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Enhancement system. After enhancing and cannot upg

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Hi guys! I just returned for the game about 2 days ago! I was curious if there is anything different about the enhancement system?

I had someone telling me that once you enhance past +10, you cannot enhance more afterwards if you restore the item. Is this true? I never recall this was implemented in the system.


  • PhoebeHalliwelPhoebeHalliwel
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    Yeah we can no longer enhance restored items.
    Success rates for +13 and up were lowered as well.
    Honestly it sucks. You either get very lucky or play with a crappy 10/11.. or a +12(wich is "ok" in my opinion)
    Lucky those who have +15s made pre rise. Now it's gonna be too hard to make one.. it really really sucks and i hope they increase success rates a bit. Even just temporary with some event... :(
  • HallyHally
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    It was from rise update about a month ago. Boomed items can no longer be enhanced.
    Success rates for +12 and under has been increased. Success rates for +13 and higher has been decreased.

    That by itself isn't that much a problem.. but then there's the huge gap between +12 and +15 in damage output. Before this update, a +15 only hit about 6% higher than a +12. Now it hits about 40 - 50% higher...

    +15s of lvl 80 or lower also got nerfed into the ground in the update, being made essentially equal to a +12 90/95 other than attack speed.
  • lumix345lumix345
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    Also with the fact that you CANNOT even attempt +13 or higher for items that do not have an ORANGE color in their name. This means that the item HAS to be a level 90 or higher item that has ALL rare mats.
  • EnigmaTaroEnigmaTaro
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    To correct your statement, anything blown from enhancement/ enchant cannot be enhanced again, not just enhancement above +10.

    There are runes in future to drastically improve the rate, basically barring lucky free players in favor of royal customers just like many other games for sustainable business.