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Feeling Pretty Quiet, but hey Woldra's Recruiting

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I've been gone for quite some time, about 3 years. Because of COVID 19 my life has changed for the better, I'm able to focus on some things I have been missing my Gaming PC. I came back to vindictus a game I absolutely love and omg has it changed a lot. I am a lv 90 vet looking to rebuild my guild with a max of 50 players. I'm not sure if I'll get any recruits from this post, but worst thing that can happen is I get chirping crickets.

Some Advice about this Guild, we're looking for Frequent (couple hours a week) to Casual (Couple hours a month) Players. Particularly Evening as that's when it's most quiet in life, kids in bed, dogs sleeping, no errands to run, etc. If interested Search out Woldra by FangerZero in game.


  • LuckyDaggerLuckyDagger
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    Hi there mate, i just downloaded the game :) looking for an active guild/clan. I am playing from Australia Melbourne, 22, and have mic for either discord or ts3.