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Hello there!

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Hello everyone! I play on the East Server, so you guys in the East probably have seen me here and there. I've played Vindi for about four years now. My main as you might've guessed is Lynn, named HikariRai. Have any questions? I'll always try my best to answer them.

A little bit about me:
Kind of a nerdy type of person. I would say I'm pretty well rounded. I like to cook and I'm am decent at it. I like writing stories here and there. Drawing is a fun passing time activity of mine. I like making my own music, although I can't actually play any instruments. Singing is also fun. I basically have interests in many things.

Watch anime? You should recommend me some to watch.

Here's how my Lynn looks like currently :)


  • LaludiaLaludia
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    There's another lynn on west who has the same outfit and color scheme as you atm minus the hat. XD
    Care to share some of your drawings? I draw too and love seeing fellow artists' work. :D
  • DelterosDelteros
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    Oh nice I just raided with you

  • HoshinakiHoshinaki
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    Oh hey there! I remember you :)
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    Hello! :-)
  • xtsxts
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    Nice to meet you! I'm on West, but it's always nice to see new faces around here, so have fun. I recommend watching Gintama if you haven't heard of it already. It's typically a gag anime that pokes fun at other JUMP animes, but at serious moments, it gets intense.
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    photo tumblr_inline_nqid07D5Ro1tpqn9v_500_zpsrqap6rza.gif

    # Welcome to the forum, greetings from west. :)