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Abnormal gameplay detected

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edited December 25, 2016 in Bug Reporting
Nickname: MrKai94
Bug: When i play ein battle with Temple of the fallen moon, and when i finish always have a message from system is Abnormal gameplay detected cant not receive reward! but i not use any abnormal gameplay, please check for me admin, thanks you very much
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  • EvieQueenEvieQueen
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    i got the same problem too
  • HerpadorHerpador
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    It seems to be caused by breaking his barrier with the goddesses judgement (or however you spell it), since if you kill him without spearing you won't get the abnormal gameplay issue.
  • SteyStey
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    Just did Glas myself... got the same thing, and even have video. *sigh* I'd much prefer to not have to do it again without using spears.
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    It's a bug that was fixed a long time ago, but somehow came back out of the blue. They are working on fixing it again though. Least I recorded a no spear gold challenge though, so that's something :^).
  • EhgessEhgess
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    Member, Nexon
    We found the problem and it'll be fixed with the next update.
  • Order5Order5
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    Happy New Year Ehgess!
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    Yes, Happy New Year Ehgess! :D
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    edited January 6, 2017
    Here is an even better idea. Instead of trying to fix the problem, why not remove the portals all together from the Ein Lacher version of Lord Glas? The portals just make it even more difficult than it should be since we can't use Goddess Spears because it will just trigger the Abnormal Gameplay Detected which results in not getting the completion reward.
  • BladehawkBladehawk
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    Oh, okay. I did it 3 times (using the spear each time) and I was about ready to unleash some unholy rage upon Nexon. I guess Lord Glas will be the last boss I need to worry about, then.