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Hello total noob here :)

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I started playing a few days ago, so far I'm happy to be solo because I can't play regularly or at normal hours.
Anyway I have a few questions, if you can help me :)

- Where can I see what are the daily tasks for that day? I clicked on everything on the screen, but all I found is the part in the Event which shows me how many I completed. I can't check what I did and what I'm left to do.
- Fatigue system - some missions use fatigue, some don't, and one story mission I did today actually ADDED some? Or was it a level I reached? Idk and it's not explained anywhere
- "Crafting" system - I've never seen more useless crafting than in this game. I got Tailoring talent, but I can't do anything because I don't have cloth, because I can only get it at the lowest missions and that would deplete the fatigue immediately, so I can't level up - but I get ton of tailoring tints in each mission that only take up space in the chest. Is there an easy way to get a lot of low-tier materials, or do I have to pay hundreds of thousands at the marketplace?
- Is there a way to MINIMIZE chat window? So far I play solo and I see no point in learning that XY successfully enhanced an item
- I turn off the navigation in the UI, but one of my characters still gets a quest icon at his feet pointing in the right direction. How can I turn it off?