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  • Am I missing something?

    All in all its correct, just some things:

    1. If you got max flamebreath at start of battle use one or two even without hydra buff.
    2. I usually do LRR(R)LRR(R)... as the 2 last chainswings are pretty long and leave you open quite a bit.(not in garb mode)
    3. Focus is optional, if you want to use it go ahead, but i only use it if i have a low dps party to speed things up.
    4. The right time for Garb mode depends on boss and group.
    - Your everyday 90 bosses and Dullahan you wanna go Garb mode asap. (Echo after jump unless you wanna stunlock him to death... .)
    - Aes is a little tricky since you dont wanna go Garb mode into his x7 mechanic. (unless you got a karok to clash)
    - Arcana you can go garb mode asap or after x4 mechanic, depends on group dmg, if high dmg you can go asap if low dmg group after x4 mechanic.
    - Fish i'd do after he went first time into water but sometimes hes bitchy and doesnt want a bath so ya... .
    - Claire asap if you skip 6,5-x3, elchu is meh and you should go after spear phase.
    - Macha depending on group dps around x3-x5 (after first sword phase), if high dps you can go earlier.
    - Redeemers at first neam spawns 1+3 (x10+x6), then below x4 whenever its ready again. balor, well doesnt matter much, i go first human form and then whenever ready, given try not into flame wall or 1hit chain.
    5. If you use paw then if you go asap dont use it at start of fight because it wont be aviable at garb then given you dont suck a lot at sp generation.(get hit a lot, miss smashes)

    These are mostly only my own thoughts about it which i've gotten from playing miri for a (long) while, so doesnt mean it's the 100% most effective way to play. Anyways about group dps, ya if high group dps less time to dps (in garb mode) so you wanna go earlier into garb even if you do so into an mechanic, you gotta figure that out yourself, since it's really situational.

    Did i miss smth? Likely! Whatever, written more then i intended in the first place.
  • Reforging question

    100% for +13 is 8 Failstacks. You can see the chart here: