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What games outside of Vindictus do you play?

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As, the title suggests, what games outside of Vindictus do you play? :-)


  • BerserkkkBerserkkk
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    I'm currently trying to finish my first Witcher 3 playthrough with ~180 hours played. Next would be Fallout 4 mods. As for multiplayer other than Vindictus, Overwatch, DayZ, GTA 5.
  • Ertxz18Ertxz18
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    Currently replaying the classic Tomb Raider games, at the third one right now trying to figure out how my 8-year old self figured that out. Other than that, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, and the occasional Borderlands
  • MetalDevil19MetalDevil19
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    I haven't touched Vindictus in months and counting... but the games ive been playing are: For Honor, Dark Souls 3, Shadow warrior 2, Deus Ex: Mindkind Divided, Killing Floor 2, DOOM Multiplayer, and now im waiting for Dishonored 2 DLC, and Agony to release.
  • RhapsodyOfFireRhapsodyOfFire
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    I'm not a big gamer but i have a few unfinished games currently:

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs : I love horror games that have good storylines and Amnesia is one of them. I finished The Dark Descent then i started playing this second one. I'm at the very beginning of it.
    Dark Souls 3 : I'm at the princes. After that only 2 bosses left, the Nameless King and the Soul of Cinder. And the Ancient Wyvern that is optional. However i like dragons and i didn't kill the Bridge Wyvern in the first game either and i also joined the Path of the Dragon covenant. Plus i bought the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. So there is that.
    Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin : I only have it on Steam but i didn't have the time to start playing it.
  • RakushuRakushu
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    Puzzle & Dragons
  • BlawrghBlawrgh
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    My Horse Prince

  • MrGattoMrGatto
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    Various stuff,but mainly singleplayer games.

    Currently I'm replaying the entire Mass Effect triology with a new character,finished Far cry 3 Blood Dragon before that.
    Just to mention a few: Doom,Skyrim,Diablo 3 'solo mainly'.
    Not really picky,I like most type of games except for Mobas 'mainly because of the toxic online communities'.

    Btw this is allowed on this forum?Cause it was kinda nope to talk about other games on EU:P
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    What I play ->

    Rainbow Six : Memes
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    Minecraft and Team Fortress 2... because when there are moments in vindictus where I just want to bash my head against the wall so hard that I need to relieve my stress for a little while... These games just relieve that just fine. I can't get two hours into the game without someone raging in ALL CAPS... Gets annoying after awhile...
  • DrãoDrão
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    also bought this game a couple months ago during a Buy one get one free event at gamestop, but didn't start playing until recently
    wouldn't recommend it... it's pretty fun, but the story's ending is pretty depressing :/

    I'd totally buy Nioh, but I am peasant who can't afford PSN +
  • RhapsodyOfFireRhapsodyOfFire
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    How could i forget this game that i bought for my brother's birthday last year. I wanna buy one for myself too so it's another unfinished game for me. : P

    This game is beautiful and cute but very difficult at some parts. And how awesome is that the developer company consists of members from all over the world.

  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Dc Unniverse B)
  • ZaydenZayden
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    Been replaying through the entire Fire Emblem series along with its mobile game. Also, For Honor. But the new Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild) came out for the Switch a few days ago and I've been immersed in it.
  • SanuienSanuien
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    Revelations Online.
    Elsword [PS]
  • NytsuyaNytsuya
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    Playing Currently

    Horizon ZD(PS4PRO)
    For Honor(PC)
    Dragon Blaze(Android)

    Back log

    Neir Automata CE on Ps4pro, digital on steam (Double dipping this game cuz I loved the franchise. From Drag on Dragoon to Neir!)
    FF15 (got this game a week earlier than everyone and to this day it remains wrapped up and unplayed. lol.)
    Star ocean IaF (got for 5$~ new)
    Dishonored 2 (XB1)
    Gears 4 (XB1)

    Waiting list

    Mass effect Andromeda PC ( I am literally dying waiting for this game )
    Persona 5(PS4P)
    Kritika online(PC) Hoping this game will scratch that Lunia itch I've had for years... cmon allm pls.

    These games are only a drop in the bucket....
  • CessaCessa
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    As, the title suggests, what games outside of Vindictus do you play? :-)

    I don't play Vindictus anymore so what exactly is the question here?

    Warframe, a game that doesn't break hundreds of hours of hardwork from me just because I want to try and progress more towards endgame content.
    Under Night In-Birth, a game where gear and stats do not matter, fighting game.
    Starcraft 2, look ma, no weapons breaking here.

    And I'm watching and reading stuff about Lost Ark and Star Citizen.
  • DrãoDrão
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    monster hunter x hunter...
  • 2edgy4u2edgy4u
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    replaying nier and drakengard 3 going for completionist achievements (sorry, trophies :rolleyes:) while waiting for automata to go on sale

    games i've started and still intend to finish:

    ninja gaiden sigma
    crysis 1&2
    uncharted 4
    layers of fear

  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    2edgy4u wrote: »
    replaying nier and drakengard 3 going for completionist achievements (sorry, trophies :rolleyes:) while waiting for automata to go on sale

    games i've started and still intend to finish:

    ninja gaiden sigma

    Prepare to throw your controller if you go for S rank everywhere, hah. Love that game, though.
  • ThyNameIsSpazzyThyNameIsSpazzy
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    FF15 ( waiting for the dlc )
    Dragon's Dogma Online
    Legend of Zelda Botw
    smash bros, occasionally
    Black desert

    Bunch of other games too but that's basically what i can remember off the top of my head.