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Mitigating the Effect of Fatigue on Gameplay

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Reduce Fatigue Consumption
  • Always get fine/premium soaps before running missions - reduce fatigue consumption by 25%
  • VIP/VVIP service reduces fatigue consumption by 50% - does not stack with soaps (though other soap effects do apply)
  • Always run your fatigue to 0 before using anything to recover (excepting VVIP potions) - partial fatigue gives full credit for missions
    • In the same vein, save missions that drain lots of fatigue (e.g. Red Moon, Special, S4 in general) for when you have very little left
  • Fatigue is only consumed when a boss is defeated
    • Usually this is at end of a battle, but places with multiple bosses (AA/Tower/Cadet Ceremony) consume fatigue on first boss defeat
    • If you aren't getting what you want out of a mission (e.g. missed the desired medal in Ein Lacher), it's better to quit and try again than finish and restart

Zero-Fatigue Activities
  • Royal Army Raids - consumes no fatigue
  • Friendship missions - consumes no fatigue
  • Raids in Practice Mode - consumes no fatigue
  • PVP - consumes no fatigue
  • You can technically advance through the story at 0% fatigue and still get story-completion EXP, but you will miss out on items/gold/AP/battle EXP
    • If story requires you to get a story item, it may not be retrieved if you have no fatigue (issue found in Beggar's Report)
  • Title farming - do at 0% fatigue
  • Ein Lacher - you can get first-time medals with 0% fatigue, though not general participation medals
  • Some temporal missions
    • Can do at 0% fatigue
    • Or quit after accomplishing mission objective (e.g. transforming) but without defeating the boss to use no fatigue
  • Path Point accumulation

Restore Fatigue
  • Guild house beds restore 30%+ fatigue once per day
  • An Object (shortcut "L") will restore 30%+ fatigue once per day
  • Fatigue potions will restore 10% fatigue each - acquire from events, daily mission rewards, Seal of Dedication exchange, Fruit Fight Gift Boxes, VVIP service
    • Use VVIP service fatigue potions right away until you get to max - they are replenished on the hour
    • Fatigue potions from daily missions and seal shop are shareable within account - potentially worth doing quick missions on alts to get and give to main
    • Wait until daily reset (see below) at 7 a.m. UTC

Maximizing Starting Fatigue
  • Get the "Add Object FP" Wardrobe skill (requires 25 object points)
    • Increases max fatigue to 310%
    • Improves fatigue restoration by objects and beds to 33%
      • Having multiple objects on a character increases the amount of fatigue restored (unconfirmed)
  • Before level 90, you get back up to 100% (normal fatigue) plus 100% bonus fatigue on top of that
    • Since it's so generous, it's useful to farm things before you hit 90 (like AP, materials, waking stones)
  • Level 90+, you get back up to 100% (normal fatigue), plus 0.2x(remaining normal fatigue you had the day before) in bonus fatigue. So you can get a maximum of 20% bonus fatigue restored per day just waiting and not playing.
  • If you get access to a guild bed and/or objects, always use them every day. Even if you're not fully drained, if you are done playing for the day, use them. Even if they won't get you past 100%, it'll net you an extra 6% restored per.
    • It is technically most efficient to run your fatigue completely out each day (and all objects/beds).



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