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  • Side Ponytail / Mermaid Hairstyles

    It's indeed a nice hairstyle that been waited for good years by so many vindictus players,
    The fact thats only for a few of the female characters is dissapointing, Thus I suggest it to be added for each playable female character.
    It's not the first thread about it, them gorgeous girls deserves this pretty hairstyle.
  • The Game Will Close in 10 Seconds

    Same Story for atleast 50+ victims affected while nexon keep giving us those automated replies while on the other hand they actually unbanned people that been using cheat engine for example (Aka they left it open by mistake, got their acc locked just like in our case 10 seconds each time he tried to login) However for those affected after maintenance, nexon wont provide unban, the affected players are known not being able to login on different accounts either way.

    But Yeah, is really making you quit when you're trying to appeal for your case, and you get such dissapointing answer that blames you for something you did not do, I personally can confirm When I Ran the game In the morning the PC had nothing open BESIDES steam! (after all thats how I started the game lol)

    But yeah, Would be really nice if they would atleast tell the affected users that is Their fault, and that the program requires repair, so we should be patient or so, but instead we getting stuff like, ''1000 gms checked you and decided that u will never play again'' Lulz.
  • @ NEXON Regarding: Ban Appeals

    It's such a shame, it happens pretty much so random, and they can still claim we are the ones to blame for this program, they surely don't do much for us, letting us banned like this for literally no reason, haven't seen a new about it for a good time, I can estimate atleast 50 persons affected that gets literally same copy-paste answer maybe with ''different reason'' though i'm certain probably noone of them broke their rules to begin with.
  • Make Vindictus Great Again!

    No offense, but posting it here won't make it a difference, is not like Korea will just come exclusive to read your ideas and so on, besides as I heard is quite hard to contact korea for something like this, but yeah! is good to be optimist, so good luck with your greater vindi thing, just pointing out that, posting it here won't do anything at all. x: