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Vindictus wish list

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Since it's almost Christmas and it's the season for giving and asking for stuff. What would you want to see added to Vindi or want to have that's Vindi related? It could be anything, a battle quest, an event, an outfitter, Vindi merchandise or anything else you can think of and maybe Nexon or Devcat or someone else might see it and make it happen in the future. Like I think I might want a battle quest with Furghus as a boss so we can beat him up.


  • SiochainSiochain
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    Not a bad idea. Furghus as a boss would be fun.
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    Definitely the client lag we face fixed. If I could say the reason I don't get good frames is my computer I would fix it in a heartbeat, but my computer build is more than adequate so I know what's at fault here.

    Something else would be the addition of runes to the ap shop, but for very high amounts like 10k for enhance, 15k for enchant. Came to my mind when i saw a gold version of the ap shop in a test server with any cash consumable you could think of for like 1 gold each +haha
  • KourinKourin
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    Vindi merchandise so I can get some cute cushions and cool figurines.

    Zecallion pet.

    Tiger tail. (why tree leopard, that's so random)

    More advertisement for the game.

    Better optimisation. Like, my lag is so bad in Zecallion party play I might as well not have a dodge.

    Night and day for the towns.

    Get rid of that mini loading screen between Colhen and docks.

    Can cooking expertise be useful.

    Delete Brynn's Labyrinth quest. It's starting to annoy me to see that exclamation mark constantly over his house.

    Option to make Videk give us money. Pretty certain he's the richest NPC there is out of everyone from all the money he scams from us. That or the material combination woman.

    Snowball fight.

    But mostly I just want them to fix the content we currently have. So many problems and so little updates, what are they even doing in the downtime between patches. GMs barely even come into the game anymore. At least for EU. I haven't seen one since the days when campfires still gave buffs.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    I think it's too late for them to implement stuff we want (if they want to do that), but it would be nice if we get the winning outfitter of last year KR outfitter contest.
  • Order5Order5
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    edited December 9, 2016
    A separate character save file like... I don't know - something that will allow us to save our characters to our computers inside a dressing room that has no impact on the actual game. I'd like to say a figurine shop that sells us figurines or 3D prints of our characters, but I know from experience with World of Warcraft that the quality of the figurines just isn't very good, and Vindictus has a lot of clipping issues in the actual game so anything produced in the physical world would be a modeling nightmare.

    Doesn't hurt to wish right?
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Resell of the Wild Santa set.
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    An episode of content with something meaningful to grind for and more than just a single raid battle.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    I just want my fps back
  • FlufffyParrotFlufffyParrot
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    Nexon, just please optimize the game, it runs like complete garbage.
  • MonohaMonoha
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    - Optimization
    - Ability to launch boats in town and just wait in town again.
    - Uncapped AP limit (Seriously been at 50k/50k for the longest now)
    - Twilight desert Rotation for towns when you log in at certain times. (Less taxing on old Source Engine)
    - Fix for Multi-core Hosting
    - Permanent Shared Storage
    - Bring back emotes to forums
    - Custom Avatars again
    - Hurk's 2nd Weapon :rolleyes:
    - Good Male Outfitters

    Pretty much it, pretty reasonable :rolleyes:
  • DelterosDelteros
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    Noburo said:

    I just want my fps back

    Nexon, just please optimize the game, it runs like complete garbage.
    Tfw you spent thousands on your PC and you can no longer host S1 without lagging

    Can we get this problem fixed asap?
  • BluntForceBluntForce
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    optimization and free exquisite enchant rune
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    Kourin said:

    Vindi merchandise so I can get some cute cushions and cool figurines.

    I second that. I would love to be able to buy vindictus related items for my enjoyment.
  • The_VillainThe_Villain
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    What I want.. ?

    FIX THE LAG ISSUES AND THE LEAK IN MEMORY FOR STARTERS, I LAG IN TOWN, LAG IN RUNS, I TURN OFF MY UI TO RUN SMOOTHER BUT AS SOON AS IT COMES BaCK ON, HUMONGOUS LAG SPIKE THAT NEARLY CRASHES MY GAME! I NEVER had that issue before the Ein Lacher + Screenshot mode update so that could be a huge hint on where to start looking for the exact problem and finding a solution.

    Aside from those.. I wouldn't mind an event where we fight either Brynn or Fergus, whose weapons mirror that of our broken dreams(weapons).. Be a good way to take out all of our frustrations from failed enhancing/enchanting lmao. Just imagine: Fergus/Brynn using the fully enchanted +15 enhanced versions of our weapons and armor against us.. That'd be pretty hilarious and actually intense, providing a challenge more difficult than the current bosses ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Enhance/enchant runes for AP shop:
    And piggy backing off of what someone else suggested about the addition of Enchant/enhance runes to the AP shop, how about since "unstable" runes are a thing now, add those to the shop. Since they're a one time use and will be consumed regardless of success or fail, I figure what could it hurt? Just make them cost 10-15k AP since that's around the cost of repairing an item after breaking it anyway, and can only be purchased once a week.

    Less gachapons, or just remove outfitters from said gachapons:
    Nexon would stand to make an exponential amount of money if the outfitters, that people are somewhat forced to gamble for, were made to direct purchase. It'd also be waaaaayyy less frustrating for the people who spend hundreds of dollars but didn't get it, which would certainly mean waaaaaayyy less complaining that Nexon would have to listen to or deal with. Just charge a little more for the special outfitters, like 35k-40k NX for them. From what I understand, people would actually prefer paying a little more for something they want rather than gamble for it and never getting it. I myself would have loooooved to have the Field Stadium, Tieve, or Trivene Witch sets for my characters and would've bought them all if they were for direct purchase.. But noooo, didn't even bother wasting money on the respective got'chas they came in.

    Sure this is meant for a Christmas day type of thing, but doing it like this would be a gift that keeps on giving lol. It'd create a more stable, functioning, lucrative environment & experience for both players and devs, and might even bring back older players which means more money. Money that can go into the devs pockets, money that can go into repairing bugs, glitches, errors, and servers. Not to mention money for advertisement, I miss seeing the Vindictus tv Ad and was one of the reasons why I started playing lol. As it stands, Vindictus is one of the best MMOS out due to it's very unique gameplay and fashion with the only drawbacks being said issues. If handled correctly, it COULD be as big as WoW, Starcraft.. whatever. Idk, I think'd that be one of the best Christmas gifts EVER, even if given to us months after Christmas. +haha
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    Special rune for transferring enhance/enchant/infusion from 1 item to other item is what i'm thinking now after c3 was testing in kr, may even put it in suggestion.

    Succy pet.

    More outfits

    No more blackcipher sh!t.
  • iMiniiMini
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    edited December 10, 2016
    -Multi-dye preview.
    -Choosing how outfits/armor are worn with other combinations. I cannot stress how often my outfit ideas become ruin when the top tucks into the bottom or worse: it clips through.
    -Less armor/outfit clipping please.
    -Save outfits/gear.
    -Character individual buddy list limits. I don't like sharing the limit of 200 on six+ characters on the same account.
    -Guild list limit over 200. I tend to let members bring in their alts and purging is not always an option when I hit 200. I'll buy more slots, just let us have it.
    -Defend the Goodies! event mini game. Can we have these fun events back again please? The tether ball mini game was fun too.
    -Change Light of Palala back to Light of Plara.
    -Exquisite runes to go with this Ancient Coin event.
    -Better feet models albeit I can live with it if I wore closed footwear.
    -More frilly non-gacha outfitters (Yes, for males too please).
    -Non-gacha cat pets (DevCAT pls). It's the perfect pet for any witchling such as my Evie. My pet, Mammon the ghost gremmy, is cute but a cat is perfect.

    -Less early dungeon nerfing and more buffing. Make dungeons more interesting while you're at it. Easy content is not a great way to leave an impression on new players. Players come for action and not mindless hack and slashing. I like to watch videos on people playing Vindi for the very first time and it's always"it's too easy" "it's not as it was advertised". True enough that early game is always easy for any game, but it shouldn't be "I can run everything up to 50 without upgrading armor" easy. We all want to get to the high levels easily, but why shouldn't new players enjoy early content too. When I first started Vindi in Fall of 2010, Gnoll Chieftain was a rush to battle. He's nothing more than a puppy now, even to new action MMO players. Raid version was a pretty good way to bring him back. While leveling a new character, I've easily noticed how this game has been more catered towards veterans. It's fine and dandy, but we do need new players to fluctuate the market with materials, goodies, and bring more activity to the servers. We may even get to keep some of them. Hell, they could be future cash cows.

    -More battles that require teamwork. Some players will hate it, but I find it fun when I'm not soloing. Lionotus was a great example for that, but I'm willing to bet luring him to the cliff and dropping him like Mufasa has been forgotten. I love forming strategies and planning ahead of time, so I'm looking forward to more of it.

    -Most importantly, optimization. Points have already been stated by other posts, but you can't mention it enough. Not even my newest rig can run this game smoothly. I can finally host now, but stutters are very much still noticeable.
    -DX11+ support. Wishful thinking since this is a modified version of Source Engine.

    Man, Vindictus merchandise would be great. If there was a service to purchase a figure of my character, that'd be neat. Otherwise, just Vindi figures and other merch is nice just like that Arisha figure from ways back.
  • AequipondiumAequipondium
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    A lot of people are gonna hate me for saying this but can I have a sword Lann buff? +shy
  • BowtacojrBowtacojr
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    -Bring back Succubus Queen

    -Give a dye amp event that people can relentlessly spam

    -Catch us up to where KR is in content
    Kourin said:

    Zecallion pet.
    Is this a real thing?

  • DokkunDokkun
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    Hanbok Frill set

    Actually, can we just have fashion mega box like back in, i dont know, summer 2012? ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ with all da hats, sun glasses, old world sets and hair bands? Pretty sure we have a substantial amount of items to add in again
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Optimization. Every patch breaks things and it's very clear that it's not a priority to fix them. The worst part is that players have taken the time to locate and document many of the core things wrong with how Nexon has built the game on Source and what's been discovered has never been acted on and corrected.

    Succy Queen set w/o garbage RNG

    Real events during winter that require participation in the event, not just doing raids or pvp. The means for implementing them already exists as they've been done before.

    For the future: giving us the entirety of the events that KR gets. Not halfway versions, not leaving things out here and there, giving us everything, unless our money isn't quite as good. If that's the case, no worries, there are lots of other games on the horizon that will be happy to make love to our wallets.

    And lastly, take the garbage drops out of the game. It's tiring to constantly have to delete things like Twilight Desert Grass. It's worse still that they implemented things like Regina's boot pieces and Braha bolts for newer content that they also knew would have zero purpose.