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Vindictus Valentines Ballad Contest -SUBMISSIONS-


  • KiiwiiPowaKiiwiiPowa
    Vindictus Rep: 950
    Posts: 14
    Ferghus lay waiting in his house,
    Waiting for a brave traveler to attempt his luck,
    His kids were chasing a mouse
    Here comes a couple holding a chocolate duck

    The couples offer the chocolate duck to Ferghus
    In hopes for more luck
    It must have been such a fuss
    The couple exit the house holding a wrapped duck.

    To express their joy,
    They went to the market,
    To buy a mega phone but,
    So they mega phoned the joy of reaching their target.

    IGN: MethKiiwii
    Server: East
  • PeanutButter501PeanutButter501
    Vindictus Rep: 600
    Posts: 5

    ign - CraiCraiQQ
    server- east
  • LollllllllllollllLollllllllllollll
    Vindictus Rep: 510
    Posts: 3
    Direct Link: http://imgur.com/a/w9yDB

    in game name: Kinkie
    server: east
  • MyayenMyayen
    Vindictus Rep: 930
    Posts: 15
    Lonely Regina on Valentine's Day
    Sitting on her throne
    Waiting for her savior
    "Oh, will I be forever alone?"

    Two years have passed since
    Poor Regina still waiting for her chosen one
    Only to be disappointed another year
    "Oh, when will I be able to bask in the sun?"

    Until Muir came along
    And asked her to be his Valentine
    To her delight she was no longer lonely
    For she had someone to call "mine"

    IGN: Myayen
    Server: West
  • AureilaAureila
    Vindictus Rep: 310
    Posts: 2
    edited February 28, 2017
    Woven together by fate
    Their bond broken by destiny
    Tieve and Keaghan's story was unfortunate
    But for a moment they lived in tranquility

    Until Tieve began drowning in drowsiness
    Keaghan fought with all his might
    But alas he couldn't win
    And lost his fight

    To their dismay
    It was time for them to say goodbye
    For fate had gotten between their love
    And they were left in silence with only their cries

    Perhaps their story would have turned out different
    If Keaghan's love for Tieve
    Hadn't blinded his judgment
    To steal another's heart

  • MinakoMinako
    Vindictus Rep: 730
    Posts: 6
    IGN: Natsuki
    Server: Europe

    I am sorry for my english skills. My main language is a different one.
  • meltymelty
    Vindictus Rep: 520
    Posts: 3
    Awoken to the lovely scent of breakfast,
    I walk downstairs and greet Tieve.
    Receive some pancakes and ask for seconds,
    "Brynn would like some, I believe"

    With a smile, I depart to deliver to Brynn.
    Greeted by his usual cold demeanor
    which brightens when he notices the pancakes
    as does mine for I am but a dreamer

    Because I know he loves me not
    He prepares some tea with grace
    Then we eat and drink in mixed bliss
    While hiding my true face

    [East] Melty
  • RavenAmeliaRavenAmelia
    Vindictus Rep: 510
    Posts: 5
    They say that
    Valentine's is a day
    To spend with your loved ones
    But even siblings have a say

    Milo and Allysse
    Two bonded by family
    Brother and sister
    That wish each other lives without lies

    "Don't cry" she says
    But without his big sis
    Milo was left
    To wander Malina thoughtless

    Server: West
    IGN: RavenAmelia
  • LoveArtemisLoveArtemis
    Vindictus Rep: 810
    Posts: 2
    Running farther through the Twilight Desert,
    I discovered a wraith so fair.
    Shrouded from mystery and desire,
    I can only trail that spiced-rum air.

    To only learn her name if nothing more,
    I set on my journey through sand and storm.
    Believing my heart and mind were fixed,
    I traveled through the desert to give my muse form.

    Traversing down into a deep cavern,
    I encountered the chief of the reaper.
    Inquiring where I could find my wraith,
    Alteron spoke of how I might see her.

    "Continue through this desert
    and arrive at the princesses's castle.
    She will request one thing,
    though I imagine after your journey it is no hassle."

    "Provide her your heart,
    that she may know of your commitment.
    In that moment, you will need to expel all other emotion,
    most of all any that reflect remorse or resentment."

    With this advice racing through my head,
    I continued forward to make good my remaining time.
    Exiting the cavern,
    I turned toward a soft, melodic chime.

    In front of me stood my red-hooded wraith,
    starting the question that would bind us for many a year.
    "Who are you, weary traveler,
    and do you host what I hold most dear?"

    Presenting my heart, I spoke clearly and truly,
    "My name is Havan, and I give what you wonder this desert for."
    And with the smile both in her eyes and soul,
    she simply stated "I am Iset, your princess and eternal paramour."

    Iset and Havan's Ballad
    Server: West
    IGN: LoveArtemis
  • NibbleYummyFoodNibbleYummyFood
    Vindictus Rep: 410
    Posts: 8
    In summer, our love is consuming, like time floating in the breeze.
    In wintertime, our love is cold soaring from door to door.
    When spring flowers bloom, our love is deeper than the Grand Canyon.
    If the skies are blue, our love will continue on the floor.

    When autumn leaves fall, our love is never ending.
    From 2013 to 2017 our love will continue to grow.
    From season 1 to season 3, you will always be my one and only Kai.
    Pray to god that Vindictus never closes, so our love can continue to show.

    Server: East
    ign: Nibble
  • RachelSeungRachelSeung
    Vindictus Rep: 410
    Post: 1
    There was once a Lynn
    So hated and lonely
    Sitting in the hot springs
    Rubbing soap on her body slowly

    Hey small duckies,
    Are you lonely too?
    Quak Quak!
    It must be true

    Splashing around the hot spring
    A ducky falls out
    Sorry tiny duckie
    Wont leave you there to shout
    server: East
    IGN: MelloYello
  • iEatEverythingiEatEverything
    Vindictus Rep: 1,220
    Posts: 64
    it started on a sunny day
    cramped inside my room
    i had just started a raid
    wearing my favorite heart costume

    greeted by a black screen
    the rage consumed me
    desperate for an answer
    i decided to lean against a tree.

    oh Nexon please
    why did it have to be now
    crying into the sky
    here arrives Xiao

    why are you crying ?
    because i can't host a raid
    do you want to play a raid together, I'll host
    and then we went onto the boat to get laid

    server= east
    name= NomNomNom

    the background to the poem is that I usually can't host and whenever I tried to host, I would get a black screen 75% of the time I hosted, resulting in me having to restart my client. so its always frustrating when that happens, but I met a nice person one day in town and she said she would host for me, so we went an started a boat and prepared to get laid onto the floor by the boss. Thank you for reading!
  • JynXiJynXi
    Vindictus Rep: 2,025
    Posts: 231

    Url: http://i67.tinypic.com/ok8m6s.png

    Server = Europe
    Name = JynXi

    Disclaimer: Hereta image has been taken from here
  • ElementalShiftElementalShift
    Vindictus Rep: 420
    Posts: 3
    Dancing around town searching
    Knocking door to door
    Comes by a blacksmith shop
    Enters the shop to explore

    Finds Fergus hugging his ban hammer
    Hamming on my sword
    Blazing with fire
    My sword finally restored

    Name - Cerium
    Server - East
  • ChunmanderChunmander
    Vindictus Rep: 1,265
    Posts: 31
    It's that time of year
    Again looking for a grain of hope
    Searching only to find sadness and sorrow
    There will be no gain if there was no pain

    This love is so masochistic
    Bring the hurt for what it's worth
    I've got the constitution for it
    Or let my body hit the floor

    Finally got it down
    Waiting for the drops to shower down
    There's no rare or a scroll
    Guess it's time to rinse and repeat

    IGN: Chunmander
    Server: West
  • HinoiHinoi
    Vindictus Rep: 840
    Posts: 9
    edited March 1, 2017
    In Brynn's Laboratory
    With his long golden hair
    He glares at me
    Do I go near?

    I show him my scroll and weapon
    My powders as a fee
    Enchanting ... it worked!
    Brynn < 3

    IGN: Hinoi
    Server: West
  • KiwaKiwa
    Vindictus Rep: 2,280
    Posts: 95
    A lost encounter.

    Delia, the best girl
    So regal and fine
    You make my heart race
    I'm here to make you mine

    When I first met you
    There was something I couldn't deny
    I was no longer feeling blue
    Even though I'm just a Kai

    How to go about confessing
    Surely this won't go well
    I gain some courage
    But something was wrong I could tell

    After seeing Karok make his move
    I hung my head in despair
    Damn.. he has some groove
    I look to go elsewhere

    IGN: Clare.
    Server: West.
  • CoolForumNameCoolForumName
    Vindictus Rep: 720
    Posts: 3
    All the men look at Shayla
    And I think "Dang, those guys are thirsty!"
    But they don't know the true best girl
    A red headed hunter named Kirstie

    Off I go to Hoarfrost Hollow
    To fight an evil polar bear
    Once I defeat him I shall return
    And a beautiful Valentine's we shall share

    IGN: Ghallean
    Server: West
  • GrantmywishGrantmywish
    Vindictus Rep: 535
    Posts: 4
    Singing around the campfire
    Chocolate gnolls everywhere
    Eating delicious meat
    Romantic music in the air

    Here comes the Yeti King
    Knocks one down and on their knees
    Pleading gnolls begging for mercy
    Offers Yeti chocolates with cheese

    IGN: oVouoVo
    Server: East
  • SuukeiSuukei
    Vindictus Rep: 3,220
    Posts: 354

    IGN: Shohei
    Server: East
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