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The level up experience change

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Does anyone remember I recall long time ago there was an update where now it requires less exp to level to 90. I can't remember which update it was, but can someone link me? Much appreciated


  • EnkrydEnkryd
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    It's still the same amount I believe..It's just with the raids and story quests giving a hell of a lot more exp than back then. Quests used to give 100k EXP for completing them now they give like 400k+

    To add to that, the new feature QB allows for 15% extra exp for battles, so it helps even more.
  • LaharLahar
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    At level 80 - 90 there are a lot more quest and exp compared to some time ago.
    Story progression at season 3 part 2 is very annoying with story raids.

    If I can recall them all:
    Arisha 90
    Lynn 90
    Vella 86
    Eve 73
    Fiona 71
    Kai 70
    Lann 55
    Karok 50
    Hurk 43
    Delia 33
    Haggie 25

    Deleted them all but two. I wanted to use a female character but I would consider Haggie very interesting. It simply got to the point where I simply wanted to delete everything. Arisha is stronger than Lynn but let's see what happens with their second weapons also.