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  • Whose a good solo character?

    Pillar Karok, GS Hurk, LS Fiona; just a bulldozer team for any battle. Only watch for unblockable attacks, or you will become a little bit dead.
  • Game feels dead :(

    Vladino wrote: »
    FlameSama1 wrote: »
    u wot? What level 90 mission do you do to get anything worth any decent sum of gold besides steel? None of the 90 crafting mats are worth anything really.

    There are some very valuable scrolls in lvl 90 battles. Chief of which in my mind is "The Dead".

    xD ye but the drop rate of "The Dead" is even lower than "Ancient Succession" from agares which sells for 2 times more. If you could do only lvl 90 S3 while your friend can do lvl 100 after 1 week you'd give up and uninstall the game

    I have feeling that Devs decrease drop rates on all battles and raids - far before release of Eira and her pre-release event I saw golden loot in party on almost all my raids (from 1 to 3 golden loots for single run around 80% of played battles, not for me but anyway inspiring to some extent), and quite same for usual runs for shards. Now, I don't see any golden loot in all my runs, maybe one golden thing for 7-10 runs of any battles.

    This makes me quite confused about wtf is going on with game after each update. And for all my time that I spare on S3 raids after devs change scroll drop places I didn't saw any Dead or any other stuff of same rarity in my party.

    I don't use VIP and badges, only luck blesses, because of such bad luck (and lack of time for cruel nerding). And this doesn't inspire me for using my VIP capsules from old days events. Also, nowadays faked rewards for events drop down my desire to play even more... Even if I didn't found any other mmo that can replace Vindictus for me, and this is really piss me off! Even worse than how Dio piss off Jotaro.
  • Game feels dead :(

    Vallesti wrote: »
    At that pace you can probably gear 1-2 characters. But they have what 15 characters now? Id love to fully experience the full potential of all, if not, most of the characters. Idk man, most ppl probably spend more time trying to fully gear 1 character, then new stuff comes out and now theyd have to try again to replace the old one before fully enjoying the full potential of a character.

    Already 16 chars, bro - Bell, loli (she is smaller then Lynn) with a huge two-handed axe is already announced in Korea. More cheap funservice for a game, and loli with axe, that three times bigger than herself, is really stupid.
  • with character is easiest to play?

    and what staff evie?

    Just walking artillery - slow and vulnerable solo but good for party (solo will require very high skill and stuff), scythe will give you good evade and good dps with medium skill and equipment.

    Easiest variants for me are pillar Karok (soild damage and tons of blocks when you attack; cestus is same but require much more skill for blocks and right skill using) and GS Hurk (tons of blocks plus vampire and high dps; teide only for party and require much skill for good timing).

    Kai is for party (need time to stay on place to charge good damage skills). Solo runs on him will require from you very high skill and stuff.

    Sylas is good in both situation because of mobility, medium battle range, good dps and support skills. Doesn't have crazy requirements, just require a little bit of brain tissue.

    Vella with swords require high skill and reaction for cross cuts (because it's her only damage source on swords), chain blades only for party, but with party its really pain for boss (need time to collect Cold Blood and stay on place for extreme dps).

    Good play on Lynn will require tons of skill and same amount of gold for stuff because she is slow. Glaive is better for party, umbrella is good in solo because faster and have some healing.

    Arisha is good for damage in any situation but require good skills and reaction for both weapons, also need good stuff because she is slow.

    Lann, *sigh* R.I.P. best blade dancer, we will remember times when you were independent from these **** crit procs on your weapons. Only for extremely rich whales and nerds because he dependent from crits and reaction as hell and you will need every bit of crit chance and speed to give a ****, but if you did this then bosses are all as good as dead.

    Fiona, hm, hammers and great shields are as usual about nothing but sword with small shield with give you high solid dps and durability, only need to be in check when to attack, block and counter and when to run away ASAP, because in S3 there are tons of unblockable attacks with crazy fixed damage and fast chains of attacks which will break through your block and wipe your sorry ass.

    Delia is only for nerding whales because you will need extremely good stuff and skill to survive - she don't have any active attacking blocks like Karok, Hurk, Miri, Fiona and Lynn and she is slove as hell, also don't have any skills which could be used often to boost your defense and speed or heal yourself.

    Miri will give your high dps and medium durability but you will need good skills to restore dragon breath for sliding and good reaction to break sliding for block of incoming attacks (if not then you will be dead in seconds), but at least she isn't very dependable from gear.

    Miul is a little bit slow but work on medium range as Sylas and have good evasive abilities and some skills for damage boost/clear damage, so just need a good skill with medium+ stuff.

    Grimden has very low attack range, quite low dps, bad damage skills and not very effective block with evasion. As for me he is made for a wrong game because he need to backstab and any mob/boss can rotate to your face immediately, but with good reaction, skill and stuff you can make a decent result on him. Better for party time.
  • This attendence event...

    Only after reading this post I realized that not only damascus are faked but runes are also scammed, holy sh!t....