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Vindictus Valentines Ballad Contest -SUBMISSIONS-


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    Ah distinctly I remember,
    that very fateful day.
    'Twas the middle of December
    When I first asked you to play.

    Moments away from you felt like forever,
    Kept thousands of miles apart.
    But seeing ourselves in Colhen together
    Brought closeness between our hearts.

    From the Perilous Ruins to Hoarfrost Hollow,
    Through Ainle and that Fobellow Place,
    Hoarfrost Depths and Hilder Forest would follow,
    then the Sewers and the Fomorian Base.

    No matter what we were up against,
    whether it Klaus or Glas or Titan,
    Our love and our passion would supplement
    our strength and our power when fightin'.

    We pressed onwards like crusaders
    breaking the earth and frostborn seal.
    In matching white & purple raider's
    Even Keaghan was forced to kneel.

    Our memories faded and the gods had ascended,
    The wheels of time had stopped spinning.
    Vindictus' story had finally ended
    But ours was only beginning.

    There wasn't a way for me not to believe.
    There wasn't a hint of doubt left in me.
    Just as it was with Keaghan and Tieve;
    This was our fate and destiny.

    Your Lann and my Evie, my Lord and your Lady,
    Side by side from the start of our quest...
    Can you believe that we had a baby???
    +love +joy +best


    IGN: LadyLareina
    Server: East

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