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    Sword Fiona: Fuzetsu
    Hammer Fiona: Tekken7
    Spear Lann: MarvelvsCapcom3
    Sword Lann: Shenmue3
    Scythe Evie: Overwatch
    Staff Evie: MegamanX
    Chain Vella: Mario64
    Sword Vella: Bloodborne
    Bow Kai: Darksouls3
    Gun Kai: PPPuppet
    Cestus Karok: Volty
    Pillar Karok: Westserver
    Hurk: Noonecares
    Lynn: Eastserver
    Arisha: Dazzingwife
    Sylas: Grantuseyes
  • would you rather

    Why would you want to do dps, when you can die on the floor looking stylish. Most of the people who do top dps are ugly.

    I'm talking about those ugly Lanns and Kais who dye there armor black and white Kappa.
  • Really Nexon another fifi????

    natraz wrote: »
    Thats the best you could come up with for another charter another fifi OMG what a waist well what else could we expect from a company that dont care for the players.

    What's a "charter"? Is that a new type of chocolate in EU?
  • Has anyone figured out how abomination works yet

    Has anyone able to confirm how many players are needed to grab his legs in a party of 8?
    I made it up by myself and spammed E like no tomorrow, failed and dropped death by it.
    you need 4 players for a 7-8 man party, 3 for 5-6, 2 for 3-4, and 1 for 2 or less for the leg mechanic. You can only grab the legs if they glow red after you reach to the top, where you must spam E to bring Abom down and stun him for a period of time.

    As for the bell mechanic, half swings are a must when you grab the bell, otherwise you will pull a SH3 protagonist and fall to your death.

    The platforms trigger one after the other, so if you see the platform rise up, wait a bit until you see the 2nd platform activate, and then swing it from there.

    the first platform will make you take a fixed 250 damage if you get crushed, but you can aim yourself back on to the platform. Though, if it rises as you swing, then you will get an instant death.

    the second one activates similarly to minecraft pistons, where they will push the player off the platform, which will unfortunately have you pull a yosemite sam as you plummet to your death, and boy is that fun... not.

    the third one is the ultimate test. when it activates, the player will slip off the platform, and will receive a falling damage of a whopping 12,000... ouch.
    Assuming that evie has mana shields, she can survive this, but with other players *hears MY LEG from spongebob in the background*, UNLESS of course life flare triggers.

    Note that Abom will NOT aggro you when you are the platforms, even with the bat projectile phase.

    Patience is key to breaking Abom's barrier, so break a leg when doing a raid. I know I done that about 24 times over. Though, you know what's better than 24? 25! :^)
    These forums are broken RIP
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