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New Player ,Some questions

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Hi guys!
I am kinda new to vindictus yea i did tried it before but my old pc could not handle it well
Anywho now that i got better pc i decided to try it out again , i am playing on EU server.
I picked up Sylas as my first characters , so my question is on what should i focus on for now? Just doing dungeons? should i save ap?
any tips for me?


  • Blackbirdx61Blackbirdx61
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    edited December 2, 2017
    New player myself, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm alternating between story mode and doing Dailys which is proving a pretty good AP farm, spent 450 last night, and am already a bit OP for the content; but not so bad its no fun at all. I think we get one free reset towards the end of the Leveling process, but I may be misinformed there.

    Kyrandis has some interesting Videos, but I could not find your Character you might pick up some General Ideas about build out. Happy Hunting BB.
  • ElleaseEllease
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    In general, you'll want to follow the main storyline (and if you care about titles, make sure you do the sidequests that are hidden by default). Spending AP is fine for two reasons - you can get unlimited amounts of it by playing so all skills can be maxed out, and a skill reset is given in the growth reward for reaching level 90 in case you feel you made a mistake in distributing it.
  • XinCasaXinCasa
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    @Ellease: Excellent council to emphasize following both the storyline & sidequests for the purpose of increasing skills & AP. I sometimes forget to do this in the hectic frenzy of grinding in a new game.
  • StormCrusherStormCrusher
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    Don't worry about gear, you get free gear along the storyline + full lvl 90 armor and weapon when you reach 90, which is a nice head start