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Future Plans to Optimize this Game?

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I am wondering if there is any plans or possibility of plans where this game might see some future optimization improvements where the game would be able to take advantage of the processing power on newer CPUs.

I was trying out the game with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (and have a NVidia GTX 1080) and I realized that in some cases, I would have my FPS drop from 60 down to as low as mid 30s (mid 20s when all characters fully load and show on my screen). Usually this happens when more and more player characters would show up in my screen such as around 20 people (if I was on channel 1 at the dock area or at the hot springs with lots of people around). I looked in past posts and see that many people were complaining how this game focuses more on single core performance rather than multicore performance and usually Intel CPUs were known for that in the past. Maybe this game is more optimized for Intel. I know I could lower my settings to have more stable FPS but it got me thinking. The AMD CPUs finally beat Intel in single core performance and I'm using a fairly new CPU released only months ago but I still lag in a game that is 10 years old in some cases. I also know that this game uses the source engine from almost 10 years ago.

I wonder at what point will there be a CPU that can handle this game without any FPS drops (consistently staying at 60) with lots of characters on screen, maybe a CPU from 2030s? Just kidding... but I am wondering if the developers have any plans to try to optimize this game. I think all players here would welcome such plans.
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