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  • New Voice for Characters

    If combat sounds had been properly implemented and not rushed as they surely feel this could have worked.

    It really looks like nobody tested them in game with end gear. (attack speed plays a lot against the repetitiveness and length of the recorded sounds)
    Also some skills will 100% play the same exact sounds again and again every. single. time.
    Also as previously mentioned the sounds equalization is really bad. Some are way louder than others and overall louder than the kr version. We hear them way too much in comparison to the other combat sounds such as hitting, metal sounds etc. They stand out too much.

    If you don't want to give a toggle for whatever reason, at least work on implementing the combat sounds properly.
  • No patch notes on the site is hilarious.

    Yeah but that's still not the point.

    We would like to have real patch notes over what has been changed in the game.

    So far we only have translated korean patch note from a discord moderator. Without those we would have 0 idea of what is going on.
  • Black Friday Boxes - Gifting Limit Question

    You kind of answered your own question.

    The discounted box is limited to one per account. It doesn't matter if you receive it as a gift or if you buy it yourself.
    You can only get this specific box once on your account. (Cause you know, a half price gatcha would apparently be too nice cause it's super expensive but not enough anymore)
  • Older gatcha coupon exchange rate and system


    Please remove all the limitations on exchanging older gatcha coupons such as :
    - The time period when we can exchange them. Currently it seems that we only can exchange the coupons from an event during the next event 2 months later and only then. (which is oddly specific and utterly ridiculous)
    - Second VERY IMPORTANT ONE : Remove this extremely unfair exchange rate of 2 for 1.

    Why 2 for 1? We paid real money to gain those coupons and you take half of it when we want to use them?. This is doing exactly the same as the following : We ask you if you have 50€ in change. You say yes, take our 50€ and only give us back 25€. Well in my book that would be stealing.

    So please remove those 2 unfair limitations so that we can exchange any remaining coupons we have when we want, to actually get some benefits in return for the money we paid.

    Thank you
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  • Make the Dye Ampoule selection window bigger


    All is in the title. With nowadays resolutions this windows is a serious pain in the eyes. I spent my time the nose on my screen squinting trying to see what I am selecting.
    This is so uncomfortable.
    This was done for earlier 800x600 resolutions. There it is not that aggravating, but considering there is no interface scaling, when you play on larger resolution, you simply hurt your eyes.

    Simple interface scaling would also do the trick, but I doubt we will ever see that.