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    Good morning Vindictus <3 community, it has been several months since we have the new character eira and now in a few days we will have the character Bell which is very good to have more players on the server.

    I consider it necessary for Nexon staff to take advantage of this new opportunity so that mainly the current player base is more active and they do not deduct, through event management and promoting the game in more countries as well as its opening, since sadly the game It has a very low population at the moment because of that, as a player and a vindict afflicted for almost 9 years I hope someone from the staff can attend this request.

    I propose unique activities such as improvement of enchantment, that the bosses of the raids of s3 and RAR provide drop-type scrolls in dungeons for a limited time as a unique event that happened in the past with the runes, in relation to RAR it would be good to have more variety in terms of Content refers, currently we only have 3 bosses that are repeated twice a week. We have a lot of content since S1 and S2 that could be exploited, bosses like Lionotus, Colru, Lavasat were great for the team battle to make the break, which I have noticed even though we currently have thor, titan and lavasat has been lost the original essence of the game in terms of mechanics, because there is no longer the opportunity to break that gave more cooperative battle and opportunity to extra loot, the issue of balance has been very good to support all players in statistics but if I consider a Better balance in relation to the difficulty would be good to see some mechanics such as the break back so that the players work more as a team.

    In relation to the rewards as missions, it would be key and fundamental to break the existing elitism and lack of cooperation in the dungeons, that the game would give through the accumulation of resurrection points some rare prize every month or runes that guarantee the improvement of the team Without destruction, there would be more activity and not only that, but players of high dps or normal statistics would benefit without falling into the discredit that exists for the stat and the issue of trying to do more damage, since for doing more damage some players do not they revive others and that speaks more about the teamwork that has been lost, I believe that the more power one should support others and enjoy the game, it would be good for the staff to reward for reviving players and completing special missions such as : help a new play in vindictus and some history missions, host 20 times a week etc, prizes that stimulate socialization and support mu among players, there would be more activity and neutral and veteran players would be rescued so after the new content we would not lose more players and we would have at least a stable player base.
    In relation to the damage another mediatic point of the game, I consider that in season 2 it was better in relation to the requirements and accessibility of all the players to make the raids and take advantage of the new content or even try to get drop, so it would be good to disappear the requirement of the counterforce that has only limited more to the number of players who can enjoy the new content, preventing new players or those who are not lucky in drop very often we can enjoy the content for this extra demanding stat, the other point that at hurting is not a factor to get drop and since all players just for playing should have the same opportunities as any other player and not the stat, but luck that decides who wins the drop so it was in season 2 and it would be key to the game to recover these virtues that we had in the past, include others and give everyone the same opportunities.

    Finally the issue in relation to prices, the current economy of the game is very monopolized and largely by players who spend a lot of money on gachas, sadly they have greatly increased the prices of materials, cosmetics, outfit and more than not They are reasonable prices, I think it would be key to guarantee an active and real economy that the staff determines price ranges in the market with a range of a minimum to high price per item.

    A if it would be guaranteed that the market would not decrease or increase in prices, this system has black desert online and only thus the items of direct purchase with money do not affect the players who grind all day in relation to the money economy by middle of the drop, since it is true there will always be an advantage over a normal player to a player who invests a lot of money in a game, but a balance is necessary so that it does not remain a determining factor in this game since all players through the effort and farm should be valued its efforts and not rely only on the gachas and gold sellers that has killed the economy a lot, I hope the staff begins to improve the game if there is really love for Vindictus, as we follow several loyal players to this great game.

    I conclude wishing the best for the projects of the company and I hope to Nexon listen to the community, both in the forum and here there are several players with great ideas to improve the game just listen to the community, since I consider that each player has a history that nned to be listen and something to offer.
    Can not exist a great game if no exist reciprocity and communication between players and companies so it would be good that now that we celebrate 9 years of the game we see changes now or in the future for: better graphics, active staff , awesome events , content and why not dream of having the event back of the celebration of an anniversary for give rewards: ​​for having actively played for a year, even to those who have spent a lot of money giving them a prize in relation to activity and investment, I consider that we all deserve a special and rare gift as in the past that the staff gave wings to all together with a set, it would be very gratifying to see this event of commitment to the players for loyalty and activity in the return game like the one they did a few years ago and not the RNG for try to get any suprise for this anniversary, is the minimum that the staff can guarantee us a surprise in vanity or improvement of gear as a surprise to veterans and active players.

    Mainly that is only one time per year for celebrate one anniversary , for this we will good if they reward to all for activity for this year , this kind of thing motivate the players for be actives for one year and continue to enjoy the game greetings, good day to all & thanks to read.

    Sincerelly: A voulunter in content & player that love our Community.