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The world is so cold.
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"I am no longer the Angel that you once knew, for my heart has fade to black."
  • Always sad.

    I have a sylas for the very same reason OnO I still need to make a karok so that I can see the sexii whale pillar in action >//<
    I stare at Lann. And resist the urge to sneeze from this allergy.... or is it a cold??

    You should make a Lann and stare at him too. +yes

    *achoouu* >//<</blockquote>

    Here's a sexi Whale for your viewing pleasure. +yes

    (notimage mine)

    (Maybe after forums gets fixed <.<;)
  • Always sad.

    I stare at Lann. And resist the urge to sneeze from this allergy.... or is it a cold??

    You should make a Lann and stare at him too. +yes

    *achoouu* >//<
  • Why no love for sylas?

    Why is there no love for Sylas? Because I am all of the love that Sylas needs. :3

    But seriously, Sylas is one of the characters that are fewer played. And I agree with Download's comment about there being "80% are female characters and 10% are kai, the others being the final 10%" in game. Sometimes, it feels as if I'm one of the few still playing a male character but it seems to even out lately as I'm seeing a more variety in classes in West. Maybe a lot of guys don't like Sylas's look or something so they don't play him. I've gotten a lot of comments that I look like a female ... ^ ^; Lol, but yeah... or could try finding a +10-11 since those are easier to find then try yoloing it.

    Other than that, good luck!

    Edit: Also, I like Sylas's playstyle. It's a lot different than the usual generic wizard and staff. I guess the only thing that I wished was difffernt was that he would look a little bit older, maybe closer to Lann's age. Maybe, he could have more hairstyles that doesn't make it look like they're too big for his head. Currently, I only like two of his hairstyles, his default and Samurai one. Otherwise, his dagger-play is pretty cool. +yes
  • Thoughts of quitting vindictus altogether

    Just take a break and play another game for a while, don't quit. Also, don't blow up all of your items in case if you want to come back one day. I guess you can try and sell your gear depends on how long of a break you'll be taking since you can use the gold to buy newer/better gear when you get back. Or just keep the gear if you're just leaving for a few months. But either way, I wish you luck in whatever you're planning on doing!

    I move all of my gold to an alt. Then I strip down nekkid. Do a weird dance in front of the Forge. Mega in all caps, "This game hates me :-:, Ferghus please love meeee," grab a low level weapon and start enhancing until I feel ready. Then enhance the real thing while playing with the cancel button and hope it doesn't make me want to throw my laptop out of the window.

    ... The success rate for this enhance ritual is only at 50%. I only recommend doing this sacred ritual if you are in raging which will multiply the effectiveness of the ritual.