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  • is the game dead ?

    tom50574 wrote: »
    for 3 weeks or so i have been looking to buy a +13-15 xgun or bow lvl 90 - 95 and none in east market forums or in game market .

    There are many reasons why there are fewer +13-15 weapon on the market now, compared to before.

    1. A lot of players don't think upgrading to 95 gear is worth it at the moment unless you're a Sword Lann with low enhance swords. The prices of mats for level 95 equipment is still sky high so not many players have the gold to upgrade yet. Plus, their current equipment is most likely still fine for all content at the moment, including Dullahan and Neamhain so the urge to upgrade or create new gear is less needed. So imo, most likely players are holding onto their high enhance weapons cause it's still viable. Players may start upgrading when Aes Sidhe's update come closer around Spring maybe.

    2. +13-15 is a bit harder to reach now. The chance for +13 is 20%, +14 is 16%, and +15 is 15%, compared to the old chance of 33% for +13, +14, and +15. Sure, mats are easier to get now to try for higher enhance but there's a very high chance that the higher enhance weapons you're looking for are already bound and can no longer be sold.

    3. The player base now is also a lot lower than before so there's a lot less people selling their weapons.

    4. This might be silly but since OP is looking for a bow/gun, another reason why it might be harder to find a high enhance level gun/bow might be that 75% of the population are playing as female characters. I don't know how it is on East but lately, it's becoming much more hard for me to come across another player who's playing a male character. Often times, I'm the only one in the party playing a male character but maybe, that's just my experience on West and pugs. So since fewer players are playing male characters, it's become harder to find high enhance weapons for some classes but it's just a possibility.

    But KR has released a guaranteed +13 seal shop rune that you can get that only works on level 90 weapons. I expect it to not be here until around mid-late Spring, if you would like to wait for that.

    On another note, I've just finished making a +11 C/S level 95 weapon yesterday. A lot of my friends were surprised that I was able to make it so quick. I had spent many months in advance preparing for Dullahan's update since I saw the huge amount of crit to be worth the upgrade since I play Sword Lann. I decided to take the new 95 sword on a test run in Neamhain and Dullahan to see how it goes and compare it to my old +13 level 90 swords. In the end. even though my new level 95 swords allowed me to finally be able to cap both Neamhain and Dullahan and play more comfortably, my old +13 still beats it in damage even though I'm not capped on Neam/Dulla with it. Then again, my +11 lvl 95 only has 1k AD compared to the 2k AD on my +13. Too bad, I can't enhance the +11 level 95 anymore, it already boomed and I'm too broke to make another one. So, in conclusion, if you want to do more damage, go enhance lol and maybe wait another month or two for more people to make more +13 weapons if you want to buy it.
  • Some fanart that I commed of my Fio and Lynn

    Dang, girl got muscles +haha
  • Update made you/friends quit? Please sign here.

    Recounting my experience with Rise, when Rise came, it brought back a lot of my friends that I haven't seen in years, old comrades in arms. My friend list suddenly doubled from 13 to 22 constantly online! It was fun and we all got to catch up and reminisce. For a bit, it felt like old times again. But after trying out Rise for a few days ... one by one, my old friends logged off and ran off to play other games ... Their reasoning was "it's boring."

    Rise had a lot of great changes, especially in the gearing system, gearing is a lot easier now. A lot of the new graphical updates looks great too. But after giving Rise a chance ... something felt missing. I felt hollow ... and bored. I wasn't feeling the same enjoyment that I always get from battles from all these years. I felt mentally numbed until all I could do is sit in town with my guildies, then eventually we would log off too.

    I took a break before Rise to play other games for a few months. I tried BDO, Warframe, Revelation Online, Diablo 3, and a few others. Even though, I've tried all those games, I kept coming back to Vindictus. I missed the 8 man raids and the feeling of satisfaction it gave that the other games couldn't. Before Rise, Vindictus was unique and its combat was the thing that it was known for. After Rise, I felt as if it took away the thing that made Vindictus unique.

    I suppose the combat is still there but the bosses are so dumbed down that the battle is already over before you could actually experience and appreciate the combat. I guess it can be a good thing that the bosses are so dumbed down that you may not need to gear up as much as you used to enjoy the game ... but... I don't know... it just killed it for me.

    Honestly, a lot of my friends quit from lack of content and difficulty. Some quit for other reasons like +20. As for me, I'm staying until I hit 100% for Neamhain then after that ... I don't know ... DevCat could always bribe me to come back by giving Sword Lann a block move and a male stripper outfit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: If you would like more details on what I would like to see changed in Rise: See Part 1, 2 and 3
  • Bring back 8 man raids

    I don't really mind 4-man though running it just feels really lonely lately, I wished there was an 6-man option. It's better if we had the option for 6 or even 8-man, but also keep an option available for us who likes to solo, to keep everyone happy. Maybe, put the 6-8 man raid option on Hero mode and scale the HP accordingly for those of us who have the hardware that can host and would like to play with others. While those of us who have bad hardware, like me, can host 4-man whenever we want but also maintain a certain level of difficulty.

    Next, the issue of raids ...

    4-man = I hit the S3 boss with my face a couple times, it dies in 2-3 minutes
    1-man = I hit the S3 boss with my face a couple times, it dies in 5 minutes

    The main issue with battles being too easy lies with Additional Damage. It's making everything ridiculously easy killing everything in just a few hits. Honestly, I think the old additional damage formula was fine, the Devs shouldn't have touched it. But if they rolled back the new AD, the difficulty for raids may return, which is good.

    I remembered back when Sylas's release or around that time, the Director tried to change the Additional Damage formula, none of us approved. Now, with Rise, he tried to change the Additional Damage formula again. We still don't approve. I really think he should give up trying to redo Additional Damage all together and focus more on making content. =/

    I also feel bad for those who wanted higher level enhance. Originally, people wanted higher level enhance was for the attack speed. Playing our characters on high speed is really fun. But with Additional Damage being overpowered, at the cost of having high speed to have fun to play with, the boss would also die exponentially faster. With the bosses are severely nerfed, what is left to enjoy from playing at high attack speed when the boss dies in just a few minutes from AD?

    Also, I just wanted to add and emphasize and mainly directed at DevCat and Nexon, the reason why most of my friends left Vindictus for BDO and other games. Playing Vindictus feels lonely. It was not because the game was too hard. It's the same reason why a lot of players quit the game at low levels, the difficulty was moderate, but the main reason was because there's no one to play with. Vindictus is supposed to be an MMO, but now it just feels like a single player RPG with occasional multiplayer unless if you would like to advertise the game as a Single Player instead of an MMO, then maybe then you'll finally attract the right crowd.
  • Why can't i get from +9 to +10 :CCCC

    I strip my Lann of all his armor and hope Ferghus likes what he sees. Then I press enhance. Confirmed to work only 50% of the time.

    ... plus I only go for it when he says, "come in, come in."

    Note: Don't try this with Videk ... that little scammer.