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New Channel bug

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This is a long running issue for me, well over a year at this point, though I know not everyone experiences this for some reason. After returning to town from a battle I'll occasionally be stuck in "New Ch.", and be unable to switch to the channel I want. Trying to do so will just result in no channel change and no system messages after the channel changing loading bar finishes. I have to switch to any other channel first, wait the 5 seconds, and then switch to the target channel.

Until now I thought that it was the preferred channel feature that was bugged, but today I realised that the channel it disallows you from switching to is the channel the player was in before the battle.

Steps to recreate: Go into any nonstandard channel (7 or higher) and finish a battle. After returning to town there will be no message stating "Moved to ch. X" . Trying to switch to the same channel as before the battle will bring up no system message and change the channel to "New Ch." after a delay.


  • DorianSBDorianSB
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    I want to know how to solve this problem too
  • SlothPrincessSlothPrincess
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    I often get stuck in New Channel and the way I solve it is this: simply go to a channel that isn't the channel you were in before. Then switch back to the one you want.

    Example: I was in CH 57 before starting a mission. Stuck in New CH after finishing mission. Switch to CH 58. Switch back to CH 57. Hope this helps