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  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    EnigmaTaro wrote: »
    Maybe people should start using rookie weapon and armors and see how they fare in these battles.

    I haven't tried old contents on new characters to see how boss mechanics got eradicated but haven't geared players been oneshotting and got bored of these s1/s2 bosses even before update? Who even does ekinar if fast ES doesn't drop there? People are claiming as if they even do hero mode s1, when people only run minimal stuff that yields any source of gold.

    Relevant contents are still as hard as they were, and I bet only a few of you here ever thought about soloing neamhain (but that's really gear dependent to finish within one hour). If you really call the game too easy, just downgrade yourself, own weapon ranging from +0 to +10 or higher like I do and calibrate difficulties that way. Players complain all the times instead of finding solutions of their own. Feel free to correct flaws in my argument since I wrote this in a rush.

    This isn't just geared players that are being debated here. What about new players? I joined Vindi a few weeks pre-Rise. Do I just, not count, under your demographic of players this update should be targeting? I'm not geared crazy well, but the difficulty in the level of content is just STAGGERINGLY low now. I can beat Lionotus in seconds with left clicks now. Pre-RISE? Hell no. That wouldn't have flown.

    Also I have no real defense for this point other than the statement, "I did..." but uh. On the topic of whether anyone played Hero mode pre-endgame....I did. :(

    As for relevant content goes, like...I'm sorry if my opinion is wrong, but isn't *all* the content *any* player could be put into important? Do new players or alts just. Not matter? It's fine to strip the enjoyment and challenge out of raising these other characters if it means getting these people into the endgame tier of players ASAP? The stuff any new player would be put into just isn't fun. It is painfully uninteresting now. People in this thread have made a ton of examples as to how easy the content is now, so don't just take my word for it.

    The final point I'd like to address is the topic of self nerfing. If the game is SO painfully, bloody easy, that you need to GIVE UP the items that DEFINE your character progression in this MMO, in order to make the content *slightly* more bearable...There's a problem. There are a lot of ideas on how the balance between character strength and player skill should be. Vindi used to lean on the side of player skill: Your gear is great, but it's not going to be the reason you obliterate bosses. Your player skill defined how often you'd be doing your dps, or how frequently you'd be wasting time and resources getting hit, etc. The additions this update brought with it have *focused* the entire game around gear instead of skill now. Everything has significantly less HP so higher DPS will likely get greater rewards for the end of the mission, enhancing can be taken farther (for diminishing returns) and the additional ATK stat has been buffed immensely (so now enhancing is SUPER important.)

    All these things mash together to create these terrible, god awful 10 second long pissing contests between players and their gear. Gear which is only really actively contributing to a new leaderboard of pointless stats.
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  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    jeddyhi wrote: »
    If you do not like the update, you have two choices. One is do what you did and cry and moan and complain, even stomp your feet and hold your breath if you like. The other is to quit the game and move on. A 3 week investment is minuscule compared to people who have been here since 2010. As a matter of fact, I find your post somewhat insulting, crying like that and being a 3 week noob.

    Moan and complain, hm? Have you ever noticed that Developers tend to ask for feedback, or comments/criticism? That's exactly what I'm providing. A detailed, thorough explaination of my experiences with the game, before AND after RISE. And yes, I suppose a three week investment is minimal compared to others, but what difference does that make? My experience with the game is *just as diminished* with these changes. It doesn't matter if you were level 90, or level 1; the game isn't fun anymore.

    The entire post was made in hopes that it would reach the right ears. These changes don't have to be the new reality for Vindi players. They're only going to be as permanent as the people supporting them. The more that the whales/vets/noobs/whatever in between complain, the more ears it's going to reach.

    The big issue is that corporations tend to listen and talk with money though. They need to see a difference in their wallet before *we* see a difference in the game we loved.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    Yanno what my favorite part of Vindictus was, when I joined the game like, three weeks ago?

    Actually getting to yanno, fight things.

    Engage in combat? Dodge because I NEEDED to, right? Find space to drink potions, and recover. ACTUALLY PUT THE BAREST BIT OF EFFORT INTO FIGHTING? Because yanno, I couldn't just facetank every. Single. Living thing. By myself. As an unfunded, under equipped noob, expecting to win a contest of DPS against a 50 foot tall lightning spitting earth dragon that can knock me over by *breathing* too hard.

    For some sick, twisted reason, someone at devcat had this BRILLIANT idea, right. That every single boss in the game up until roughly level 90 should have about 1/100th of the HP they had before. That it's *fun* to get into a fight with a TOWERING REINCARNATED YETI ZOMBIE, and then kill it in two full combos (barring crits! God help that creature if you score even ONE crit on those smashes.) That it's enjoyable, engaging and most importantly FULFILLING as a player to just obliterate these massive beast with really no effort at all and for basically just as much reward.

    It's not.

    This game originally attracted me with it's promises of rewarding skill. When I fought Lionotus with my friend earlier this week, it took us almost 30 minutes to kill the guy between the two of us. We were only barely at his level, sporting the 60 gear they give you prior, mostly unenhanced other than our weapons. The boss was vicious, fast, *unforgiving* compared to what we had fought getting there. And when we FINALLY brought Lionotus (and his jock riding shaman friend) down? It felt great. We put in EFFORT, TIME, and some amount of skill. And using this formula, we had found an enriching and fulfilling experience from that fight.

    What about this new system facilitates or encourages new players to be good? What growth is anyone going to see with these tiny, 10 second long encounters that do NOTHING to help you learn your character's individual strengths and weaknesses? Why bother learning the difference between Meteor Swarm or Reverse Gravity as an Evie now? Who cares if one is strictly better for most situations. For 1000 SP, you too will instantly kill the boss, his mooks, and his close relatives without any of that pesky seditious "thinking" you might have done prior! Doesn't that make you feel good gamer? You sure killed that big mean nasty guy real good. Maybe the next big bad guy will actually get a chance to throw a singular hit in your general direction before you turn him inside out WITH ONE SPELL.

    The way things are now, no one is going to get any enjoyment out of the game. Veterans are going to quit out of unadulterated boredom, and new players are going to laugh at this mockery of what was advertised as a "skill based MMORPG." I don't know how devcat has managed it, but congratulations are definitely in order. They've managed to alienate every single potential fanbase this update could've attracted to the game. Good job guys!

    tl;dr this game sucks now, fix it.
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