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Vinny is dead ? (COME ANSWER THIS POLL)

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I joined this game roughly about a couple month ago and i see no one on other than bots spamming free gold crap or whatever.
i like this game and the story is very interesting haven't finished it yet but i'm pretty close i just want to know why its so dead
ofc i see some players here and there but its never more than 5 people (not counting bots).
i'm a noob so maybe there something i don't know and or missing.....also i'm on the west server

So overall is everyone playing a big long game of hide and seek or is this game really dead/dying?
  1. Everyone playing a big long game of hide and seek or is this game really dead/dying?26 votes
    1. Yea we've been playing hide and seek for months
       50% (13 votes)
    2. Nah this game is dead/dying
       50% (13 votes)


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    The update brought tons of quality of life fixes that players had been asking for over years now, but it also took away a lot of what the game is. Raids are gone outside of Season 3, seals are gone outside of the raids and the special arenas, and almost everything is four players only. The game changed for the worse in a lot of players opinions, and because Vindi was mostly a lot of smaller groups who played together regularly many of those groups have moved to other games. The game is in a horrible place, and it seems that the hope that all the changes would keep new players around longer isn't working out because they power to 90 only to find that few people are playing and suddenly hitting a high level of difficulty. When I got on last night there were two boats up for the new raid and that was it, and to run it you need to be pretty close to stat capped, which again eliminates a lot of players. My friends list and guild are empty most of the time--the last other member was on 9 days ago--and everyone on Discord is playing other games.

    There are lots of other issues, but they've all been discussed in detail. We'll see what comes down the road with new characters and such, but the game has become less social with the Rise changes and that pretty much defeats the point of any decently sized online game.