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Common misconceptions other players have


  • V0lterixV0lterix
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    Lahar wrote: »
    You don't need every character at level 90 with +15 gear. You can only play one at a time.

    I'm so sick of seeing your stupid "Wah only one character delete others" mindset being posted here. Nobody cares that you main one character. It offers zero benefits to delete a character that you leveled up and invested in. Plenty of people play different characters but main one. They aren't compelled to delete their hours of progress to main one character. That's not even a common misconception. You have this weird grudge against people playing other characters because you think you have to focus one yet I know a solid 10 people who are very good on 2 or 3 or MORE characters.

    So please, take that bs outta here
  • MrGoldMrGold
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    That you need good stats to clear Neamhain.
  • 탱크블레이드탱크블레이드
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    Question2 wrote: »
    LoLoBooty wrote: »
    What are some common misconceptions other players have about vindy gameplay?

    • An extra core(quick battle) only drops from full 6-8 player raids. It does not drop from 4-man maps like Ben Chenner.

    Sounds like the 4 man runs for that is broken then. It works fine on KR. If it's able to be turned on for those type of runs then it is supposed to work.

    Strange, does KR get +1 core for 4 man quick battle missions? Because in NA, quick battle doesnt say that you get +1 core for 4 man maps, nor do you get +1 core.

    Yeah we actually get +1 core from the quick battle regular dungeons. NA needs to fix yours.
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    When fighting Bark, there is no need to learn about the raid , just wail on the train and ignore the whistles.

    When doing Kraken, do not speak on the boat when the Host ask who wants to go tents. It is a trick cause head rushing is the only way to beat it.

    If you have multiple staff evies on the boat, quickly start the battle before they can cast save. They should know by now to switch to scythes. Also applies to cestus Karoks, Pillar FTW.

    If a Staff Evie leaves corona on the ground, ignore it and chug a few bottles of red potions to show dominance over her.

    All female characters are played by girl gamer. Same with guys except for Lanns and Slyas. they are Apache helicopters

    it is perfectly fine to wear lv 60 armor in s3. The reason you are dying so much is that your party sucks and you are too pro.

    When fighting Braha, always stand on the switch to quickly raise the trap for Braha's arm, if it fails blame it on host connection and lag.
  • 탱크블레이드탱크블레이드
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    Zeroheart wrote: »
    All female characters are played by girl gamer. Same with guys except for Lanns and Slyas. they are Apache helicopters

    I just died in laughter xD