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    EU / ILog_HorizonI / 585103
    [From left upper: Argaziel, Raumaroth, GalloGiallo, MbcCompanyX, Niseetya, Ayamis, oOoSabrinaoOo (GM), Bobolina, Lorse, Jassy, LsaeL, Starvation ,TheSixth, Myotic, LordArrow, Evenaril, xCedricx, Shiroemon, AuroraRose, Booker, Tashigi ]


    ILog HorizonI has been founded 4 years ago thanks to 2 long time friends.
    Back in the days Malina raids was the main attraction and undergeared players were always kicked out of the boats or the bravest were trying to join a boat hiding into the barrels or 'inside' large karoks hoping that the host wouldn't see them and depart :).

    But such situation had to change. So one day we decided to establish a Guild that would possibly fit everyone's needs regardless the stats but at the same time strong enough to complete togheter all the daily challenges.

    The name is inspired by an anime which is all around the MMO worlds, dungeons,raids, and the various relations/friendships between the characters fitting quite well what happen on Vindictus everyday.


    Our main characteristic and reason of pride is to be an open to all guild with a special attention to the newcomers.

    We believe that any lively game community is based on the players who stick to the game in the long run, but in order to create such appealing environment there's need to put aside some unhappy and unproductive aspects like for example ego, elitism, stats restrictions, etc. which goes, most of the time, to supply only a very small 'niche' of players, other than act as a repeller in general towards the new players and generating only negative feelings between each others. The majority of the playerbase want just to have fun with the game they love and with the people in it, rather than seeing the game as another source of stress.
    Another thing that really count in a game online and especially in a guild is the 'communication' which come before the 'stats' and which can bloom often in funny daily conversations or important friendships other than increase the fun of playing.

    This doesn't mean we have only newbies, rather, skilled players and newbies 'coexist' together. The more skilled members can enjoy their challenges with their similars while the new players can grow in a peaceful atmosphere learning from the veterans which don't lack in helpful suggestions, or assist in the various battles where needed.

    We have also a few leaders not chosen by 'friendship' like mostly happen in many other guilds but based on their personal attributes,
    with precise roles able maintain the good going of the guild.
    A few of those tasks include:

    - Recruiting new players but trying to avoid subjects that could ruin the chilled atmosphere.
    - Discuss and apply improvements togheter with the GM.
    - Having an inner quality to be helpful, and patient.
    - Resolve questions between guildies if there're any.
    - Manage the Guild discord server.
    - Organize daily or weekly parties including everyone who want, keeping in count of what every player can give, their limits, their availability due to job, school etc and balancing the party making for a 100% success and satisfaction for everyone.


    About the activity we can affirm that our members are quite lively and active as can be seen also from the guild points earned till now.

    Every player is free to play how and where they prefer and they don't stand to any specific schedule aside from the weekly Redeemers (Neamhain and Balor) which we organize at the beginning of the week with an elaborated subscription system (on discord) where everybody can just apply and, after carefully balancing the parties, complete the runs at the time that is more suitable for them with no issues.

    (At the moment we have 2 schedules for redeemers which covers everybody's needs during afternoon and at night).


    However we don't miss also the moments of chill, relax and fun... ; )



    Our Guild is special because:

    - Is composed by friendly people.
    - Because we believe that everyone deserve a chance no matter what's their status while for many other guilds the player is just a dps dealer and the moment doesn't fulfill the stats required is simply discarded, ignored, trashed.
    - We dispose of an active guild discord server where other than chit chat we keep our guildies updated with the latest news, guides, tips etc.


    Our Guild motto is 'HIC SUNT LEONES' which mean "here are the lions".
    It's an ancient text that romans used in the past to mark on their maps an unexplored place due to strong peoples that couldn't be conquered cause their strenght and valor described metaphorically as lions.

    Every guild member join as a kitten and grow up as lion within time.
    Lions are strong, brave, proud, take care of their pack as we do, without relying on outsiders help and self sustaining.



    The game achievements are the same for everybody. When a new update hit the server with the latest boss or a powerful new redeemer is released our goal is to complete it together. When we get such new challenges we organize our first line made out from the strongest mercenaries between our rows with the goal to clear quickly the new raids but at the same time in order to be able to carry also those who are new or need some time to practice and improve.

    Speaking of which, we watched many and many ppl entering the guild as newbe, or refused from other guilds due to their stats, and then becoming very skilled players thanks to their ability but also to the support we offered them in all this time for months/years.
    Some of them, within time, became proud and chosen the path of elitism, some others got taken from life duties, and some still fill our rows and never miss to thank us for how they have been welcomed, treated, and helped in all this time.

    In both cases, seeing their progress/metamorphosis was, and still is, a satisfaction for the leaders and the GM who followed them and that's what can be considered, for us, the biggest achievement.




    Our Objectives for the future, as long as the game will be still kicking and alive, are to expand our family as much as possible and who knows one day we might enlarge our forge of new mercenaries into more guilds.


    Now that you know a little more about us, feel free to join the guild that better fits your needs but:

    - If you love Vindictus and you want to learn, progress and become a good player with
    your own times.
    - If you want to be part of a solid team that withstand since years composed by adult ppl
    with aversion to any drama.
    - If you believe the game should stay a game and be fun and relaxing first of all.
    - If are new to the game and you need a hand instead of being left alone to yourself
    - If you want to complete the hardest challenges with a proper team.
    - If you like to make new friends and having a good time with them

    you should know... there's a place waiting for you here!




    1) Did you know Log Horizon is the only Guild that own a horse?
    Yes! a true horse which costed us a lot of gold and time to convince their old
    owners to sell to us...

    He have the beautyfulliest mane and the fluffliest tail in all Erin..!!
    If you join here you'll have the pleasure to ride raid with him...
    (dedicated to our funny quadruped ehm... friend Lorse. )

    2) The guild picture at the bottom page have a funny reference hidden into the image gl finding it :)