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Some IS Items Questions

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Hi, i'm new in Vindictus but i like this game a lot and wanna to spend some money in IS, but i wanna be sure bout something ;)
1. Am i need to use Armor Fusion Rune to fuse my armor with outfit set ?
2. Can i dye outfit ( Lord Leporine Set ) ?
3. How many gems can use Shining Wolf at once ?
4. How often i need to feed Shining Wolf ?
5. VIP(30d) vs VVIP(30d) ? Which is much worth if i play only with one character ?


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    1. No , armor is armor, outfit is outfit, you can make your outfit visible, or invisible ( you will have your stats regardless). Fusion rune is for fusing normal armor only.
    2. yes, dye anything and everything. Except for some items, like phoenix wings, ghost armor.
    3. The pet? who uses them anyway? except to collect drops faster?
    4. Meh, no need to use them. And Idk, i don't use pets.
    5. Vip is ok, if you play with one character only. IF you play with other characters on same account VVIP is not a bad choice. VIP gives the benefits on one character, VVIP on all account (all characters on the same account) VVIP gives a free goddess grace every hour (or 3 every hour, not sure) but unless you play solo on raids, you won't need to use it much, unless you are like me ''Don't res me i am too proud to let someone revive me, I will use a goddess grace''
    Bothom line about question 5, vip is fine if you play with one character only.
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    1) Normal armour cannot be fused with outfit pieces. However you can choose whether the outfit piece will appear over your regular armour in much the same way.

    2) You can dye outfits with avatar dye ampoules.

    3) Unless the Shining Wolf is some special exception, pets can use 2 different gems at once.

    4) No idea how fast their hunger goes down.

    5) Compared to VIP, VVIP gives you, every hour, 20 Merc+ potions, and a free grace in addition to every other character on the account getting the benefits of VVIP too. You can't get more than 20 VVIP merc+ potions or 3(?) VVIP graces if you don't use them before the hour is up. I have no idea how much more expensive VVIP is compared to VIP and how good or bad you are at the game. If you're good, spend less and get VIP. If you need the free revives and merc pots and don't mind spending extra, get VVIP.
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    YaoiBoy wrote: »
    Hi, i'm new in Vindictus but i like this game a lot and wanna to spend some money in IS,
    First thing I can tell is to not do so and instead save your money. Play the game without spending anything to know if you're going to like it and stick around for longer than a short while.. and if you're going to stick to playing the character you've chosen.

    When you buy an outfit, it's bound to that character, forever. Half the price of a new AAA game gets you an 'enhanced' outfit with greater stat bonuses (dumb, dumb, dumb) on a single character. Is an expensive outfit for one character with it to you? I don't think so.

    You can buy some cash items from the AP shop, notably temporary inner and hair coupons, but also 2 day VIP which is kinda expensive. You get VIP for leveling though, so no reason to get any at the start.

    Pets are fairly useless, I wouldn't buy one. The most they do is pickup items (gremlins) or mine ore (gnolls). All the rest don't really do anything but temporarily buff you and they just die instantly in boss battles. They also only last 2 hours (combat time) and cease participating in combat if they're hungry. Besides, you can buy one from the market via airtight packages if anyone's selling, no real money involved.

    In fact, you can buy quite a number of cash items from the market; just gotta have quite a bit of gold for some things, and depending on server, wait for people to list them. If only they'd implement the TIR coin system EU had.. would give us folk who don't spend money so much more of an opportunity to be equal with people who do..

    Aside from this; please don't participate in the pay to win nature of the game by buying things like enchant/enhance runes and weapon/armor boxes. It's a co-op game, let other people who have more money than sense do this. And while VVIP is very nice to have (specifically the GG's as an "oops" insurance), you can get it from events (or as mentioned above, the market). Paying the actual cost of VIP/VVIP for a month is not worth it; get a cool permanent outfit instead.