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Since old forum is shutting down, i wanted to copy and paste this to give my friends who don't know the story to get caught up. The person who originally made this was Soyul. I'll also add my thoughts to this. Since I did read through the story few times over I can answer some question. I will continue update and make the paragraphs visually pleasing when I feel like it. Also curse the low character limit.

The following contains spoilers of Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3


Season 1:
Became a mercenary. Became a Royal solder. Became a Traitor. Became a God Slayer and saw two god being born. Tieve became Morrigan. Keaghan became Chicol
Everyone lost their memories.

Season 2:
Became a pirate, Killed 3 Gods(the snake, kraken and god of death Cromm) everyone lost their memory again except you.

Season 3:
Became a Hero, because people die when they are killed(and forgotten). The path will be treacherous... Its fate/stay night

Season 3 Chapter 2:
Became a cave-dweller, fought against a pot head, male version of Samara, and another god
(ps: you killed a pseudo god in season 3 Chapter 1)
(pss: that pseudo god was actually a hero in which you killed and took his place :D )

Some things to note:

1. I used the dialogues of the main storyline from KR to summarize. I used it because I found a blog where it was organized better for me to easily scroll through the text instead of clicking through each quest. Also, I noticed there were some discrepancies in the lines between the English and Korean versions, especially in the cut scenes. Some were significantly different enough that it gave off different tone and conveyed different emotion (at least in my opinion). So I included translated lines of the cut scenes too. Since the KR version is the original, I assumed that it had more of the intended tone and emotion.

2. Links to the blog I used:

3. This is only a summary that shows what each episode is about, but it should give you a good enough gist of it.
Season 1


Nice little video to get in the reading mood.

There were strong winds. It was a rough and desolate land. People formed colonies to survive.
They had a reason to live. It was because of a legend.
Everyone lived with the legend in their hearts like a burning flame.
One day, they will go to Erinn.
One day, they will go to paradise.
For there was a promise, they waited.
Morrighan, the goddess who will defeat the Fomors and lead them to paradise.
It is said she had dark wings.
No one remembered how long they’ve waited for her arrival.
All they know now is the legend and the promise.
Destroy the Fomors.
Their blood will open the doors to Erinn.
When the last drop of blood falls
The goddess will spread her wings and stand before you.
The nights were filled with blood on the battlefield where many lives were lost.
But goddess did not appear.
Perhaps the legend is wrong.
Or perhaps the promise has not yet been met.
(BoatGod: kill all formors to summon Morrigan and give us paradise)
-its been a while, and we are losing faith in the prophecy-



The guardian spider of Colhen is out of control and heads for the bell tower. You, Marrec, and Aodhan go in with Tieve to try and calm it down. You find Gnolls and fomorian emblem inside. The spider is eventually killed. A mysterious figure watches from afar.

Ep 1: The Crimson Blades

Because of the fomorian emblem and gnolls found in the bell tower, the fomors and gnolls are suspected of being up to something. Gnolls are supposed to be indifferent to humans. Investigation leads to the conclusion that the gnolls are preparing to attack and you eventually defeat one of the leaders, Gnoll Chieftain and they are held back.

Ep 2: Shadow of the Fomors

You find kobolds in the hoarfrost hollow and find out that the leaders of kobolds have been given instructions from Shakarr to gather and attack humans. You succeed in foiling their plan.

Ep 3: The Sword that Tears the Crescent Moon

You find out about the mysterious destruction of a town called Ainle. No one knows exactly what happened and the place is restricted from access by the Royal Army which is under the leadership of the Church. You investigate and find goblins and vampires from another dimension. You hear from town folks that there had been a large mana explosion coming from Ainle before the town was destroyed. Ellis dies during his investigation of the town. It seems like portals have been opened that connects this world with another dimension. You find evidence of Royal Army’s participation but the investigation is halted as it seems to become more dangerous with portals opening on their own without any magic. Nyle says he’ll take care of it instead. We still don’t know exactly what happened in Ainle at this point.

Ep 4: The King of the Gnolls

(fan art by Memorys)

You find documents that seem to suggest that the gnolls have allied with the Fomors. It turns out that there were two gnoll factions: The ones who wanted to side with the Fomors and the ones who opposed. Gnoll Chieftain was actually part of the opposition who played an important role in holding back the alliance and war with humans. But the gnolls, led by Black Scar is now free from opposition and swears allegiance to Shakarr. They prepare to attack humans but you defeat the Gnoll King and they retreat back into the ruins.

Ep 5: The Lost Holy Artifact

I think this is the first time Tieve shows signs of sleepiness. Yetis are found in the hoarfrost depths. During the investigation you find kobolds. You are also given the task to find the stolen holy statue of the goddess from the Church. It seems like it was used to awaken the yetis. But you notice that it’s strange that the kobolds seem to know your every move. There is suspicion that someone from the inside is leaking information from the Church. The statue is returned and because of your accomplishments, you are brought to Rocheste.

Ep 6: Colhen in Flames

You arrive in Rocheste with Gwynne. There is report of Fomors preparing an attack at Fomorian Base. While you go investigate, Colhen is attacked. You go just in time to save Colhen but some people are missing. Tieve is found to be safe in the Temple but Clodagh is taken by Black Hammer. Shakarr ordered to kidnap Tieve but Black Hammer mistakenly took Clodagh. Clodagh is rescued by you and Keaghan. There is a conversation between Black Hammer and Shakarr and BH questions why Shakarr isn’t focusing on destroying humans and instead interested in Tieve. You can sense a bit of tension between the two


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    Ep 7: The Second Oracle
    (“Oracle’s Arrival” fan art by squiddytreat)

    The Church has ordered the oracles to gather in Rocheste because apparently there have been signs that the Oracle of Prophecy will appear soon. Tieve has received no such sign. You end up saving the Pontiff from Lizardmen’s attack and you are named a Guardian. There is report of a woman being taken into the sewers by scale-skinned men. You go investigate and find lizardmen and ratmen. Upon several travels back to the sewers, you find a destroyed seal stone which seemed to have been used as a seal for something. You also end up finding and saving Seanna from Verafim (Seanna’s identity and what Verafim was doing with her is revealed in Season 2 storyline*). Pontiff declares that Seanna is the Oracle of Prophecy who would lead to Erinn. You are knighted for your accomplishments. Seanna, however, doubts that she’s the one since she received no sign
    Ep 8: Not Even if You Kill Us All
    You hear that Ingkells and the Ortel castle have rebelled against the church.
    There is a scene where Ingkells is telling the people of the castle that the prophecy is false and the Church is lying. He decides to die fighting so he and the people of the castle all drink the bloody shade thing and transform into monsters. The Church labels them Fomors. You defeat Ingkells. As he dies, he says the goddess will not come, “not even if you kill us all” and hands you a fragment of the catacomb which has the mark of the Church.

    The fragment is shown to Keaghan and he goes to the Cathedral to find answers. When he asks Seanna about the prophecy, Laurys interrupts and simply recites the prophecy. Keaghan shows the Laurys the fragment but he says he doesn’t know what it is (he may actually not know what it is and could be the doing of Gilliam alone, as explained in Season 2 storyline**).

    When shown to Jarlath, he says the fragment is from the catacomb in Ainle which is supposed to be sealed off. You reach the catacomb and defeat Glas. You notice the magic circle of the Church and note that it’s strange how they were keeping Glas like that. On your way out, Riordan waits outside and informs Keaghan that he is now labelled a traitor by the Church. Gwynn is killed by arrows aimed at Keaghan. Nyle appears and teleports you and Keaghan away to safety.
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    Ep 9: The Song of Destruction
    Keaghan wants to find out what happened and go see Laurys. He says it was not his order. Keaghan goes back to the Magic Lab and find Naveen the prophet (you find out his identity in Season 2 and how he suddenly appears out of nowhere). Naveen explains that the Church wants to kill him because he saw the truth. They were trying to summon Morrighan but failed (it’s likely it has something to do with the large mana explosion detected from Ainle and the portals to another dimensions being opened and the eventual destruction of the town).

    Here Keaghan is confused because as far as he knows, defeating the Fomors is the only way to summon Morrighan and according to his understanding, the Church’s actions don’t make sense. Keaghan begins to question his understanding of the prophecy. Naveen tells Keaghan to go see Shakarr to hear about the prophecy of the non-humans. He says Shakarr knows the true prophecy.

    You defeat Shakarr and talk to him. He says that humans are not the only ones with a prophecy. The Fomor’s prophecy is to wipe out humans and the God of Fomors will return. He admits that there is uncertainty as to which prophecy is the real one but one thing he is certain is that when Erinn comes, Cichol, the God of Fomors will come (note how both Elchulus and Cichol are considered god of Fomors. It could be a flaw in the story or maybe Fomors have several gods). Shakarr believes that killing each other isn’t the way to summon Erinn. When asked if the attempted kidnapping of Tieve has something to do with it, he doesn’t say anything. You and Keaghan leave. Black Hammer is not happy that Sharkarr let you go and confronts Shakarr about his view about the non-violent method. Black Hammer kills Shakarr.

    Keaghan is back in the Magic lab. Naveen says it’s selfish to think that humans would be the only ones with a prophecy. Keaghan objects by saying Fomors don’t even have a god. Naveen corrects him that they have merely lost him and that their desire to have him back could result in a prophecy in itself (Here, it sort of implies that the prophecy about killing all humans is actually false and its fabrication is just a result of their deep desire).

    Naveen says if the Church exists to deliver the goddess’ message but the goddess is actually summoned, what would be the point of the Church’s existence. Therefore, they actually do not want Erinn summoned and want to get rid of the oracle of prophecy. Nyle explains that most of the Silent Brotherhood was wiped out by the Church because their goal is to protect the oracle of prophecy until Erinn comes.

    Naveen says “the ones with no god” (lizardmen) have already broken the seal to the door (to Albey). When Keaghan asks if they are the Fomors, he explains that the Fromors are the ones who lost their god but these are the ones who do not have a god (the origin of Lizardmen is explained in Season 2 storyline****). The seal had been already broken at the time when you found the seal stone in the sewers. However, Naveen says the door hasn’t been opened yet and that Keaghan must stop them. Keaghan says he has no intention of stopping them since they want to bring Erinn, which is what humans want and also stopping them would be helping the Church. He leaves but Naveen knows he’ll be back.

    You and Keaghan go to the temple and find Tieve unconscious and her body is seen fading out. You and Keaghan go to the Inn and tell Keaghan that Tieve’s been falling asleep quite frequently for some time. Keaghan goes into a deep thought and you go to the magic lab.

    Naveen tells you to go stop Verafim from perfecting the magic and summoning “the evil one”. He says they are trying to get to the place where time is stopped, where the master of time lives.

    Verafim and Black Hammer are talking and Gilliam interjects. Black Hammer is confused. Verafim uses magic to gain control over Black Hammer.
    You defeat Controlled Black Hammer and report back to Naveen. He says you are too late and they have perfected their Fomor controlling magic. Naveen explains the Guardian Spider at the bell tower in the prologue was a test of the controlling magic which failed but now it is perfected.

    Gilliam tells Verfim that he will now have control over the Fomors without his help. The deal was for Verafim to use the power to prevent humans from summoning Erinn but Verfim betrays him and intends to destroy the Fomors by gaining control over Lionotus. Verfim let’s Gilliam go since his goal is to wipe out the Fomors and not humans. He wants to replace the Fomors with his own kind and take Cichol as their own god.

    Naveen tells you that they have probably already summoned the “Evil One” and need to stop them. On your way out, Keaghan comes in and you leave for Albey.

    Keaghan asks Naveen if he knew that Tieve was the oracle of Prophecy. He confirms it and explains that she is destined to go to Erinn and therefore her body is slowly fading away into Erinn. Keaghan asks how to stop it but Naveen says there is no way to stop destiny as a mere human. Keaghan says if he can’t stop Tieve from going to Erinn, he will bring it here (so that Tieve can stay).

    You defeat Lionotus and foil Verafim’s plan. You come back to Naveen who says that the seal of the god (The dark power inside Verafim seen in ep. 10. The origin of the seal/power is explained in Season 2*****) escaped and that the ones who must not meet have met (Keaghan and Verafim). He says fate has begun to move on its track and that all this is destiny.

    Keaghan goes to see Verafim. Verafim is surprised but he suddenly seems to realize something. He teaches Keaghan how to summon Erinn. When Keaghan asks why he is teaching him this, Verfim explains that he intended to bring Erinn and when the god of Fomors comes, wipe out the Fomors to take their god. He tells him that he realized something after seeing Keaghan. The rest of the dialogue is not revealed to the player. Verfim says they will meet again.
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    Ep 10: Descent of the Goddess
    You, Keaghan, and Tieve are back from a picnic. Keaghan is not happy because Tieve had fallen asleep again during the picnic. When you and Keaghan are alone, he tells you he intends to summon Erinn and asks for your help.

    Keaghan goes to Brynn and asks for the book of the History of the Paradise which contains the life of those who have been to Erinn and the instructions to get there (Verafim probably told him about it). It turns out that Brynn knew all along that Tieve was the oracle of prophecy and that he had tried to summon Erinn to save Tieve when he was little (I think it’s explained in one of the sub stories that he mistakenly summoned Glas instead and became severely weaken and Reilly confine him in the lab and put a magic spell to keep him from dying). The book was given to Brynn by Naveen and was told that the destined one would come and take the book. Brynn hands the book to Keaghan because he also wants to save Tieve.

    Reading through the book, Keaghan realizes he needs the ancient stone. It’s the ancient seal stone that you found in the sewers in one of the previous quests which Brynn hands to Keaghan.

    Keaghan goes to see Tieve at the Inn. When Keaghan hands the seal stone to Tieve it disappears which confirms that she is the oracle of prophecy.

    You and Keaghan defeat Siglint and return to Brynn. He says you will need to see Elchulus and in order to do so, break his seal.

    Opening cut scene of Beokros (KR version):

    Keaghan: Where are you, seal of the Fomor god? The one who will break the seal has come. Show yourself.

    Beo: What is it that you want mortal?

    Keaghan: I will summon Erinn. I will break the seal by killing you.

    Beo: If you kill me, the guardian of time will awaken. This will resume the fate that had been put on hold. Is that what you want?

    Keaghan: I will kill you and change Tieve’s fate.

    Beo: What a foolish human. Killing me will not change destiny. The moment I die, the seal will break and fate will smother you instead!

    Keaghan: Quiet! I will shatter such fate!

    After Beokros is defeated, you see the surroundings changed. You return to Brynn and he says it’s likely Heide which is known to be the place where goddess will descend and also the path to Erinn. It means the seal is broken. Brynn doesn’t know how to get there but he thinks Tieve likely knows. Keaghan and Brynn think Tieve will have to go with him to summon Erinn.

    Keaghan goes to the Inn and finds Tieve in her oracle attire. She was expecting. She says she will happily accept her fate if her sacrifice could get Keaghan to Erinn. They depart for Heide.

    Opening cut scene of Elchulus (KR version):

    Elchulus: I, the immortal god of Fomors ask you, what is it that you want mortal?

    Keaghan: I will summon Erinn. Teach me how.

    Elchulus: Erinn is already summoned. My arrival to this place, this is Erinn

    Keaghan: What?

    Elchulus: Erinn is the place where time does not pass. If time does not pass, there is no more pain, suffering, hunger. This is what you call a true paradise, Erinn. And as for Morrighan, who was my seal: the moment my seal is broken would also mean her freedom.

    Keaghan: Tieve! No!

    Echulus: Oracle of Prophecy, the embodiment of Morrighan. The day Morrighan’s seal is broken, she will descend on the oracle and her body will disappear, then only Morrighan will remain.

    Keaghan: What? If Tieve was fated to go to Erinn, I wanted to keep her by my side by bringing Erinn to this place. But, bringing Erinn meant freeing Morrighan? Have I freed Morrighan with my own hands just to have Tieve become Morrighan? Then instead of saving Tieve, have I actually accelerated the process?

    Echulus: This is the result of human greed, the price you pay for Erinn’s descent.

    Keaghan: This can’t be. This can’t be! If that’s the case, I will destroy you and prevent time from stopping. If Erinn is a lie, I will destroy such thing!

    Echulus ending cut scene (KR version):

    Keaghan: How…

    Elchulus: It’s no use, human

    Keaghan: Nonsense! If you rise again I will take you down again no matter how many times it takes.

    Elchulus: This is futile, mortal. My power is that of a god’s, you cannot stop me as a mere human.

    Keaghan: Dammit. Dammit! This can’t be. This can’t be!

    Verafim: The time has come.

    Keaghan: You!

    Verafim: Do you wish to save your woman?

    Keaghan: What?

    Verafim: Kill me. Kill me and consume the dark power residing in me. It is the seal of god, the key to god’s resurrection

    Tieve: No, please

    Verafim: Come tear my heart apart, human. With this power, save your woman!

    Keaghan: If killing you can prevent time from stopping, I would even trade away my soul!

    Tieve: No. Someone please…

    Keaghan: I will not part with Tieve like this!

    Keaghan opening cut scene (KR version):

    Keaghan: I will not part with Tieve like this!

    Tieve: Keaghan, please…

    Tieve: No please. Someone please save him!

    Keaghan ending cut scene (NA version)

    (this is what they said in the korean version however)
    Verafim: Fool. To shed the human form is to break the seal of god.

    Cichol: Wait for me. I will destroy this frozen, false paradise. I will become the seal myself and put Elchulus back to sleep. Until I completely seal him away, just until then, please wait for me.

    Tieve: Such a pitiful, unfortunate man, you are…


    You return to the Inn to find that Seanna has been sent to Colhen as the oracle of the town. She doesn’t remember you. Ernmass says there has never been an oracle in Colhen. The people of the town remember you but have no memory of events that happened. Eg. Caera says you’ve been in Colhen for only a short time. Marrec doesn’t remember who he shared the friendship rings with. Brynn and Nyle doesn’t remember you (you haven’t established relationship) or Tieve despite having her portrait on the desk.

    (Player reminiscing the picnic)
    Tieve: Come, come over here.

    Keaghan: Don’t rush. You’re going to fall.

    Tieve: Haha. But it’s been so long since we went out like this. And it’s the first time on a picnic with <Player>

    Keaghan: …

    Tieve: Doesn’t the sun feel great?

    Keaghan: Yeah, it’s really peaceful. It’s as if time has stopped here.

    Tieve: Wouldn’t it be great if time did actually stop? There would be no war… No farewells… Haha, but it’s okay. I will remember this moment forever.

    Keaghan: Haha, you speak like someone who’s about to part. We’ll come back again next time so you don’t have to be so emotional.

    Tieve: Haha okay. It’s a promise. And <Player>, thanks for coming with us. I feel so happy thanks to you two. I’m okay now. And… I won’t forget.
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    Season 2

    I will fix these paragraph and make them more coherent later.
    1. Season 2 story line is going back in time to when you recently joined the Crimson Mercenaries. It’s NOT simply a parallel “what if” story line where you start over. (BoatGod: I believe time was reset with the main character memory intact and chose to not deal with all that crazy traumatic experience.)

    In Season 3 storyline you go investigate the disappearance of Aodhan, Marrec, Riordan and other mercenaries. When you find an old mercenary sword and blood stained helm, Cichol appears and asks, “even if you were to lose everything, would you make the same choice? Do you call that destiny? Don’t you want to turn everything back? Think about it. As for me…”. You then say to yourself “Keaghan…”. Even though you haven’t gone through the “other” Season 1 storyline and haven’t even met Cichol, you and Cichol still remember each other. This means the “original” Season 1 storyline actually occurred and you have experience of it when you are going through Season 2.

    You get flash backs of events with Milo, Keaghan, and Tieve during Season 3 storyline, meaning you actually experienced both storylines.

    You meet Milo and Iset in Season 3 who also remember you.

    2. Season 2 storyline serves to contrast with storyline in Season 1.

    Season 2 is about non-believers and how it leads to changing destiny. This introduced a key idea that I think would be vital to how Season 3 unfolds.

    The trolls and sirens decide to no longer worship Lakoria and Kraken. They become “non-believers” and decide their own fate. This contrasts with humans and Fomors.

    Seanna says to Kean, “those who believe are destined for the fate laid down by the god” at one point in the game which is highlighted.

    The line is repeated by Kean before entering “Gateway to Hell” which Alysse takes note of.

    This idea is highlighted once again during the cut scene after Cromm where Alysse repeats the line to herself and seems to realize something (the line is said in the KR version of the cut scene)

    3. Alysse and Milo are actually children of the King but they were born from different mothers. Milo was born from the Queen but Alysse was born from a random dancer. The King took Alysse in as the princess.

    4. Alysse is a “witch” who can use the power of Cromm. She and other witches were hunted down during the Church’s massacre of the Royal family 10 years ago.

    5. Milo was actually killed 10 years ago when Alysse and Milo tried to escape the witch hunting and Royal family massacre. Alysse unintentionally borrows the power of Cromm to revive Milo (so when Ulchas kills him, it’s his second death). Keith, who is the magician of the Church and brother of Kean, saw this and took them to safety in Malina.

    This leads to Keith’s experiments to resurrect Cromm into his own body. We know that he failed but it’s not specified what exactly happened. It seems to suggest Juggernaut is Keith but it’s not certain.

    Milo has no memory of the incident 10 years ago and his life as a prince.

    6. Keith found out about Church’s lies and massacre of the Royal family and the witches. So he wanted to reveal the secret by showing the world that there are other gods other than Morrighan. He decided to try and resurrect Cromm into various vessels but failed and eventually tried it on his own body.

    7. Gilliam and Laurys seem to have different goals. Laurys doesn’t seem to care as much about Keaghan as Gilliam. Laurys wants to destroy the destiny stone (Alysse) and make himself king.

    8. Seanna is not actually an oracle of Morrighan and therefore does not have any powers of one. This is why she was found to be useless and sent away to Malina. But it turns out she has the ability to detect powers of another god (Cromm) which she hides to avoid becoming an inquisitor or being hunted down as a witch. Kean’s report that mistakenly confirms Seanna as an oracle and leads to the kidnapping by Verafim.

    9. Enzo is the last remaining druid who worships Cromm. However, he desires to see the day when humans are freed from the destiny laid down by the gods. Although he remains a “believer” in the end and seems like a traitor, he actually takes away half of Cromm’s power (Cromm says he will give Enzo half of his power in KR cut scene). This probably plays a part in being able to defeat Cromm and changing destiny.

    10. The volcanic mountain seen in “God of Death” is the new location of battles in Season 3. It is no longer volcanic possibly due to time warping or Erinn being summoned. Milo and Iset are seen again wandering around the mountain in Season 3 (probably trying to find Alysse). Milo wonders why the mountain is no longer burning.

    Muir also tells you the mountain used to be burning.

    11. Elchulus is seen flying towards the volcanic mountain after defeating Cromm. This confirms that destiny still could not be changed in Season 1 storyline even on the second time and contrasts with Season 2 storyline where destiny was changed.

    This could also explain how the mountain is no longer volcanic and how both the Ancient Braha and Braha co-exist in Season 3. Elchulus is likely influencing how time passes.

    It is revealed that unstable Erinn is summoned in the mountain in Season 3. Elchulus and Cichol likely played a part in it.

    12. Old Meb can tell the future. She predicted several things and they all came true. But one thing she predicted hasn’t come true yet. She said Seanna is “destined to change fate”. She will probably play a major role in Season 3.

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    Extra content: Hilder Forest/Blood Lord/Titan
    Hilder Forest:
    There was Trolls attacking the Ortel castle. You and Aodhan wanted to help your buddy Ingkells.
    Blood Lord:
    Stuff happened.(ill add something when i get more info)
    Titan( easiest boss in the game):
    Brakis lost his daughter to this giant and his arm. Then you came along with a toothpick and killed him.

    *Seanna is actually not an oracle of Morrighan. She has an ability to detect power of another god (Cromm) which she hides to avoid getting killed by the Church or becoming an inquisitor. Kean makes a report about her ability to detect powers which leads the church to suspect Seanna as the oracle of prophecy. Verafim kidnaps her but is found to be not the one and her memory is erased. The large blue erg is also taken from her and swallowed.

    **Laurys is interested in hunting down the remaining Royal family (Alysse and Milo) and “witches” who have powers like Seanna and Alysse. Laurys wants to become King of the kingdom by destroying the destiny stone.

    ***Naveen is half human and half Fomor which allows Verafim to take control over him with the Fomor controlling magic. Naveen is instructed to simply tell the truth about the prophecy to Keaghan.

    ****Lizardmen had no god of their own and lived in Twilight Desert as slaves when Iset’s kingdom was still intact. Some left when the kingdom collapsed and some stayed. Those who stayed seem to have disappeared while those who left are in search for their own god like Verafim. Lazkum left Verafim and others to find a new life in Malina as an assistant to Enzo.

    *****Contrary to popular belief among magicians, erg crystals turn out to be the remaining power of a god and the erg mines in Malina are actually a tomb of a god (Cromm). The Church had been mining ergs to practice summoning magic. Iset gives you the large blue erg she found which was being transported by the Royal ship but was lost when the ship sunk. Brynn says it contains enough powers to make one “seem like a god”. Verfim steals and swallows it when he kidnaps Seanna.

    ******Kean is the guy who accompanies Seanna. Keith is his brother and a magician of the Church. Keith doesn't appear as an NPC. He exists as Kean's memories and the voice recording found in the mines.
    You learn that Kean and Keith's relationship turned sour when Keith joined the Church which Kean disapproved. Keith learned about the erg mines and the Church's involvement and that it is the tomb of Cromm. He sort of infiltrated into the Church in order to carry out his experiments freely in the mines.

    ******* Milo is actually the King of Erinn
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    Season 3

    Some time after the battle of Cromm, you wake up in the inn of Malina. You get a letter from the mercenary guild Crimson Blade to assist the royal army in a war with the fomors. The veteran mercenary will be fighting as the vanguard for the royal army, which consist of Aodhan and Merrec. The player is still a "rookie" therefore will be place as a guard of Rocheste Castle. The royal army and the veteran mercenary head out with the player staying back at the castle. A loud noise came from the docks, there you spot a giant blue sea monster reeking havoc all around him. You stop and imprison him. He proceeds to question if you remember something others do not. The royal army came back shouting how they incur no casualties, but something was wrong. You do not see Aodhan or Merrec, nor do people recognize their name. You head to the place of battle to find bloodied gear of the two. (assumed dead)
    There you find Cichol telling you,
    "...If you could relive your life, knowing that you would one day lose everything...Would you still make the same choices? Is that what we call "destiny? Don't you want to turn everything back to the way it was?"

    Episode 1:

    Time has once again been reset, however this time without the captain of the Crimson blade Aodhan, his veteran mercenary Merrec, the oracle Tieve and high commander Riodan, but who cares about him anyways. You release Muir from imprisonment and hid him in Brynn's laboratory hoping you can find a solution to this confusion situation. Muir has lost most of his memory. He states that his lost memory is in Ben Chenner. You head to Ben Chenner, but with Brynn along side. (could this be the effect of repeating time. Since Tieve does not exist anymore he did not have to try to summon Morrighan, which was the cause of his own confinement in his laboratory.) In Ben Chenner you find Elves, a lost and forgotten race thought to disappear. Corruption surrounds the mountain along with the elves causing them to lose their mind and attack the player. You find the Queen of Elves and helped Muir become human. There she tell you the answer is on top of the mountain.

    Episode 2:

    Muir registered to be a mercenary in the Crimson Blade. It become apparent that only you and Muir remember the people who have died and been forgotten. You found proof that Erinn descended in the world, however incomplete. Ben Chenner the mountain filled with rivers and trees is the same burning mountain spewing lava everywhere

    Episode 3: (no research done yet, off the top of my mind)

    You found a ruin. Glas Ghaibhleann was guarding a gate. The player fought and defeated him.

    Episode 4:

    The player learned from Seanna that Glas Ghaibhleann is Morrighan's guardian who also fought along side Lugh Lamhfada. Lugh Lamhfada original name was Dauna. He was picked by Fragarach a sword to become a hero to fight against destiny and failed. Muir's true name is Mannanan; a sea deity who became human. He place Lugh and all the elves in an eternal sleep forever in Erinn only to be forgotten in time. The player find Cichol at the temple. A deal was made to Cichol, defeat Lugh Lamhfada and obtain Fragarach to bring back the player's dead friend. After defeating Lugh and obtaining Fragarach, the dead have come back to life. The place where the player battle Lugh is the entry way to Lochlann the land of fomors. The royal army sent out a mission to cross the land of fomors. The Coffee Chaser wanted in on this and decided to have an alliance with the Crimson Blade for the upcoming war into Lochlann.

    Season 3 chapter 2

    Episode 1:

    You enter the land of fomors only to find an infection ravaging around. It seems only the fomors are being targeted. You fight and defeated infected Eochaid, but the ground collapse with you and Scenna falling together. You find a town with peculiar people and decided to help them. You later find out Eochaid the werewolf monster thing you killed was the town’s guardian and that all those people that looks like humans are fomors that used the light shade to become human to slow the infection. Except for the fomor priest, hes human.

    *Sort of side story but not really optional main story(still didn't beat the boss so i don't know the story after completing the mission)
    Corruption of the Goddess:

    You find out that the source of the contamination was caused by Neit, a giant crab, bug, cockroach, centipede looking monstrosity that is almost as easy as Titan and Neamhain, a metal winged dominatrix with skin tight suit that enjoy penetrating you with her spears(yes plural, also a fake/incomplete goddess that Keaghan/Chicol created)

    After completing the raid:
    In Neimhain's persective, it is not an infection, but redemption to save us from death. Neimhain also believes that Chicol will save the people unlike Morrighan.
    As the "Sea of Redemption" exist Neimhain is immortal
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    The summary for episode 3 will take a while since the website does not have the dialog, so i must read them in game.

    Keeping this reserve in case i end up writing too much about season 3
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    You mention that for S2 time was reset in hopes that our actions would somehow alter destiny. However, who reset time? It cannot be Elchulus. I am lead to believe that it was Cichol who reset time because he had in possession an Elchulus Feather (reference S3 Ch1Ep4 cut-scene) that allows him to control time and bring back those that died. Humanity resides within him because he would do anything to get Tieve back; he would offer up his own life to become the seal for Elchulus. He doesn't care what happens to himself as long as Tieve lives. It is true love.

    We may have thwarted destiny in S2, but at what cost? Erinn's descent has become unstable and time itself has began to warp. What if what we thought we were doing for the good of thwarting destiny was actually bad and made matters worse? By changing destiny, we caused Erinn's descent to become unstable and for time to warp. That is on us. What would have happened if we never interfered with altering destiny in S2? Would the situation be slightly better or even worse?
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    at this point its mainly theories as the developer's didn't elaborate on how or who did the reset. I believe it is Elchulus as he was still the god of time. he didn't die since we saw him fly away. he reset time to cancel what we and keaghan did in season 1. However, as stated in the summary, it did not matter since destiny did not change except for one thing. We didn't STOP Keaghan in season 2. That is probably why he has the feather of Elchulus to turn back time.

    As for season two and killing chromm, you may have a point. chromm is the god of death, watching over the people who is in stasis in erinn. he also could have been a sort of gatekeeper since the area we killed him at was the entry way to erinn or the formors(could be wrong need to re read some stuff) that is the reason for why ben chenner exist. With Keaghan being new to godhood he may not know how to safely control time, just reseting time as he please to save tieve.
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    The newest chapter of season kinda gives the allusion of real life Christianity taking over Ireland myth with these white robed cardinal worshiping another god.