Anwynn, and Enzo reveals his
    reasons for revenge, then they all talk about destiny.
    In Anwynn the group finds an illusion of Milo and Kean stays behind thinking that even if it’s an
    illusion it’s still part of Milo.
    After their arrival at the throne of Crom Cruach, Enzo betrays Allysse and the Rookie and
    transforms, taking half the power from Crom Cruach.

    Enzo is defeated and Crom Cruach gets ready to fight.

    Crom is defeated, but fate remains the same, Allysse is revealed to be the Destiny Stone, and
    in the end we see Elchulus being released again

    Back in Malina, Milo and Allysse are nowhere to be found, and everyone’s memories are reset
    again, however the Rookie and Milo are still members of the Coffer Chasers when the guild
    tries to re-introduced them in.
    With Enzo dead, Lazkum replaces him and the local magician, as if Enzo never existed, there
    we find Milo again, and he declares that he is going to find his sister.
    This marks the end of Season 2, however there
    is one more event before going into Season 3.
    The Rookie returns to Colhen where we see Kean meet Seanna again after she lost all her
    memories of all of season 1 and season 2 events, even calling the Rookie a Mercenary instead
    of a Coffer Chaser, Kean then tells us that he was with the illusion of Milo trying to figure out a
    solution but after a bright light he woke up in Colhen. We then tell him what happens and
    Kean utters Seanna’s phrase again “Those that believe in the Goddess will follow her path.”
    And he adds, ”None of us believed, Rookie. But Seanna was right.” Then he says he needs to
    find Milo and asks us what are we going to do, and if we’re from there.
    Regardless of the answer we begin Season 3 from there.
    End of Season 2

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    Season 3

    Season 3 happens after both timelines that had the Rookie involved merge, so both the events of season 1 and the events of season 2 happened,
    even though you couldn't be in two places at the same time, this is all speculation of course, but I think it makes sense because Elchulus is a time thingy that does stuff with time. It is also worth noticing that Season 3 not only works on an "Episode" system, but also a "Chapter" system

    Chapter 1
    Episode 0: Prologue: Paradise of Oblivion
    You get a letter from the mercenary guild Crimson Blade to assist the royal army in a war with
    the fomors. The veteran mercenary will be fighting as the vanguard for the royal army, which
    consist of Aodhan and Merrec. The player is still a "rookie" therefore will be place as a guard of
    Rocheste Castle. The royal army and the veteran mercenary head out with the player staying
    back at the castle. A loud noise came from the docks, there you spot a giant blue sea monster
    reeking havoc all around him. You stop and imprison him. He proceeds to question if you
    remember something others do not. The royal army came back shouting how they incur no
    casualties, but something was wrong. You do not see Aodhan or Merrec, nor do people
    recognize their name. You head to the place of battle to find bloodied gear of the two.
    (assumed dead)
    There you find Cichol telling you,
    "...If you could relive your life, knowing that you would one day lose everything...Would you
    still make the same choices? Is that what we call "destiny? Don't you want to turn everything
    back to the way it was?"
    This nice video goes through all that you just read, just skip the Muir battle because it drags on.
    Episode 1: Path of the Hero
    The captain of the Crimson blade Aodhan, his veteran mercenary Merrec, the oracle Tieve and
    high commander Riodan, have all died and no one remembers them. You release Muir from
    imprisonment and hid him in Brynn's laboratory hoping you can find a solution to this
    confusion situation. Muir has lost most of his memory. He states that his lost memory is in Ben
    Chenner. You head to Ben Chenner, but with Brynn along side. (This could the effect of
    repeating time. Since Tieve does not exist anymore he did not have to try to summon
    Morrighan, which was the cause of his own confinement in his laboratory.) In Ben Chenner you
    find Elves, a lost and forgotten race thought to have disappeared. Corruption surrounds the
    mountain along with the elves causing them to lose their mind and attack the player. You find
    the Queen of Elves and helped Muir become human. There she tell you the answer is on top of
    the mountain.
    Episode 2: A Mountain of Ash
    Muir registered to be a mercenary in the Crimson Blade, and here remember this because it
    becomes important, when he looks at Ceara he has bad memories due to her red hair. It
    become apparent that only you and Muir remember the people who have died and been
    forgotten. You found proof that Erinn descended in the world, however incomplete, which is
    why Braha and Ancient Braha coexist at the same time, time is condensed even though it
    shouldn’t be. Ben Chenner the mountain filled with rivers and trees is the same burning
    mountain spewing lava everywhere, Anwynn. Milo and Iset are together in here and they meet
    Macha, a demi-god that explains to them that when Errin is descended the Mountain is not on
    fire, and that it is called Heide, Albey or Anwynn when it is on fire.
    Episode 3: Light and Shadow
    You found a ruin. Ancient Glas Ghaibhleann was guarding a gate. The Rookie fought and
    defeated him.
    To be honest there is very little info on this episode, the only things worth noticing is that the
    Ronaun, Riordin’s brother and King of Rochest, was knowledgeable about the summoning
    rituals of the court and recognized the same ritual here.
    Episode 4: Crossroads to Ruin
    The player learned from Seanna that Glas Ghaibhleann is Morrighan's guardian who also
    fought alongside Lugh Lamhfada against Elchulus in the past. Lugh Lamhfada original name
    was Dauna. He was picked by Fragarach a sword to become a hero to fight against destiny and
    failed. Muir's true name is Mannanan; a sea God who became human. He placed Lugh and all
    the elves in an eternal sleep forever in Erinn only to be forgotten in time. The Rookie goes to
    the Colhen temple and Cichol appears. The Rookie makes a deal with Cichol, defeat Lugh
    Lamhfada and obtain Fragarach to bring back the player's dead friends. After defeating Lugh
    and obtaining Fragarach, the dead have come back to life. The place where the player battle
    Lugh is the entry way to Lochlann the land of fomors, it is also exactly above the place the
    Rookie battled with Crom Cruach and Enzo in Season 2. The royal army sent out a mission to
    cross the land of fomors. The Coffer Chasers wanted in on this and decided to have an alliance
    with the Crimson Blade for the upcoming war into Lochlann.
    Chapter 2
    Episode 5: Plains of Corruption
    The Rookie enters the land of fomors only to find an infection ravaging around. It seems only
    the fomors are being targeted. The Rookie fights and defeated infected Eochaid, but the
    ground collapse with you and Seanna falling together. You find a town, Berbhe, with peculiar
    people and decided to help them. You later find out Eochaid the werewolf monster thing you
    killed was the town’s guardian and that all those people that looks like humans are fomors that
    used the light shade to become human in appearance to slow the infection. Except for the
    fomor priest, he is a human.
    Redeemers: Corruption of the Goddess
    This part is canonical but optional in gameplay, the Redeemers battle is a end-game
    content battle, but the plot thickens here.
    The Rookie finds out that the source of the contamination was caused by Neit, a giant crab-like
    monstrosity and Neamhain, a metal winged fake/incomplete goddess that Keaghan/Chicol
    After completing the raid: Fragarach falls from the sky and helps you dodge Neamhain’s attack
    and destroy the source of the corruption.
    In Neimhain's persective, it is not an infection, but redemption to save us from death.
    Neimhain also believes that Chicol will save the people unlike Morrighan.
    As long as the "Sea of Reflection" exists Neit is immortal.
    Ceara's Interlude: Call of the Goddess
    This part focuses on Ceara who begins to hear the voice of the Goddess telling here to go to
    Berbhe, Lochlann, after many tries and failiures to get permission to go there she get
    permission from Laurys the Pontif who sends her through Ben Chenner accompanied by his
    court’s guard, and Nel that was fed up being closed in Rocheste and stowed into the carriage
    for Ceara’s party. Once deep enough in Ben Chenner, the soldiers turned on Ceara and slashed
    her, but Brynn and Muir, who were looking for the Rookie who was gone since the battle with
    the Eochaid, appear, and defeat the soldiers, Nel then appears and begins demanding to go
    home. Brynn and Muir are torn between going forwards or going back home seeing as Nel is
    with them, however, now, the “Goddess” Ceara was hearing takes over her body and kills Nel,
    and Muir recognizes immidiatly that this is the work of Macha, then she escapes to the temple
    of Eochaid, when Ceara asks why her, Macha responds that it was only because they share the
    same hair colour (Muir was right to be scared.) Then Macha adds that it’s time to do her duty
    as the Goddess of War and Destruction.
    Episode 6: ???
    Regarding this episode there isn't much information yet, except this I found on the VindictusManual Forums:
    - "Heroes who have reached Berbhe, the underground city will come back to the ground in this episode, but it’s frozen and they have to face a new trial.
    Dullahan is a huge knight’s armor that has lost his soul, and he followed someone else’s instruction and fight against our heroes."
    - There are also 2 videos I found, one being the prelude to the battle, and the other after defeating the Boss of this Episode.
    On the first, a black feather rains down on the suit of armour and Dullahan starts moving.
    On the second, the Dullahan, he cracks down from his armour revealing a black feather inside, so I assume that it's one Morrighan's feathers that powered up the suit of armour, then Riordin comes in with his goons like what he did after the first Glas Battle and takes the feather, I will have to do more research on this, if anyone speaks Korean though, I'd appreciate the help in translating what Riordin is saying.

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    This is so good, would love to see it updated