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The world is so cold.
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"I am no longer the Angel that you once knew, for my heart has fade to black."
  • Vindi Bad Habits - What are yours?

    - Gust Sting

    - Using Lann's 3rd weapon when I'm feeling extremely lazy, playing alone, and no one's around watching. What is his 3rd weapon? His face.

    - Going shirtless in-game when I'm bored.

    - Not playing my other characters
  • West or East

    Btw off-topic question: Which is better in terms of fun to play: Arisha/Evie/Delia
    Evie, Arisha, then Delia. Evie is in a pretty good spot right now in dps, especially scythe. Staff Evie is pretty decent too. Arisha is pretty fun but she can be a little punishing if you're new to the game and not familiar with any of the bosses movements yet. Delia is pretty fun for me though she needs a lot of speed, imo, but she is my second favorite after my favorite female character, Arisha.

    Have fun!
  • New MUGS of Vindictus


    Now show me your mugs ! image
    That's a lot of deodorants O.o might be the same kind that I use too


    My sexi mugshot image

  • Vindictus - Getting to know the playerbase

    1. How did you find about Vindictus?
    - I wanted to take a "month" break from Shaiya Pheonix and found this game.
    - I never told the guys over at Shaiya that I've finally "quit" so technically, I'm still on that "month" break .... that accidently turned from a month into three years ... ^_^;;; ha ... haha ...

    2. How long have you been playing?
    - 3 years

    3. Who was your first character?
    - Fiona because she was the best soloer. Played for a bit then tried Lann. Still stuck as a Lann. ;-;

    4. What would you consider your greatest achievement?
    - Soloing Druid and being able to dodge the bomb without tanking it or using F7 .... I should go re-do that solo, I had played so badly ....

    Edit: Forgot one, occassionally getting top DPS as Back Tent as Sword Lann. I have a whole folder collection of this for lols. +drunk

    5. Favorite color scheme to use on equipment?
    - Black and Blue for main ..... maybe Black, Red, and White for Arisha ... can't decide X_x

    6. Favorite Dungeon?
    - I don't know .... after grinding them 60+ times, I hate them all ... If anything, the glitches in Misty Summit are hilarious despite all the running ...
    - Unless if you mean favorite boss instead of dungeon then it's Eochaid, then Juggernaut. There's something strangely satisfying about hooking his giant eyeball and popping it out of him ....
  • Which character is the most visually appealing?

    Karok +drunk

    Just kidding, forever Lann +yay
    Arisha for prettiest female tho