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Attack requirement boats are wrecking the game


  • LavonneLavonne
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    hi5josh wrote: »
    From what I read it seemed he was just expressing his opinions. He might have been a little assertive, but not necessarily disrespectful.

    You sure about that?

    Cessa wrote:
    Wow, you must be some kind of genius. I never thought of that before.
    Cessa wrote:
    If my argument passed over your intellect...
    Cessa wrote:
    But whatever the case, I pity you...
    Cessa wrote:
    It's such an idiotic notion I think I lost a few brain cells trying to comprehend what you're talking about.
    Cessa wrote:
    Do you understand yet how stupid your concluding point is?
    Cessa wrote:
    If you like your +10, good for you, shut up and sit down.
    Cessa wrote:
    I run with people like you all the time when I have to do 35%+ damage against a raid boss and I'm 99% sure that if I weren't there carrying the raid the rest of you would've either had to expend a lot more goddess graces to win, the raid would've taken so much longer, and/or the raid would've just failed out from a lack of damage being applied to the boss so people despair and leave the raid.
    Cessa wrote:
    But really, before you open your mouth again do go play ALL of the characters to near endgame and then come back and tell me which one was the most difficult.
    Cessa wrote:
    And a final refute for your idiotic post, I main chainblade Vella.

    "assertive"... Good riddance.

  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    cessa and other members of the community have left their mark, who is next, find out next time

    on topic: it sux that i cant join boats on my weak ass alt anymore cus im too lazy to get that extra gear just to hit 18k atk RIP
  • BlissKnightBlissKnight
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    Well it IS pretty annoying that a full clean set of lvl 80 armor and lvl 80 weapon with lvl 60 accessories still cant get that 18k atk requirement.
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    hi5josh wrote: »
    Cessa wrote: »
    It's not that I have nothing to work on.
    I can definitely work on getting a better weapon.
    I can work on finishing up gold ein lacher for some of my other characters.

    But there's no point to doing it.
    I have a +13 level 90 weapon. Double enchanted.
    I can't enhance it because it might break.
    I can't make a backup one because there is no way to guarantee a new +13 as a backup weapon so I can enhance one of them. I can break 15 more +10 weapons and get no +11. +10 requires that I use runes. If I try to make a new +10 without runes it's even more impossible to get to +13. On the order of 3 weapons out of 100 will get from +8 to +13 without runes or something like that. Practically never going to happen as I know no way of getting 33 level 90 weapons in any kind of efficient timeframe. Because you have to consider the time spent farming elixirs and paradise enhancement stones as well.

    And no point in working on Ein Lacher for my other characters because I can't get them a good weapon so I will never play them anymore.
    No point in playing my main because it's unrealistic to believe that I can get a better new weapon with the time and the money I would have to put into the game.

    In the end, I don't play because playing means I waste time but I get nothing out of it in return.
    So I only sit and participate in AFK events where I get free stuff to use to try and enhance. If the enhance fails, oh well, I wasted very little time afking (log in, alt tab to go play something else) and I directly put in no money for a chance to progress my character.

    It's pretty sad when the best way to progress in a game is to afk in it.


    So yeah, it's not a lack of content that is keeping me or anyone else from playing the game. It's that once you get to endgame the most efficient and best way to progress is to afk and not play at all.

    I've already posted a fix to the enhance system and the game which would generate more profit for Nexon and will have more players playing the game again but the mods only serve by deleting my posts on how to fix the game so we're stuck just with afking for now.

    Wow Cessa got banned? :(

    Was actually temp banned for a few days from what I've noticed then was unbanned only to get hammered again.
  • AxteriaAxteria
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    The only attack requirements I see are for neam and that is completely understandable
  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    hmm....this post got me stuck...idk what to say...won't cost anyone more than 2 millions to have a weapon with purple main and perfect shard, a full purple set of armors. if people can't afford this...???? Go farm S1 for magic powders, i don't see how you can not make 2mil in a day.

    on the other hand, if newbies are lazy and expect to get carried, then i'd say gtfo...I mean even meeting the requirement, 18k atk won't get you beyond 5% dmg anyway.